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The Low Down on Venus in Virgo in a Man

I can’t say I have a behind the scenes understanding of all the male Venus sign. I like to get behind the eyes of signs and placements. I do this by knowing people in my every day life who have these placements. My clients help me learn about the placements, too, of course. I try not to write about things of which I do not have direct, personal knowledge. However, I must do so, at times. I can’t have direct experience with every placement and aspect. In these cases, I use the language of Astrology to come to my conclusions. One example was my recent article on the Sun square Pluto. I have heard accounts of this placement, but do not know people, personally, who have it. This brings me back to my original point. Some of the Venus signs I feel an understanding of. Others I don’t. I do understand Venus in Virgo, so we will start there.

First of all, let’s discuss this fellow. Venus reveals that which we find attractive. Each Venus in Virgo guy will be different because he will have different Sun, Moon, Mars etc placements. However, that to which he is attracted will be shown by Venus, primarily. The Venus in Virgo man is very sensitive, no matter what his outside tells you. I have a big strong, former football quarterback friend with a Venus in Virgo. If he has a tiny, tiny, tiny tinge of one particular spice in his food, he will get physically sick. I call this the “Princess and the Pea” placement. Read that story if you never have.

As picky as he is about food, he can be about you *OUCH* Venus in Virgo has the very annoying and unsettling need for perfection in those whom he loves. *YIKES* Who can live up to that standard. The Venus in Virgo man seems to be on the everlasting search for the perfect woman. He does think that he finds her and he can commit. However, she is like a shiny new car. Once it gets old, you want a new one.(He does, at least).

The other thing that I find unsettling about him( and his Venus does square my Venus in Gemini) is that he does not have a “let’s get down” sense of humor. I, sometimes, think I go too far with my sense of humor. I try to set a good example as a Christian/Messianic Jew, but my sense of humor does get the better of me and I go to the edge. Check out the picture on my website now. I feel guilty about using it, but it is funny and it is true.

At any rate, that is my opinion of Venus in Virgo in a man. One does have to allow for one’s own Venus sign when assessing this subject. It will, always, be subjective, I think, anyway. Onto some more male Venus signs and try to get the skinny on them.

7 thoughts on “The Low Down on Venus in Virgo in a Man

  1. amianncarina

    hello my boyfriend is venus in virgo but is venus is in the fisrt house conjunct is mercury is true he was searching for the perfect woman and now is very picky with me but we work very well together iam venus in taurus also we have sun conjunct moon in gemini.

  2. amiannBiann lomas

    Helo i am that man venues in vergo in the 1st house with mecurary also , i am sentive loyle ,careing shareing loveing guy, althoe i have my fare share of hart ache , thats because i seem to atract the wrong type of woman,in the past ,i dont sleep abouat and i tend to hold on when i know they no good for me , i put that down to my leo sun in the 12 house , even thoe my 2nd wife soulmate , devorsed a vergio with venues in vergio , i belive that was the one , could you please tell me or explian ,who if anyone is the ideal partner for me ,, or shouldbi just give up ,,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Biann

      I would need to really spend time on your whole chart to see what is going on. However, Venus in Virgo seems to be a place that makes love hard, through no fault of the person. The person is very, very picky and it is hard to find people who meet the very high standards.

  3. amiannAndrea


    I’m an Aries with sag moon and Pisces venus. The guy I want to be with is a libra with a Taurus moon and Virgo venus. I fell for him from the start but he is very flaky and for years it’s been hot and cold with him. He always leads me on then when we start to get close he says he’s not ready for commitment or anything serious. I wonder if he’ll ever see me as someone he can commit to or should I stop trying and move on.

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