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Love, Bonding and Understanding in a Relationship

This article is inspired by a lovely client, Jenn. We had a phone reading last night. My phone readings do not usually include astrology. They are readings for guidance. I use my intuition, but this is really my trying to tune into the Holy Spirit. In Jenn’s case, she was an amazing astrologer and so we added astrology to our talk. Jenn taught me many things as do all my clients. I am a humble student of Astrology. Astrology is too big for anyone to really fathom. In that way, it is the same as the Bible, although the Bible is God’s Word and so in a different category. Back to the subject.

Every person wants a love relationship which has bonding, understanding and love. However, many people fail to find this. In failing, there is, usually, oodles of pain—OODLES. I don’t know if failing in love is part of the human condition. I am an avid reader. Most books are about the failures of it’s characters. I recently read “Gone With the Wind”, “East of Eden”, “Rebecca”, “She’s Come Undone” and “The Thornbirds”. These books depict the human condition. That is why they are classics.The human condition seems to be one of desperately seeking love and, instead, finding a great deal of pain. With that being said, there are some relationships which have great love. I think these relationships must have good Moon connections. Love, connection and bonding is rooted in Moon connections.

I have an interesting story about a girl who treated me horribly due to my stance on Moon square Moon. She was moving in with her boyfriend and they had this aspect. I stick to my stances. If I change them, it is research that will make me do so, not anger. In a rather short time, she told me that he was attacking her physically. I do not think people can be happy in a Moon square Moon relationship. WHY? The hearts do not understand each other.

I am not sure about Moon oppose Moon. I seem to have this with many friends. I am a Cancer Moon and I attract Capricorn Moons. However, they really do not understand me very well. I feel that When I try to explain my emotions, they really do not seem to understand, through no fault of either person. It is a matter of the chart energies. I love relationships with other Cancer Moons. I love Taurus Moon, which is sextile my Moon. Most of my friends are Taurus Moon. We seem to find each other.

People ask me if attraction in long term relationships will last if it is powerful enough attraction, such as Venus/Pluto and Moon/Pluto. My answer is that attraction will not last without good Moon connections. People will become strangers to each other if their Moons are not compatible. I will add a caveat. Moon/Mercury may substitute for Moon aspects. This is a working theory. I think Moon/Mercury makes for a similar understanding as does Moon trine Moon. However, I still think that Moon trine Moon is the Cadillac Aspect, followed by Moon sextile Moon and Moon conjunct Moon.

I hope this article makes sense. Sometimes when I write, I wonder if I am getting my point across clearly. Let me know if I am!

6 thoughts on “Love, Bonding and Understanding in a Relationship

  1. amiannJulia Y

    “I think Moon/Mercury makes for a similar understanding as does Moon trine Moon, for example. However, I still think that Moon trine Moon is the Cadillac Aspect, followed by Moon sextile Moon and Moon conjunct Moon”

    And I fail, so far, to bond on a long-term basis with Air and Fire Moons.

    A Gemini Moon myself, with the Moon in the 1st house, conjunct the ASC in Gemini. On the other hand, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces. Since childhood I am surrounded almost exclusively by Water Moons, with Cancer Moon being predominant. I find Water Moons irresistibly interesting and enchanting, while they say to feel understood, safe and loved.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I don’t really do parallels. I may be wrong but if people include everything like parallels, Vedic etc, the chart has everything like a garbage pail. That is how I see it and I may be wrong but I like the simple chart with planets and asteroids

      1. amiannTar

        Thank you, i include the parallel if only they already has other aspect.
        What do you think about decile/semi quintile, septile, novile and quintile aspects?

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