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Love Shack—-Ten Soul Mate Aspects Explained

I got this request from one of my favorite clients. I love my clients. I hand pick them. That may be why. I want to work with people who want to face themselves. If not, I will show you to the proverbial door with your fee attached. I don’t have time or energy to waste on people who are in denial. I have had to come out of a lot of denial and my goal in life is to help others do the same. For this, I am both loved and hated. Enough about me and onto the subject.

First of all, I do not believe in the concept that there is one soul mate for each person. I think this concept gets people into trouble. I think it can blind them to the reality of their own nature and that of their partner. I think it can make people think a relationship will be perfect. I think it is too airy-fairy. I think it is too rosy. I think it is unreal. However, I do think that two people can be excellent partners. In reality, I don’t think any relationship can be truly happy if Jesus is not at the center. However, for those people who do not believe in Jesus and have no interest in Him, astrology can help you find the partner with the best fit. For those of us who believe in Jesus, astrology can do the same, but we do not expect the same things from a relationship because we know Jesus is the one, true love of our lives. Onto the subject.

Soul Mate Aspects Explained

Moon Trine Moon

This is the Cadillac of soul mate aspects. It rides smooth. It looks fantastic. It never has engine trouble. It, almost, drives itself. I exaggerate a bit, but it is the best synastry aspect, bar none. WHY? Because the hearts are in synch. The hearts understand each other. The deepest vibration of each person vibrates with the deepest vinbration of the other. The connection is wordless. If you have not had this aspect with someone, you may not understand what I mean. I had it with my son. We fought fewer than five times in his entire life. We had the same sense of humor. We could not look at each other in a place in which we could not laugh, like a funeral, because we would laugh. Check your charts and you will see what I mean. I never had it with a romantic partner, but I think it would be heavenly. That is why it is my number one soul mate aspect. When you do the synastry chart, look at the moon, first and foremost.

Moon Trine Mercury

Mercury is the planet of the mind. The Moon is the planet of the heart. In this aspect, the mind can meld with the heart, making a lovely understanding between the two people. There is a kind of telepathy in which the Moon person understands the mind of the Mercury person.

Moon Trine or Conjunct Pluto

In this aspect, the passion and tenderness is overwhelming. In the beginning of the relationship, it seems as if one has found one’s soul mate. The relationship feels like an oasis against the world. However, surprising to me, this aspect does not seem to provide enough heart communication to keep the partners connected long term, as does Moon trine Moon. The reason is, likely, that Pluto is not a personal planet.

Moon Conjunct Ceres

When we get to asteroids, there are “Moon like” asteroids. These mimic Moon trine Moon but are not as powerful as Moon trine Moon. In the case of Moon conjunct Ceres, the Ceres has a deep and unconditional love for the Moon person. It is felt as a lovely, intimate bond by both people.

Moon Conjunct Vesta

Vesta is unselfish sacrifice for the good of the other. The Vesta person has an unselfish giving nature to the Moon person, which makes for an amazing bond between the two.

Pluto Trine Venus

In this aspect, the Pluto sweeps the Venus off her feet. The Pluto is the super hero for the delicate Venus. There may be obsession on both sides, but it will not get to the point of dangerous stalking etc. Leave that to the square. With Pluto trine Venus, the Venus is the loveliest creature to the Pluto. To the Venus, Pluto is the sexiest creature. Hence, there is an amazing and rosy glow to the relationship. Once again, for a long term marriage to keep the communication open, I think one needs more than this. Pluto is not a personal planet. I think one needs excellent Mercury and Moon aspects.

Sun Conjunct Ceres

This aspect will make for a lovely unconditional love given by the Ceres person to the Sun person. However, what is given by one is, usually, returned by the other. This is just the nature of relationships.

Sun Conjunct, Trine or Oppose Venus

These aspects are called marriage aspects because the love factor is amped up. This is not a sexual love, per se, but more of a deep heart love or fondness.This opposition does not seem to make for a stress between the two people, as does the oppositions with other planets.

Moon Conjunct or Trine the Sun

This is what I call a best friend aspect. The Sun feels very protective of the Moon. The Moon feels very loved. However, with this aspect alone, there is not enough communication to sustain a very close relationship like marriage. There seems to be a situation in which people are “talking at each other” rather than communicating with each other. However, there seems to be a lot of loyalty and this counts for a lot.

Venus Conjunct the North Node

The Venus person seems to have an unconditional love for the North Node person, who feels this strongly and who feels very loved.

14 thoughts on “Love Shack—-Ten Soul Mate Aspects Explained

  1. amiannJennifer

    My ex husband and I had a very interesting aspect…my moon conjuncts his Venus and his moon conjuncts my Venus. In theory it sounds like soul mate connection, and it was a good relationship, but in the end we divorced.

  2. amiannRami

    Hi Ami
    I have Moon trine Moon, Sun sextile Pluto, with a man and with my partner we have Moon sextile Pluto, Venus conjunct Sun, Mercury trine Moon. They are, indeed, wonderful connections to have with someone.
    I have been reading your posts for weeks and really enjoying them. Thank you!

  3. amiannJamie

    Hi linda
    His jupiter and mercury all conjunct my moon and my Psyche in my 12th house
    My eros conjunct his moon in my 10th
    His pluto conjunct my venus in libra in my 2nd house
    He is in my dreams i wake up with him in my mind its so weird idk if he is my true soulmate or soul flame or he is just into some mind’s games
    Since he is so spiritual like me
    Can you insight me a little bet about this 12th house thing !?
    I just really want to know how the planets person feel
    Is he really feel like me
    Or it just me who feel all this overwhelming presence of him

  4. amiannLili

    I have moon trine moon with my partner before and a current potential, but the orbs are quite wide 6-7 degrees. What orb allowance would you use?


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