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Learning Basic Astrology Using the Natal Chart of Meghan Markle

Learning Basic Astrology Using the Natal Chart of Meghan Markle

I thought that it would be an interesting study to use the chart of Meghan Markle and just try to learn some astrology basics. I like to make astrology interesting and fun. I have written many articles on Meghan because she is teaching me about someone in my life who is very similar and someone I could never understand. If you would like to read my other articles, please put her name in my Search Engine and they will be available.

First of all, I will start with a placement of which I know intimately. Thai is Mars in Cancer. Mars in Cancer is in the Fall. A Fall placement is impotent. I was thinking of a simple, yet descriptive way I could explain Mars in the Fall. Forgive any sexual lewdness, but I see it as a man who cannot perform the sex act, so to speaK, *SIGH*. However, he wants to. Let’s put him in a room with a bikini model. This is his big chance and what happens? Nothing.

The above example may be stretching it a bit. However, Mars in Cancer, simply, does not do Mars well. Mars represents all goals and all passions. I find that the expression of anger is very hard for me. When someone makes me angry, I will do all manner of unhealthy things. I may stuff the anger into my stomach and get a stomach ache. I may stuff the anger into my chest and get a tight chest. I may feel guilty. Eventually, I will face the issue head on and deal with it well( I think) but it will be a task of enormous proportions.One must look at more than the Mars in the sign because there are factors modifying the Mars, such as house placement. However, for this article, we will simplify and not look at other Mars in houses other than Meghan’s in the 12th.

Her 12th house placement is a great influence on her. The 12th house is always very defining of a person. It is the hardest house. The reason is due to the fact that life is practical and the 12th House is mystical and spiritual. Also, for a person to function with all the difficulties with life and people, it is easier not to be a mountain dwelling mystic. Also, and this is very important, the native WANTS to reach out and the 12th house makes him hold back. The 12th House is the house of suppression.

To bring it back to Meghan, she may appear to be a “go getter”, but this is not her natural state. For example, there are some women who are naturally plump. They may try to diet and be fashionably thin, but it is not a natural fit. It is something that is a constant fight. “Please, pass the cheesecake”.

Meghan has a Cancer Ascendant, so she appears maternal and warm. The Ascendant sign does not tell us about the “down deep” nature of the person. It is the face the person wears at a cocktail party or at a first meeting. The person is not trying to be “fake”. The Ascendant is simply not a deep part of the chart, per se. A person COULD have other placements which make the Ascendant ring true or they may not.

I am a Libra Ascendant. My home is filled with beautiful colors, pillows and paintings. I make it like a Pottery Barn home. I am very fair in all business dealings. I will never take advantage of anyone because Libra rules justice. I, often, will pay someone more than they ask if they do an excellent job. I like to see both people happy in any business deal, myself and the other person.

Libra Ascendant is, also, lazy, so I have to add this for honest disclosure. If any sign wants to sit on the settee and be fed grapes, it is a Libra Ascendant. However, in reality, I am my Sun(Gemini) and my Moon(Cancer). I have the Gemini crazy sense of humor and the Cancer c kind of loyalty, which is akin to Michael Corleone.Yes, Fredo had to go, but he waited until Mama died. So, in reality, the Libra Ascendant is rather superficial. I hope I made that clear.

I think Harry wanted an earth mother, more like Diana, a Cancer,but this is not Meghan. I would call Meghan a “fake out” Cancer because she has only one personal planet in Cancer. I have an article on “fake out” placements. The person is not trying to fool anyone. The person simply appears a way she is not. Meghan is a much stronger Leo than a Cancer. They adjoining signs are very different.

Meghan is a Leo Sun and Mercury. We can sum this up by saying,”Hey, look at me!” Leo appears confident and they are confident. They like to be the center of attention. They are, usually, positive in their mannerisms and speech.So, the Leo we see in Meghan is a slice of her that is true.

Meghan is very intelligent due to the Mercury conjunct the Sun. This aspect should give a logical approach to life. I don’t see this in her, but this is one part of her. I see a very rash approach to life, but people have many slices. They key to an experienced astrology is to make a 3D person from a 2D chart. I, always, summarize the natal chart for a client. If not, there are hundreds of pieces and some seem to contradict. However, once I see themes, I can bring the most important aspects to light.

There are so many aspects to study, so I will limit my article to a few more. She has the very disconcerting Venus square Neptune. This aspect makes the native unable to see the truth when romance is involved. The native is simply fogged by Neptune in the arena of love. When she wakes up, it is @@@@@@, what have I gotten myself into. WHO is this person?

I experienced this in synastry once. I made a huge fool of myself. I would listen to no one. This person was truly the proverbial frog and I was the blind man. Neptune is very powerful, so please respect it, particularly in square and oppositions.

I will end with an aspect that I think makes for the rash actions we have seen with Meghan. Her Mars squares the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in the third house. The third house is the house of self expression. I, honestly, think she was so very foolish to give up the “gig” with the royals and believe she could be an international superstar on her own. THEY made her a super star. She has very little street cred on her own. She used men to get where she was, which was not a hugely successful person. When she became a royal, she became “someone”, in terms of her own fame and wealth. I see the Mars square as being a major reason for this level of blindness.I don’t like the royals. I think all of them are terrible BUT if my goal was international super stardom, which hers appears to be, I would stick with them.

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7 thoughts on “Learning Basic Astrology Using the Natal Chart of Meghan Markle

  1. amiannBonnie

    What would you like to study?
    I see that Meghan can be an analyzing hard critic, she hides it. She has her pride. Worst case scenario her mars square her ic tells me she has to learn to motivate herself because she shows signs of depression or atempt suicide. Chiron will transit over her mc then it will get activated. You will see it might indicate divorce. Just a prediction with the coming signs that go in transit. Saturn on south node. Her chiron in 11th house (public view) opposite her lilith / uranus in 5th, maybe a sexual scandal and illusions.
    I also see a compulsive way of thinking of how she comes across.

  2. amiannBonnie

    Btw predictions i made was based on the fixed stars, her south node is one of them.
    Originally libra is in 7th house.
    Theres an extra insight if you change the chart how it should be (aries 1st house).
    She then has saturn in 7th which is recommended to wait with marriage till after 28/ 30. She divorced at 30.
    The shift, makes her jupiter in 7th marriage for wealth, her pluto to reign a sense of control in her relationships.

    Her trine ic with lilith/ uranus telks me she senses peoples weakness. I bet she has nessus too in late degrees cancer so that adds up to a Grand trine.

    Her sun trine mc in fire sign tells me her acting skills. Also when you shift the chart her natal north node with mercury and sun in leo goes in 5th house.

    Her natal capricorn in 7th, she can be unforgiving in a relationship.
    But hey theres much going on behind the scene since her mars is in 12th house.

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