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Loyalty In the Natal Chart

I should have been a Mafia person as much as I value loyalty. The best loyalty is when you have nothing to offer but someone is loyal to you. I never forget the few people who have been loyal to me and it is a bond that is nearly unbreakable. Can we see loyalty in the chart? I think so. Is it foolproof? I don’t think so because humans seem to break rules. However, if you value loyalty as I do, it is worth exploring.

Pisces Moon
On many occasions, I have found this Moon to be too weak to be loyal. Of course, everyone is loyal when it does not cost them much. Loyalty only matters when it costs something. Pisces Moon makes for a weak person. You may get mad at me for saying this but it is not their fault. This moon is too sensitive for this earth and the native suffers the most for it.

Libra Moon
Ix-Ne this moon. I do not trust Libra Moons. The reason is that they THINK when they should FEEL. Once again, a Libra Moon can be fine if you don’t call on them to stand up. If the time comes that you need them, they will consider the consequences while you are getting eaten by a bear. Oh well, you can be replaced now that you are bear food.

A Weak Chart
It is hard to define what a weak chart is but I can define a strong chart. A strong chart has a strong Pluto. Not to brag “sigh” but I have Pluto sextile both the Sun and Mercury. I stand up for those I love—period end. I was born strong in that way. I have a loyal moon, too—-Cancer. I am not saying I don’t have other bad things because I do but I am strong when someone I love gets hurt.

So, one needs a strong Pluto to be a leader. A leader goes against the grain. Most people are sheep. I don’t want to be too political but if you listen to the government, you are a sheep. The last debacle i.e–the snake bite and face accessroy—shows how unthinking most people are. What strikes me funny is the biggest sheep have the loudest voices that they are not sheep. Oh well, the earth is not our home.

Back to the charts. A strong person may have a more extroverted chart. This is a chart with the top half more occupied with planets than the bottom half. An introvert may be too busy naval gazing to stand up when he should.

The Moon is our core, so I always come back to the Moon when I consider loyalty. However, there is more to loyalty than the Moon. I do not trust Air Moons to be very loyal. Gemini is mutable, which means weak, if we want to be real about it, which I am. Libra is cold. Aquarius can see the forest and not see the dying trees. Aquarius can rationalize anything when it suits him, so IX-Ne Air Moons in our discussion of loyatly.

Water Moons value relationships more than other moons, as a general rule. Cancer and Scorpio will be loyal if you are to them. Cancer Moon will get you back and good if you betray them. I have a few of these stories—maybe six. Six in a lifetime is not bad and these people pushed me to oblivion, but I paid them back. Am I proud of it? I am not sure. In my flesh, yes. In my spirit, No.

I don’t know many fire Moons. I think Leo can be loyal but I doubt Sagittarius because it is mutable, but I am not sure. Aries is loyal to causes. I am not sure about people because I have not had much experience with this Moon. It gets bored easily, so may change relationships fast.

I think Capricorn Moon can be very loyal if they respect you. Respect is very important for Capricorn. It is a cardinal sign so has a basic strength. Taurus Moons are very loyal. I am not sure about Virgo Moons, but they are mutable, so may not be. I have little experience with Virgo Moons.

Other factors for weakness in the chart include the asteroid Dejanira, which represennt the victim side . I do not expect someone with Dejanira conjunct the Ascendant or Moon to be very loyal. They are fighting too many battles of their own to worry about you. They are called on to fight bullies, likely from birth.

People with planets in the 12th house may be too shut down for one to expect them to stand up for you. I would include the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto in the 12th house to be the main culprits here.A planet in the 12th house is SHUT DOWN or repressed planet, so action is very difficult.

Someone who has a strong planet such as Pluto, the Sun or Mars conjunct the Ascendant is usually a strong and assertive planet. This is especially the case with Pluto. One can feel Pluto conjunct the Ascendant because it feels like the vibe of a cop pulling you over for a ticket. That dude is king and you are the serf.

I don’t think people can change their true nature. The true nature of any person is revealed by his chart. God made us and He loves us. We can discover who we are through astrology. Beyond that, in my opinion, we turn ourselves over to God and ask to do His will with our paltry life that is on this earth for a brief time. End of sermon.

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  1. amiannLloyd

    All things are relative. Pisces moon? Align yourself with universals. Accept that you can’t please individuals. I have Jupiter in pisces. It’s a blessing. Libra? Born diplomat. My son has 3 planets in Libra including Mars. Always a pleasant consensus builder. Thomas Jefferson had Mars in the 7th house and abhorred contentious debate. Strong Pluto? Putin has Pluto on his mid heaven conjunct the south node. He is dictatorial and has a long history of it. I also Pluto conjunct my midheaven but mine is retrograde. I have strong opinions, can’t be pushed on anything but generally have a dissenting view of the status quo. My family from childhood are conservative. Me? Not at all and have a library of books and degrees to back it up. Putin is 1 1/2 years younger than I. He has almost the same degree of Scorpio that I have. Our difference? I would follow Putin into the depths of hell to drive a stake through his heart. Scorpio? It’s a good sign as long as it has good values. Don’t ever oppose one unless you’re ready for war. Not like Aries though. Aries will fight while Scorpio plots revenge and lines all their ducks up in a row. Putin blew this one though and it will be his end

  2. amiannSolLibra

    Interesting post, Ami. I have Pluto conjunct a Virgo Ascendant, literally just within half a degree of it in the 12th and it sextiles Mercury in Scorpio which is also conjunct my Moon in Scorpio. (Gosh, I know what you mean about Virgo driving you mad – my Virgoness drives ME mad). I won’t give up on a person easily and will see something through to the bitter end, even if it takes me a lifetime. My sister is a Scorpio with a Taurus moon and is one of the most grounded and loyal people I know. Just love Taurus Moons.

    1. amiannLloyd

      You feel a need to analyze everything and don’t like to move forward unless you have all the facts. This is at times frustrating because the first house is Aries house and naturally wants to respond instinctively. Pluto is uncompromising though so you deliberate. Mercury conjunct moon in Scorpio says they work together to provide Pluto with information that is both emotionally and cognitively helpful. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto so they serve Pluto. If you have them as sextile (60 degrees + or- 5 degrees) they do it effortlessly. If they’re not just a little less. Your sister with Taurus moon. Taurus is the sign most resistant to change and is a grounded, fixed sign in earth. However, Uranus has been transiting Taurus for a few years. It changes everything it touches. Right now it’s around 18 degrees and will turn retrograde next month. Depending on where your sister’s moon is it should or soon will affect her. If she is in her early 40s it may be more dramatic. That is when Uranus opposed it’s natal placement and we make mid course adjustments. In your sister’s case with a moon in a fixed sign her response to change will be slower and may be after the transit occurs. A Scorpio with a moon in Taurus means she was born within about two days of a full moon. Sometimes this indicates parents who were poles apart. Uranus transiting her moon…any changes to your mother? I never pass a good or bad opinion on anything as all things are relative. Anything I offered is standard textbook material.

        1. amiannLloyd

          What do you want? I have what I want. I can predict someone’s strengths, weaknesses without meeting them. Slowly collecting information to write something about both Putin and Trump. Important world events tend to cluster around planetary transits to the nodes of Jupiter through Pluto. You can use it to interpret the meaning of historical events and the importance of major players. Important? Depends on what you value. It won’t affect your grocery bill but maybe you need more than the mundane.

      1. amiannSolLibra

        Hello Ami. 😀 That is remarkably accurate, Lloyd. Yes to Mother issues that affect sister and I at the moment – the current Mars/Uranus/North Node has been a sensitive transit. Yes to the fact that I’m a pathological overthinker and that Mercury/Pluto is sextile within 2 degrees.

  3. amiannBella

    I am a Pisces moon and loyalty is of the utmost importance to me. I know I am sensitive asf, but there’s always ways to work with that…

    I have Saturn in the 4th house in Taurus, and I often refer to this classically “bad” placement as my super power. I have A LOT of feelings surrounding my family and loyalty. Blood is absolutely thicker than water to me and I am not kidding when I say I would actually go to prison for any member of my family.

    I also have Mars conjunct Pluto in sagittarius, so yeh, I may be really squishy inside, but sometimes the sheer force of my temper surprises me. Especially when I feel very righteous

    So I don’t think you can make such sweeping statements, if we’re doing that, then your cancer moon is showing Ami … relying too heavily on what you “feel is true” not, what IS true … from others perspectives . lol

  4. amiannPisces moon- my input

    Helloo! I’m a Pisces moon but I also have lots of Pluto aspects, my Pluto squares my Sun and moon to one degree, trines Venus and opposes Saturn. I have a mutable grand cross involving Saturn Sun moon and Pluto. I’ve experienced betrayal from my family (or at least it felt like that) and what also felt like loss and humiliation a couple of times all from family at a young age. Loyalty is so so huge for me, not in love or relationships, but like “I will die for you and you will die for me, literally” type of loyalty. But also, I AM weak and I know it but that’s because the things people expect me to loyal about, are things I feel don’t really matter, like in the bigger picture, I will show my loyalty for you as in I’ll do something life threatening for you if I know you would do the same for me. I think actually it depends on the person and how much I truly care, because a lot of times, I just don’t care enough to be loyal, and I think that’s where the weakness of Pisces moon comes from, they just don’t bother, don’t care. But I think when I know and when I am certain I’ve formed a deep bond with someone, I will never ever let that go, I’d sacrifice anything and everything for them and always remember them

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pluto square the Sun is hard because people can push down strong emotions and they can be pushed down so far that it is very hard to act on them so the person may not stand up when they should. The pisces moon would add to this

    2. amiannLloyd

      Many of us have energies that are divergent, strong in some ways but weak in others. There are missing details like houses and any retrogrades so details are left out. You have conflict built into your chart and life and the friction will motivate you to deal with it. These things happen when issues press for resolution. I have both a T square, a grand cross and a grand trine in my chart. The moon in Sagittarius is the focal point of the T square. So the resolution comes through reading and learning all kinds of things and I can see a defense mechanism in intellectualizing at times. You may have experienced betrayal. It’s not uncommon for issues of power to show in families especially if Pluto is square the moon. Many years ago I had visionary experiences and once saw my youngest brother leading a witch hunt, my mother was in the front of the mob and my other brother was the presiding judge. I think I was their intended victim. It would have happened in another time but everyone is still in the same roles now. They’re not out to get me but I see similarities and I am careful about discussions of inheritance. I refuse to be a victim again. However, a Neptune opposed to my Mars in Aries would incline me to walk away and let it go. God settles these things.

      1. amiannpisces moon

        wow yes I agree. when I was little I dreamed of my mom and sister betraying me. it always felt like there was some competition between my sister and I to please our mom and looking back, whether she realized it or not, she definitely insinuated the competition and spurred us against each other to gain her favour. my mom also has moon (in gemini) square pluto so this power issue has been passed down, probably unconsciously from her to me.

        I don’t really know how I reach resolution. I have zero close relationships and I feel like with relationships/friendships it’s got to be all or nothing, I want so badly to show someone my worst side and be loved even after that- I think that is what would fix me, having the proof that I could still be loved after showing people my worst side. I think that’s not the right mentality to have (that other people could fix me), but I can’t get into a close relationship without feeling like everything has to be laid out on the table, good and bad, everything. I feel like I need to explode on someone, and I want them to NOT be repulsed/hurt/disgusted, for them to be able to look beyond and see that im more than that. because I want so badly to just bare my soul out to someone and be accepted for it, I feel like I always have to hide something. anyway, I think my resolution would be moving past that. my moon is in the 9th house! which is house of sagittarius. What house is yours in? i have pluto and mars in Sagittarius so I wonder if one of them conjuncts your moon heh.

        I also think my issues with relationships now are because of my relationship with my mom when I was little. I was a very sensitive child and gullible, my mom would sweet talk me one moment and completely leave the next, and I believed everything. I remember multiple times how I would feel so angry/ betrayed by her for leaving/ abandoning me (or what felt like it to me), and I’d think of ways to make her feel as hurt as she made me feel (like giving her the silent treatment). Im realizing now that even though I felt abandoned/betrayed by her, I always knew she’d come back because I’d always think of how to make her pay for making me feel so hurt, so I wonder if it was me that was trying to control her (trying to make her stay, not letting go? but I was very very young, like 5/6/7 years old, so I don’t know if that’s normal child behaviour). I was also really really weak, my resolve for making her pay would disappear as soon as she came back and apologized for whatever it is I was upset over. so my feelings of abandonment don’t come from her physically betraying me, but that she seemed to know exactly what hurt me and her continuing to completely disregard my feelings over and over again, until I learned to distance myself from her. its not like there was lack of communication, iw as a very vocal child, she could see how much I cried, and I told/showed her how upset I was every time she left me. I feel like our relationship is doomed because she wasn’t close to me the way I wanted her to be, she seemed to lack empathy or just didn’t bother to try to understand my emotions. her moon is in gemini. I was very clingy as a little girl, and I felt ALOT of times like she just threw me to the wolves, only to come back once I learned to adapt, then she’d take me under her wing again, give me some twisted sense of protection, then throw me to a different set of wolves. I think she didn’t even realize she did this, but it seems like it was an unconscious need to control and maybe reflect back at me whatever betrayal she experienced and is used to (because her moon also squares pluto, like me). and now here I am, distanced from her, yet she is still so controlling, not loving, just controlling, and I am unable to form close relationships with others because im terrified, holding her accountable for all my relationship issues and still very bitter over it. if you read all this I’d love to hear your input and what you think.

        1. amiannLloyd

          The opposition of Pluto and Saturn shows deep unresolved conflicts. Your pisces moon is in a challenging set of circumstances. Pisces is a sign where the door to the universal is opened. With that come broad understanding and forgiveness. With it also comes those things we find confusing that pisces is known for: loss of boundaries, and idealized expectations of others that are unrealized. It is normal for you as a young child to have those expectations because as a child we are dependant. The squares show that these needs were unfulfilled. Your mother had a “colder” nature and did not understand your needs. You are unable to receive from her what you needed then or now. As you say you would like to be appreciated for who you really are, to be vulnerable and for someone to still recognize your worth as an individual. While our adult life gives us an opportunity for growth we are conditioned by our formative years and we always in this life have the original birth chart we were born with. If I recall you had a Venus trine to Pluto. It should also be sextile to one of these also. That should give you a natural sense of grace, poise and sense for values and aesthetics. Venus can be developed to compensate for the moon’s vulnerability and the conflicts that leave you feeling unsettled. I hope my comments are useful. There is always a certain “thrown into the world” we all face where we have to figure out how to survive and fulfill our needs. How well we do that and how we do that determines how content we are with life.

          1. amiannpisces moon

            thank you for your reply, I appreciate it so much. the only aspects Venus makes in my chart are the trine to pluto and an opposition to Neptune (there’s an opposition to Uranus too, but that’s 13 degrees so I don’t think that counts much). But I will focus on developing Venus and try to channel more pluto through there as an outlet. thank you again for your input, I really appreciate hearing another perspective, it helps me understand myself better and comprehend things differently.

          2. amiannLloyd

            If you ever run into Viktor Frankl’s book “man’s search for meaning” it’s a good read. It’s short, cheap used and available at Amazon used. The first half of the book is about his time in Nazi death camps. The second half is about his philosophy on life. After the war he developed a school of psychology called logo therapy which essentially looks at changing your perspective. A doctor once came to him deeply depressed after his wife had died 2 years earlier. After Viktor listened to his story he asked the man, “would you have preferred to die before your wife?” The man said, “oh my god no! I’d never want her to suffer like I have.” Viktor says, “so what you did was a noble thing. You took on the burden of being alone so your wife wouldn’t have to.” The man then understood and accepted his circumstances because now they had a purpose. He was no longer depressed knowing he spared his wife the grief he now carried. Often we expect others to be better than they are and they let us down. We might have to wait forever and a day for them to change and maybe they won’t. Or we could change how we see the world and go on in peace. Pisces gives us an opportunity to listen to God or the universal. I generally don’t feel lonely because I feel the other world close at hand. I look at a tree and see it over it’s entire life. I see things from a broad perspective and often find people around me come up short compared to that. I have known love but also know partners are sometimes selfish and give a list of things to do. I am not so sure that’s what love is. If someone came by and wanted to do that dance I’d probably be interested but I am aware life is bittersweet.

          3. amiannpisces moon

            I will read it.There’s so much you’ve offered me and I feel now there’s so much more for me to learn, so thank you. I think I need to expand my awareness to see past my current perspective, and I want to learn to see the world the way you do – the broad perspective, awareness and acceptance sounds so peaceful. It’s hard for me to see past myself a lot of times, and I feel selfish for it a lot, yet still am unable to think past my own emotions. I feel like my ego’s always in the way, or like my awareness goes in the wrong direction and I frequently make wrong assumptions. Even writing this I feel selfish lol, like I’m too focused on me. I’ll reflect on all your comments often and will read the book. You’ve given so much to me I wish I there was something I could offer you.

  5. amiannChristine

    I have Pluto in Libra in the 2nd house, the moon & Uranus In Scorpio, and Venus in one degree Aquarius. My sun & Mercury are in Capricorn while my Mars is in Sagittarius. I think I have an “above average” amount of loyalty but I wonder how others gauge my loyalty…

    1. amiannLloyd

      How old are you? Pluto was conjunct Saturn around 1982. Saturn spends 2 1/4 years in a sign. That would affect it’s interpretation. Pluto’s aspects to other planets affects it’s interpretation. Venus in aquarius tends toward idealism in relationships. You won’t just settle for anyone as a partner or friend. Moon and Uranus are probably in 3rd house. If so this is also found among your relationship to your siblings. Uranus is the higher mind in Mercury’s house in a water sign. Your mind thinks in flashes of insight and with the moon there you have “feelings” about things. Virgo is probably rising so you are always analyzing everything. What is loyalty? You will never be servile or obedient like a dog is loyal to it’s master. You are too independent for that. You are loyal to those who live up to your standards and you are willing to “serve” those who live up to them. Mars in Sagittarius is physically active and generally good natured and mercury in Capricorn tends toward being tactful. You are not inclined to say things impulsively. For these reasons you are generally well liked but to say you are loyal without including previous remarks misses the point. My son has a number of your planetary placements. His mercury is conjunct Venus and he is somewhat more idealistic. “Dad, I don’t just let anyone in”. He’s not a snob though. His Mars is in Libra and he is diplomatic. A real sweet soul.

  6. amiannİlk

    I have sun conjunct pluto and great attractor in 8th house . Also i have pisces moon in 12th house ? What does it mean ? Am I powerfull ? Or whatelse ?

  7. amiannLloyd

    You are willful by nature but will quietly do that behind the scenes. Like a chess player anticipating many moves in advance. Your emotions will be sublime and hidden. If the moon is trine to the sun Pluto conjunction they will combine in a cooperative way and make it easier for you to get things done.

  8. amiannİlk

    Thank you so much. I have sun square pluto synastry with my dad. I am sun and he is pluto. I think this is power war and ego wars. he insists on imposing his thoughts on me and insists on choosing my path, what can i do ?

    1. amiannLloyd

      Good question. I had issues with mother. Other planets will tell you who to work with. An old world astrologer would personify the planets and say something like, “the minister of defense (Mars) wishes to confer with the queen (moon) as to an appropriate course of action. If the aspect is a square it’s more like, “the minister of defense expects a contentious discussion with the queen so he is bringing gifts (trine to Venus) to placate her.
      Control issues run in families and are common. Mine involved a sun square Uranus in the 9th house in cancer. I developed my own belief system. I found other things to talk to my mother about. I like to cook so will often have discussions about how to prepare this or what spices to combine for that. My mother was a farm woman so we talk about growing things and the weather. Generally we don’t talk about religion as her fundamentalist views don’t fit with mine. However, the wisdom of the New Testament we both agree on so that works.
      Your father will not probably change. You can make adjustments to your life without allowing him to dominate. Over time he will learn to be more accepting. However there are not enough details. Advice is different if, “I work with my father every day in a family business” or “my father was abusive but I haven’t seen him in 10 years”. In the first case it’s about to cope with day to day issues. In the second case it’s internal work on yourself.
      Is your Saturn retrograde or direct. That also sheds light on the father.

        1. amiannLloyd

          Saturn retrograde indicates a father who is remote or absent. I have Saturn retrograde and my father was a German farmer. A hard worker from sunrise to sunset and honest but not personable…at all. Jim Morrison the rock star had Saturn retrograde. His father was on a naval ship as a officer and was away at sea all the time.
          Saturn retrograde is found where individuals need to develop a new “father image or archetype” in their lives. For me it was first a football coach, then a foreman on a job and then a few professors, and finally a psychologist friend. All of those were auditions to fill out ideals of a father figure. Then I became one. I raised a son while his mother was depressed most of the time. Apparently I did good because once he said I was an ideal father. In a fatherly comment I said, “it was my duty to God to be a good father. While I appreciated his gratitude thanks were not necessary.”
          A woman should find comfort, protection and stability in a father. If you don’t have a supportive father you need to be careful about finding someone to fill the role. Men will say anything when they want to connect and they may have no clue about what their role is nor any intention of fulfilling it. Even older men can fail in that regard. I have had young women approach me when it was clear they needed an electric bill paid. I preferred companionship. So please be careful. There are enough victims in the world and enough pain to go around. Set boundaries. People do show up usually unannounced so I hope that happens for you.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Yikes.I hate to say this but there is not much you can do with an aspect like this. See if you have anything such as good Moons or Mercury that could make for closeness

      1. amiannLloyd

        No such thing as good or bad. You work with what you have. Squares can be blessings as they instill determination and drive to succeed. Traditionally the grand trine is considered a blessing but it gives someone a sense that life should be easy and good fortune falls out of the sky. Maybe it does but I never met anyone who won the lottery. But I have met many who made their own success by effort. To me effort is preferred because with it comes with a sense of accomplishment. Generally a grand trine works best when it has one or two good squares to provide the friction and tension needed for doing things.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I can tell from your posts that we see life totally differently which is fine but I don’t argue my position. I only will tell you how I feel if you are open to the becoming a Bible believer

          2. amiannLloyd

            My mother for example is fundamental Christian. My response was to tactfully say, “I cannot find any logical explanation of why souls only live only one life. There are huge disparities between individuals through no fault of their own. God would not allow life to be unfair unless absolute wisdom also had a sadistic sense of humor. I don’t accept that. Therefore it must be more complicated than that.” My point was made not to convince her but to explain my point. I don’t care what she choses to believe. I also invite anyone else to propose a way to explain that conundrum. You too for that Matter.

          3. amiannLloyd

            I officially withdrew my membership in the Christian church when I was around 20. My Christian upbringing was important but I had visionary experiences that left me certain I had lived other lives in other times. I have Uranus is the 9th house of life philosophy. Uranus is uncompromising. In my case it’s part of a grand square and is square to both the sun on one side and Saturn on the other. I am not hazy about ideas, have a library of books and an advanced degree to flesh out my point of view. I can effectively state why I think this way. I can hold my own in any philosophical discussion.

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            Here is my feeling. If YOU want to learn about Jesus to accept Him as your personal savior, I will go all out to help you. However, if you just want to have an esoteric discussion, I have no interest. I know what I believe and don’t really want to discuss other ways of seeing it so it is really a waste of precious time for me. I have to be honest.

          5. amiannLloyd

            You are wasting your time. You can only talk if I speak your language. Where have I heard this before? Columbus brought conquistadors to the new world and they ran roughshod over cultures…genocide. the Pope was in Canada apologizing for the same thing this past week. Red states want to tell women they have no rights when polls say about 70% of the American people agree with pro choice. My life philosophy does a better job answering life’s tough questions but you can’t handle it. What ever happened to the good old days when people like you used to round people like me up in witch hunts? Glad democracy put an end to your violations of human rights. My mother and I used to go the rounds about this years ago. She never got anywhere and neither will you.

  9. amiannLloyd

    Your mind has a steel door for an entrance and it’s locked. My approach over the years was that anything unable to stand up to a rigorous dialogue was discarded. I ended up saying souls live more than one life because there is no way you can explain the inequality of lives without that unless you say God is sadistic or detached and uninterested. That I find unacceptable. The church disagrees but the Bible has been edited more than once and I don’t know what was removed. Church is probably wrong on that. They are often wrong. In the 1620s the church put Galileo on house arrest for publishing a treatise that said the earth orbited around the sun. Church said it was heresy. Today we know it as fact. The church apologized in the 1970s to Galileo but he was unable to accept the apology in person. We don’t have the time or patience to wait another 200-300 years for your types to recognize how antiquated your thinking is. You will just have to accept that in democracy there is middle ground and you have to tolerate others. You just might learn something? If I can predict people’s behavior just by looking at a birth chart it proves my point. Donald trump has been called narcissistic and sociopathic by psychologists but his chart also says similar things. I actually wrote up a 4 page bio on him because I was curious into what motivated him to do what he does. But you wouldn’t want to know because it would challenge your beliefs. I give you a heads up. A year and a half from now Pluto enters Aquarius. It has been in Capricorn for 15-20 years where the status quo was reinforced. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus is uncompromising progressive. Look for many of your cherished ideas to come under scrutiny including tossing roe v Wade. It will be revisited as 70% of the American people support it.

  10. amiannLloyd

    Leading people to Jesus is great but someone responded to my posting saying they wouldn’t argue points but would be willing to help me if I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior. What kind of help? And who determined that I needed help? This is the logic the church used in inquisitions and others used in witch hunts. The New Testament is full of wisdom. Unfortunately many followers has been a little short on the wisdom part.
    I am slowly collecting what I need to create a website where I can post bio info on historical figures from an astrological perspective. The nodal points of outer planets are often conjuncted when major historical events occur. That allows one to interpret their meaning. I originally posted something in response to a positive interpretation of Donald Trump. My own opinion is he is one of the most dangerous people in the US but it’s more than an opinion because it’s solid clinical psychology right out of the book. I felt compelled to speak. I responded recently to several about different questions about planetary configurations. One response came then from a conservative who offered to “save” me. ?? I was compelled to respond. Sounds a lot like my fundamentalist and overbearing mother. She never had any deep understanding of intellectual subtlety but that didn’t stop her from trying to make me accept her dogma. These days I just tactfully show her where her thinking comes up short. She can believe as she wishes but trying to get me to accept them is overstepping a boundary. So I tactfully point out how her early difficult upbringing is the cause of it. I press the value of growth.

  11. amiannChristine

    Are moon in Libra people the users/moochers of the zodiac? Meghan Markle is a Leo sun with a Libra moon. Two of my Bible study acquaintances have moon in Libra and an unholy tendency to use people left and right. One shows remorse while the other swears that using people like pawns is normal and okay!

  12. amiannLloyd

    I don’t need to debate. That only comes up when someone challenges something I said. Then I debate. I make statements that are well thought out and respond to any responses. I responded to a statement: “i don’t want to debate but if you want to be converted I will talk”. If you prefer I not post or respond I can do that.

  13. amiannLloyd

    Not necessary to give anything. What I gave came from a collection of information from experiences and books, etc that I acquired over the years. I just pass it on. I also got formal training so it could be integrated into a system of thought. I hope it is useful.

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