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Loyal Moons( Or NOT)

I am a glutton for punishment because this topic will do that. HOWEVER, I will tell you what I think when I see a chart. I do watch moons.I do check the charts of most people who enter my life. I am a scientist with my own lab. My lab rats don’t know——-Ha ha. Does that make me bad? Enough about me. Onto the topic.

I cannot say I have had personal experience with every moon. I call it personal experience when I know someone well. Hence, I cannot talk with authority on every moon. I have an intellectual understanding of all of the Moons but not a personal one, so I will share about the Moons I know the best.These are Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra(Yuck), Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. I have the most intimate experience with Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.


The first Moon I will discuss is Taurus. Taurus Moon people come into my life very often. I have found this moon to be very loyal. I am very big on loyalty. I am a Cancer Moon. You can do a lot to me if you are loyal. Taurus Moon does not like to hurt the feelings of others. Taurus Moon can be counted on in a crisis. My heart lowers its defenses in the presence of the Taurus Moon. This is probably my favorite moon sign. It is in the Exaltation. Hence, the person is comfortable being an emotional person and showing his heart.

Gemini Moon

I have never been extremely close to a Gemini Moon. I have known many, however. I do not really trust this moon. They are too flighty to stay when the going gets tough( and it always does at some point). Also, they are like Libra Moon, in terms of THINKING when they should feel.They will not fight for you because they are thinking so hard about whether or no you are right or wrong that by the time they figure THAT out, you could be dead and buried, which some people call up and died.

Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon is very deep feeling. We cry easily. Even Cancer men cry in public. We are comfortable in the world of emotions(as comfortable as one can be in this inforgiving world). We are generally kind. We don’t like to hurt the feelings of others. Cancer Moon is in its home. Any planet in its home works well. I am not trying to say we are perfect or always good. I hope you understand this but, in general, the Cancer Moon person is loyal and can be trusted.

Leo Moon
I have found Leo Moons to be loyal. However, they do like to hog attention. They are like children in this way. They are loving and open.They are fun. They have a wonderful sense of humor. However, as a marriage partner, I would pass. As a close friend, I would pass but as a more superficial friend, they are very nice!

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moons will drive you crazy. I am just being honest here. (Why else do you read me?)
I have seen loyalty in a Virgo Moon but it was a relative who has a strong Pluto. I am not sure if Virgo Moons are generally loyal because they are mutable signs and these guys can be weak( just keeping it real). However, that aside and in general, you may be road kill by the time they pick you apart.You may feel like your grandmother is looking at you when you come home smelling like smoke.This actually happened to me with my grandmother, who was a Virgo Moon. However, I was on the subway not actually smoking. Honest.

Libra Moon (Yuck)

Do you hate me yet? If I see a Libra Moon in my real life, I generally walk away. Of course, I love my clients. Each one is precious to me and I give my heart and soul to them when I do their charts. I get to know many quite well and stay in touch. This includes all moons. However, I do not have to live with them( nor they with me)

If there is a moon that gets the award for being the most disloyal, it is this one. I have had several close relationships with this moon, mainly relatives. This moon simply does not understand the concept of loyalty in the manner of a water moon, such as myself. They THINK when they should fee. They REASON when they should protect. They don’t RESPOND to others with their hearts. They respond with their heads. It is not called the “courtesan moon” for no reason. It is implied that they can have sex with no emotions( for those who did not get that).

Scorpio Moon
On the loyalty chart, Scorpio Moons are loyal. However, for a lover, they are too jealous for an airy kind of person like me or you, if you are high in air. They take things very personally. They are like the Sun/Mercury combust in this way. However, they are authentic people. Their emotions are too intense to fake, if you want to be real about it. So, you get what you see. There is a lot of comfort in that.

Capricorn Moon
One must understand Capricorn Moons. They do what is in their own best interest to a fault and this could leave you wishing you had not accepted the marriage proposal. For example, if you have a million dollars and he meets someone with ten million, you may find yourself sans your Cappy Moon man. However, if you know this and don’t push them too far and NEVER betray them, they will be loyal friends. They are very street smart, more so than most of us. It is not such a bad thing. They can see and accept the harshness of life like no other moon. They don’t expect a lot from others. They know they will be disappointed if they do. I respect this and wish I was more like this. There is a lot one can learn from a Capricorn Moon. However, in a marriage, I think they would be too self focused to stay if things got really, really tough, not just a little tough. I am talking a bad disease here. It doesn’t have to be contagious, just bad.

Aquarius Moon
Aquarius Moon is like a Libra Moon. They think when they should feel. I do not know many people well who have this moon. What I have seen is emotional coldness. They can be detached. They can hug the world but not their own children, figuratively speaking, of course. *Wink*

Pisces Moon(Oy Vey)

These guys are too weak to be very loyal. It is just how it is. Of course, they will appear to be loyal when times are good. They like to be thought of as good guys. They may brag about their charitable deeds.However, they do not have a great deal of core strength. Pisces is too sensitive a sign for one to expect Superman. They have some lovely traits, of course, but loyalty is not the strongest suit.

Disclaimer—-These opinions are those of the author and not of other human beings, canines(this is dogs) and felines(this is cats). Read at your own risk. Don’t perform surgery at home and please do extensive research before you get pricked.

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28 thoughts on “Loyal Moons( Or NOT)

  1. amiannS

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with thinking instead of acting on emotions when it comes to air moons. Sometimes rational thinking is needed and necessary. Not in every situation, but sometimes people need a dose of reality instead of being coddled or being told they did nothing wrong.

    With my Scorpio moon, I can overreact without knowing all of the facts first and then I end up with egg on my face. It’s difficult to keep my feelings in check. It’s something I’m trying to work on to better myself. I know it’s not something I can completely change, but I’m learning how to calm down and deal with the anxiety involved with such an intense sign. I understand your point though and have met annoying people like you have described. My mom has an Aquarius moon so I know first hand how it can be negative.

      1. amiannS

        I’m certain aspects play a huge role as well, because I know several Aquarius moons who are not like that. Rational? Yes. Indecisive? Sometimes. Uncaring? No. My mother also has Nessus conjunct Medea exact, which square her moon.

  2. amiannDenise

    My Moon is in Taurus and the handle of a bucket chart. Amor and Pallas are conjunct, it’s in my 6th on the cusp of the 7th. I felt every word you say about Moon in Taurus. My closest friends and family are Taurus Moons. People tell me I have a calming influence on a place and yet when I leave, it gets quiet. Not sure how that works. One supervisor said I made her feel more safe when we work together; we work elections. That is kind of how I feel about my Taurus Moon family or friends too. Safe, calm. And yes, those Cancer Moons are the sweetest …. 🙂

  3. amiannTaylor

    Fun read! I appreciate your honesty~ Im a Gemini Moon and have been a flighty bird. I write in a journal to process emotions. But to be honest, Im thankful that Im not working with a Fixed or Water Moon- my detachment from people/places/things has brought me much experience (eventual wisdom) without as much inner turmoil. Ive seen Scorpio/Pisces Moons lose their minds over small imperceptible slights (or even their own skewed thoughts, good or bad). Ive seen fixed Moons struggle with thinking outside the box- once they commit that’s it! Ive seen Aqua Moon stuck in a bad job for 20+ years or Leo Moon stuck in a fantasy mindset that would suit them well to being a cult leader. Now that Ive found my life partner (a Virgo Moon who absolutely nitpicks & is more judging) Im very loyal- I tell him everything & usually enjoy open/candid conversation although they are not as open-minded and scattered as I am.

      1. amiannTaylor

        Sometimes I get frustrated by the judgment of Virgo Moon. They can shut down a conversation that they find to be pointless (whereas Gemini likes to explore possibilities)…but Im also a Virgo Sun so I think this helps. Virgo Moons can be reflective & flexible when you throw their judgment back at them. Now that I think of it, my good friend is also Sag Sun/Virgo Moon and we can discuss almost anything.

  4. amiannRanna

    Interesting read, thank you! It’s funny that you basically rated all moons positive or negative based on how they relate to your cancer moon (sextile, square, trine, opposition). It could be true also in a general sense, since cancer is moon’s home. I also like Taurus moons, they are lovely, calm, they take their time but get things right. But I also think that they are sometimes painfully slow and somewhat lazy. It’s all a bit relative I guess (I have a Gemini moon).

  5. amiannprinny

    This is hilarious! I am a Virgo moon and you are spot on. I’m so critical of everyone! It’s the worst part of my personality. And I agree with you – Libra moons are the WORST. Every one I know with a Libra moon cheats like crazy.

  6. amiannkrizty

    im a gemini moon and im so loyal. could be because im a taurus sun and merc with a pisces venus sextile saturn. who knows but ive always been the one left with a broken heart. a pisces sun and cap moon just cheated on me though:(

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, one needs to look at the whole chart, K! Cappy Moon can be super selfish if they want something that can make them rise up in the world more than you can like a rich spouse. I am sorry you went through this, K!

  7. amiannGreg

    I find Scorpio moons to be very difficult. Those I know are secretive, bordering on paranoid. Yes, I am a Gemini. What I’ve noticed is their intensity is often directed towards vengeful acts. One example in particular is with my close female friend (her chart is Libra dominant with a Pisces moon). She is dealing with a stepmother to her children who has a Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon. The stepmother is possessive of my friend’s own children and plays a lot of head games with her. It’s almost as if she has a vendetta to turn my friend’s children against her (the stepmother cannot have her own children). I suppose Scorpio moons can be loyal, but they can also be very underhanded. Wish they could just relax!

  8. amiannLaura

    Oooof, felt that one and Im a 10th Gemini moon LOL

    I have Vesta conjunct my 8th house sun, and I may surprise you with my loyalties, however, it´s been a slower evolution for sure.

    I love your website and appreciate your information very much, thank you!

  9. amiannMichele

    I always took offense since I am a Libra moon. But after learning Amber Heard has a Moon in Libra, I understand and agree.

      1. amiannS

        That would be a fascinating article to read! I don’t think she has a time of birth listed, but she has several interesting aspects, especially her moon square mars and unaspected venus.

        I share the exact same birthday with an athlete who has had issues with domestic abuse and the law. He doesn’t have a known time of birth either, but depending on the hour, he could have his moon in either Libra or Scorpio. I was born at night with my stellium in the 4th house. I wonder which house he has his in.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I have Unaspected Venus. I think it makes you very good socially but did not have a bad side. Does it. Maybe, the Moon makes you cold and Moon sq Mars but there has to be something else–a bad Jupiter and some lawless asteroids like Ixiion.

          1. amiannS

            I think the aspects (or lack thereof) and signs altogether are interesting, not necessarily bad. She also has several retrogrades. Amber is clearly a beautiful looking woman and I’m sure she has charmed her way throughout her career. You have to have some good social skills to make it this far. Maybe she uses it in a manipulative way to get exactly what she wants.

          2. amiannS

            I need to go back and re-read your Meghan Markle post as I remember she also has a Libra moon. They must have a lot of similarities.

            There’s a funny Alec Baldwin story that’s gone viral about him whining about workplace abuse. Him, of all people, talking about others taking accountability for their actions. Guess what? He also has a Libra moon!

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