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Little Bites—More Astrology Tidbits

One of my precious readers requested another article on tidbits. I love tidbits like I love sampling food. Geminis like little tastes of things. I hope you will like these.

The Sweet Talker—–Mercury Conjunct Venus
I mean “sweet talker” in the best possible way. This native has a lovely, almost enchanted, way with words. He may express his gracious and warm manner in song lyrics, as does Daryl Hall. He may be a superlative public speaker, as is my favorite Bible teacher, Kenneth E Hagin. Kenneth Hagin, somehow, makes one feel loved as one listens to his words. I have had several clients with this aspect. As I do their charts, I feel loved and special. You watch the people in your life and you will see what I mean.

The Genius–Mercury Conjunct Uranus
Someone close to me has this aspect. I have seen it in many charts, but have not seen it in someone I know. This girl is getting a PhD in biomedical engineering. When I was in college at Duke, the biomedical engineering students were considered the highest echelon of all, above medical students and law students.

There is a down side to Mercury conjunct Uranus, though. The person has a racing, monkey mind. I, personally, would forego the genius part for a more peaceful mind. However, there is no doubt that the gods of intelligence touched these the Mercury conjunct Uranus people with a dose of fairy dust.

The Innovators—Sun Conjunct Uranus

These natives are very intelligent in an innovative, “out of the box” manner. I call this the”inventor’s aspect”. I think of the person who invented velcro. I don’t know if he has this aspect. I read an article about him. One day, a sticky burr stuck on his clothes and he got the idea for velcro. How many millions of people have had sticky burrs adhere to them. My dog has had an awful time of it. One man of all these millions of people invented velcro. I would guess that he either had Sun or Mercury conjunct Uranus.

The great Donald J Trump has this aspect. If a single man is saving America, it is he. May God bless him for his courage. Trump is the penultimate “out of the box” thinker. Trump has take on a corrupt media, as well as a corrupt political system.

Help—I Can’t Get Up—The 29th Degree

This is an interesting one. I call the 29th degree the frozen degree. The person sits on the fence. He can’t go forward. He can’t go back, so he sits, cogitates and gets frustrated. The 29th degree is quite hard when one has the 29th degree on a personal planet or angle . I have seen very painful indecision in the charts of people who have this situation. If you have the Ascendant, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars or any of the angles in the 29th degree, your problems with indecision will relate to whichever planet or angle is involved. For example, Venus at the 29th degree may make decision about love very painful. With Mercury, most decisions will be very hard because Mercury is the mind, in general. I can do an article on the frozen degree as it relates to all parts of the chart, if you would like.

I Will Stare You Down Until You Comply——Pluto conjunct the Ascendant

These natives have the mafioso stare. I happen to be reading a book on the history of the five prominent Mafia families in the US. It is fascinating. Believe me, those guys had the stare down pat. You did not mess with them. One of the Mafia bosses poked the eye of a waiter with a fork because the waiter was too slow. I bring this up because the native with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant can stare you into submission. The native may not, actually, be as strong as he appears to be, though.

Love Sucks—-Apophis Conjunct Venus

This native has a love life that never seems to work, through no fault of his own. Aphophis is one of the “baddies”. It infuses chaos and destruction into that which it touches. I do not, usually, watch transits, but I have seen Aphophis in transit conjunct natal Jupiter and death resulted. I do not like to watch transits because I think it is easy to become obsessed with them. In other words, if you have bad transits, you expect a bad day. However, if a day is REALLY funky, I check transits to see the reason and there is, always, one.

Sir—–You have ADD—————-Apophis Conjunct Mercury

This native will, likely, have learning issues such as Dyslexia or ADD( attention deficiet disorder). It is very sad to see someone who has a hard time processing intellectual information. I am close to a person with Mercury conjunct Apophis, exact. He finds it very hard to plan things, such as if something breaks and one has to go through many steps to get it fixed. That is just an example, but dealing with processes is hard. By processes, I mean things that have many steps.

I Will Do A Caveman Pursuit Until I Get You, Then I Will Get Passive—Venus in Aries in a Man
If you want to be an Amazon woman and hunt your guy and then be the man for the rest of the relationship, find a Venus in Aries guy. Venus in Aries is in the Detriment. One can see why if one ever dated one, which I did before I studied Astrology. It is no placement for a man—just keeping it real.

I Am So Sexy—Don’t You Know it?—Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives know they are sexy. They enjoy it and use it. Well, do you blame them?

You Better Not Criticize Me or I Will Attack—Mercury combust the Sun

I get in trouble for this one, but I fall on the sword for you. In life, there is very little honesty. I vow to be honest. I like this in people. It is much easier to learn a subject if the teacher is not a CYA person, that is cover your azz. Well, to get back to the subject. These unfortunate natives have too close of a watch on their own belly button. They are very sensitive to any criticism, even the most non threatening. They can attack on a whim if they feel threatened. It is a hard placement for the native and for those who are close to him. The closer the orb, the stronger is the above behavior.

Loyalty Reigns—–Scorpio Moon

I attracted to Scorpio Moon in friends. To me, the most important trait is loyalty. I have had people try to take advantage of me financially, yet stand up for me when my adversary was bigger and tougher than I was. I can forgive many things, but lack of loyalty will get you booted out of my life. This may be due to my Cancer Moon. I am not sure. However,loyalty is equally strong for Scorpio placements. Never betray them. If you have to leave, do it in a way that leaves their self respect intact.

Are You Still Alive After All Of Those Mishaps—–Jupiter in the 12th House
These natives are said to have a guardian angel who works overtime. I have had clients who lived the life of Mr Magoo, a cartoon character who was practically blind but drove his car all over creation. It does not seem worth it to have so many mishaps, even if you escape them relatively unscathed. Hence, this is a difficult placement.

I Am So Depressed—Neptune in the 12th House
These natives tend toward depression. However, on the positive side, they are very intuitive.

I Don’t Care If You are Ugly, Short and Bald–I Want Your Money——-2nd House Stellium
This could be called the “Gold Digger” aspect. I think Melania Trump has it. I think she is an Aries Ascendant giving her a Taurus stellium in the 2nd House. However, we don’t know her actual time. I don’t blame her for being like this. She was a poor girl in a Communist country. I think Donald Trump is amazing and would be very attractive simply on his personal traits, but money does help.

41 thoughts on “Little Bites—More Astrology Tidbits

  1. amiannA

    Hi Ami, could you please tell me more about Apophis..? I have it in transit conjunct Saturn in transit conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 8th house of Capricorn. No actual deaths, but there is no connection with my family anymore, no paid job, no social circle. It all ended this year horribly. I do have a great place to live where I can find some peace though and my great health. But I am so bored and lonely! Thank you for your reply.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi A!

      Yea, Aphophis is like a destruction, like a bad army marching through making chaos. It is rather scary.MAybe, your primal passions could get you in trouble with this aspect. What do you think?

      1. amiannA.

        Yes I guess you are right, my chiron, eris and hekate in 12th house aries are frequently activated due to feeling rejected, unseen, not valued. It makes me so angry, like I have no right to be alive. Maybe the cause is to much pleasing, pluto and pallas in libra. Its hard to be proud of yourself when your loved ones do not.

          1. amiannSoulogy

            I do like your take on Trump – how his natal aspects provide the mojo to take on the media and politaical landscape. I myself am here to radically transform Christianity and peoples views on Jesus – transits look to be the trigger for such a challenge, which makes me wonder about the progressed chart of Trump.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I am not really good with Progressed charts. Why don’t you look and see what you think. As to the other subject, I am reluctant to comment lest you leave me like you have previously.

  2. amiannNadja

    My mother has Mercury conjunct her Sun by two degrees. There is definitely a great sensitivity to criticism there, and a tendency to see judgement where there is none. She is generally very self-effacing though, so not one to go on the offensive. Except towards my father. I was constantly the mediator and translator between them. I guess the placement of the conjunction, on the Nadir, might have limited the impact to the private sphere…

    My father’s Scorpio Moon might be why they stayed together for so long. And now that they aren’t living under the same roof anymore they get along perfectly well.

  3. amiannDayChay

    Im not rlly sure about my lilith conj asc, could you help me?

    Pisces Ascendant at 24 degree:-

    True Lilith in pisces at 18 degree
    Mean lilith in pisces at 13 degree
    Lilith (i) (H21) in pisces at 14 degree

    Does true lilith conjunct asc orb +6°15′
    Is too far?

  4. amiannJJ

    Nikola Tesla, famed inventor – 1st house Uranus sextile Sun, crushed on by men and women alike – Sun conjunct Venus, sexy looks and dark stare – Pluto conjunct AC, later considered mad but infamous – Chiron in 10th in Aquarius, origin of the idea of “mad scientist”, escaped many accidents until old age when he was probably murdered by government officials, add 10H Chiron to Jupiter in 12th, never married Mars square Saturn, suffered from visions Neptune in 12th some of which helped the world. Considered brilliant but obstructed by material business concerns, Mercury sextile AC but square Neptune, Pluto sextile Saturn. Became an obscure recluse once many of his friends passed on, Sun in 4th. North Node in the 12th semi-sextile Uranus. Sent gifts to his friend Mark Twain long after his death, Moon opposite Jupiter and square MC, square Venus. Considered the beauty of an invention important as its function, Venus quintile AC. “If this does not appeal to you sufficiently to recognize in me a discoverer of principles, do me, at least, the justice of calling me an “inventor of some beautiful pieces of electrical apparatus.””
    Unlucky in love, Sun square Moon and Venus conjunct Saturn widely.

  5. amiannShamira

    Can you make a post about Juno aspected to personal or all planets??? I can’t find much when I look it up and I have moon conjunct Juno,uranus square Juno, and Neptune trine juno??? What does this mean?

  6. amiannlulu

    I have Saturn Conjunct Uranus in 29 degree Sagittarius – 10 house
    It’s square my Venus and Opposite my Chiron

    I am super decisive/ambitious/motivated – but I feel frozen most of my life, often times trapped due to circumstances and unable to fulfil my plans.

    I would love to read an article on this degree!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think that I talk about the frozen degree here and there, Lulu. There is not much to really tell. It is NOT your fault if you feel frozen. It is the chart energies, not controllable by people.

      1. amiannLulu

        I love your astrology blog Amiann, it has so many interesting takes on so many different aspects and asteroids that you cant find anywhere. I also love your style – honest and simple explanations without any extra decoration. It is defiantly one of my most favourite blogs on astrology!

        re 29 degree
        I feel like my chart sort of hit or miss. shows great potential but only if you overcome all the obstacles. definitely doesn’t look all “nice and easy” in the normal sense.

        I might even have ASC in 29 degree Aguarius (not sure)

  7. amiannBrandy

    Can you please do an article on the frozen degree (29) in relation to personal planets especially the moon? I have a Scorpio moon in the 29 (plus) degree in the ninth house so it very, very near Sagittarius and am curious as I see very little posted on the internet regarding this.
    I am also a Scorpio sun, north node and uranus in the eighth house.

  8. amiannvivian

    Jupiter in 12th house conjunct Ascendant

    I do get many mishaps so much so that my family thinks “I am bad lucked” but something happens in the nick of time

    my most recent was my 2013 accident where I got knocked down by a car. I came out unscathed . Just mild trauma 2% but thats it . All tests came out negative (good).

    with the Jupiter from my 12th house conjunct ascendant, would that mean that mishaps will follow me for the rest of my life??

    i have a heave capricorn stellium and am super CAUTIOUS

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I hate to say yes about the mishaps although Jupiter conj the ASC is not really Jupiter in the 12th so would not really bode for Jupiter in the 12th which is really quite different, V

  9. amiannVivi Vox Nox

    I just checked Apophis in my little brothers and sisters chart who have severe autism .. guess what, conjunct Mercury (orb 1), both square Moon

  10. amiannChristie

    Very interesting!! I have Aphophis conjunct my chart ruler Mercury… All my life I’ve been told to get tested for ADD and Autism… scatterbrained! Plus my 6 year old son has autism – ( was diagnosed at 2 after his Mmr vaccination. I’ve managed to eradicate most of his symptoms now however; detoxing his system and never letting another needle near his arm again seems to be the cure! … oh and I’m a Scorpio Moon!!! Conjunction Saturn and south node 😬 xx

      1. amiannChristie

        We have clashed so much over the the years and not spoke over long periods; but I have been such a difficult daughter. She was always working but It’s only now I’m 35 I can appreciate her as a mother. When I was little she’s was very nasty xx

  11. amiannAmber

    I know this man that’s been married for 20+ years with Apophis at 28 degrees Scorpio conjunct Venus 29 degrees Scorpio. About 2 years ago, he caught his wife sending nude photos to another man. I guess she has been extremely flirtatious with other men, and may or may not have stepped out on him more than once, but he is still married to her to this day. It sounds like he wants to leave and move on, but he just can’t. I wonder can someone with Apophis conjunct Venus be married for more than 2 decades? And his Venus is at 29 degrees so maybe this is the “frozen” degree you are mentioning. So, his love life is a complete disaster, but he feels there’s nothing he can do about it – he’s stuck/frozen?

    I have something a little similar, but it’s Apophis conjunct my Union and Atropos in Libra which is kind of just hanging out in my chart and not doing anything, but it is sextile exactly my Venus in Sagittarius……..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You can’t really say how Aphophis is affecting his Venus from looking at outside circumstances. He may be horrible in the marriage and cause all sorts of chaos and I bet he does.

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