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Lust Aspects in the Synastry

How The Different  Moon Signs END Relationships

How The Different Moon Signs END Relationships

This is a question that I think would arouse the curious. I am Gemini and we are very curious.Curiousity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought him back. I thought of this topic when I had my Jupiter conjunct the Lilith of a gorgeous gentleman. Hope you enjoy the article!

!. Jupiter Conjunct Lilith
In this case, both people feel the sexual vibes.Jupiter enlarges that which it touches.In this case, Jupiter touches Lilith,which is raw sexuality.

2. Jupiter Conjunct Lust
Once again, we have the trait of lust being magnified by the beneficent Jupiter.(Remember that when Jupiter touches something bad,such as Nessus,it makes it worse)

3. Lust Conjunct the North Node

This aspect can light the fire of even a long term marriage—-very nice, if you can find it!

4. Nessus Conjunct the Sun

There is no other aspect for “off the wall” lust as Nessus or Dejanira. The relationship does not seem to end well. You may have a beautiful race car, but what good is it if you drive it into the wall? However, while you are driving, you are having a good time(what lengths I go to to teach you?)

5. Nessus Conjunct Venus

This aspect is like going for a ride on the “Tower of Terror”. I hate fast rides but this aspect raises you up with lust, just to drop you—–once in a lifetime should suffice.

6. Dejanira Conjunct the Sun

Dejanira can be a powerful erotic aspect but the Dejanira person may be very submissive to the planet person. This dynamic can be very sexy,according to some of my clients. It does not sound very sexy to me,but vive la difference.

7. Mars square Mars

This aspect is reported to be steamy to the max. However, this aspect can destroy the relationship, in general, because once the lust wears off, it may become “War of the Roses”.

8. Moon conjunct Pluto

This is great lust combined with true tenderness.

9. Moon trine Pluto

This is the same as Number 8, but a little bit( teeny, little bit) more tame.

10. Venus Trine Pluto

I love this one. Love,reverence and lust combine for a purely wonderful experience, which may be once in a lifetime.

51 thoughts on “Lust Aspects in the Synastry

  1. amiannSasha

    How would you explain the Lust steroid conjunct MC. (SAG)?

    -Pisces rising CONJUNCT jupiter.

    -Virgo sun.

    -Pluto conjunct venus (scorpio)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Very strong sexual vibe to the person. The person is seen as someone who has a lot of lust, too. People prolly pick it up–either consciously or subconsciously

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      In synastry, T?These aspects must be close(1-2 degrees). People ask me these questions and I ask for the orbs and they say 12 lol If close, it could cause problems in which he may victimize you and also be your enemy. I am not sure who is whom though, T. Could you explain more?

  2. amiannShalome Sarah

    my Nessus exactly conj his Venus, opposite his Mars.
    How would you interpret it?

    My Neptune is conj his lust by 4 degree my Lust exact conj his Neptune.

  3. amiannMacarena

    Hi Ami! Great post!
    What can you tell me about Lilith in Synastry? His Sun and Venus in Aquarius conjunct my Lilith. And his Mars and Lilith un Cancer fall in my 8th house.
    I’m madly attracted to him and I know he feels the same. But is kinda forbbiden, cause’ he is married. I’m 26 and he’s 40.
    Tell me something about it please.
    Lots of love from Argentina 😊

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lots of love to you, too M!
      Well, there is great attraction but Lilith does not tell us if this relationship could last/work out in real life, just that there is great attraction.

  4. amiannAmanda

    Hello! My partner and I have my chiron conjunct his lust at the same degree 1° of libra. I was wondering if this is beneficial aspect? My venus (8° libra) is also conjuct his north node (9° libra).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Chiron/Lust—I am really not sure about this. Chiron tends to be a real wild card. It makes people feel very close and then they seemed to be propelled apart like opposite magnets. In this case, I am not sure. Please, let me know what happens. Also, this is one small aspect in a whole chart, Amanda and Welcome!

  5. amiannSerge

    Hello Ami Ann,
    How would you interpret a woman’s Lust directly on my SN and 2 degrees away from my Nymphe, her Lust also conjuncts my Venus, a degree away from my Venus is her Lucifer. Opposing this conjunction is another conjunction on my NN, with her Neptune, Uranus and Nymphe. We also have in synastry mutual conjunctions of our Liliths with Nessus’, and things like Venus trine Pluto and Sun conjunction Moon. I would definitely be interested in getting from you more of an in-depth reading of our synastry and composite, especially as they concern asteroids.
    By the way, the girl’s father has the same birthday as I do, her brother’s is same as my dad’s, and the girl herself was born on the same day as my long ago ex-almost-fiancée. But I don’t think that she knows any this, yet)))

  6. amiannLuiza

    should i end a relationship that have a good synastry aspects, bus also
    his pluto conjunct my venus
    my pluto trines his venus
    his nessus conjunct my venus and uranus
    my nessus conjunct his lillith
    we both have mars in libra
    I’m a Sagittarius , hes a Pisces and his venus conjunct the exact cusp of my ascendant, his sun, in my first house, but he has neptun, jupiter, mercury in my 12th house
    His juno conjunct my north node
    My juno is in scorpio, oppositto his
    and we both have jupiter in aquarius

    Should i worry about abuse becouse his nessus or pluto conjunctions to my venus ?
    Thank you so much!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If a guy had his Venus conj my Venus in a 1-3 orb, I may end the relationship. I could not say for total sure but I prolly would not marry or buy a house together or be in business together, so I could run with no strings attached if it got bad. You have some nice things there, so I may end it or may not, but I would not marry lol

  7. amiannANW

    Hi Ami Anne,
    I think I have my sun conjunct the nessus of a guy I am dating (orb is 1°35′) and the attraction is SO STRONG. It is in sagittaruis
    Have you ever known this to end well?

  8. amiannCecilia

    Hii! Just met a new partner and try to find out about different astrological things. Do you have the knowledge/experiences with a lilith/lust conjunction?
    Also how to think about my lust/moon conjunct his sun/karma/union? I recently started to learn about asteroids…

      1. amiannCecilia

        Thank you Amiann! It took some months before I saw your reply and I decided to not continue to meet up anymore with that contact. So I don’t have any experiences of the sexual part because more than his kind of chasing me and in that part he was longing for the erotic part. His Eros was conjunct my Sun too. Felt some obsessive behaviour from him and ( I had problem to get him out if my mind) It took me some power to stand strong and cut off. BUT I think the obsessiveness came mostly from his Pluto conjunct my IC…
        Now I have a new person just met and I was checking here for some information about asteroid lust conjunct North Node in synastry. His Lust conjunct My NN. My Lust/Moon conjunct his Lilith (my 8 house). Also we have more on Lilith theme. And that is eventuellts some kind of obsessive matters who must take in consideration.. I think. His Venus/Mercury is conjunct my Lilith and His Mercury is conjunct vesta too and Also his achilles is close to this. I know that it doesnt matter before I get involved. That it is the planet positions who will take us there or not. I’ve checked as much I can and it look pretty good.
        If Someone have experinces about the NN conjunct Lust. Please let me now 🙂

        1. amiannMia

          I have this same placement (we both have lust conjunct each others north node) and from my end it’s so much sexual passion. He fights it more I think. We have a lot of other “passion” and “sex” elements but the (Mars conjunct and his in my first and mine in his 5th, Juno, Cupid in his 5th conjunct my Mars, pluto and ascendent, my Eros in 8th conjunct his Venus and Pluto) so many others) when we were in a relationship we struggled a bit with communication (me w Venus aqua in 5th, him Venus in Scorpio in 6th) but his Venus conjunct my Jupiter in 2nd house just makes him feel like home to me and vice versa. Hope this helps.

  9. amiannMaja

    Hello again! Hope you are well. I have a question. What about Dejanira Conjunct Pluto, orb 2 in synastry? I remeber your article on Dejanira in natal chart saying the conjunction to pluto preventing the person of becoming a victim, so how would this play out in synastry? Thank you xx

      1. amiannVicki

        Thank you

        How about his Lilith in the same degree as my moon and his Lilith conj my Juno

        And his Juno conj my Jupiter

        His eros and mars conj my psyche

        but his Nessus conj my Venus

  10. amiannMeadow

    Hi ami ,
    So I have a question . In my natal chart I have Venus conjunct lust the orb is 0 , well the guy I like he has his moon conjucnt both of them , how would you interpret lust conjucnt moon ? It’s in the 12 house of that matters .

  11. amiannAmber

    I’m having SO much fun on your site! Absolutely love it! I love asteroids and you are amazing at explaining how they play out. How would my Lust & Aphrodite conjunct his Hypnos play out?

  12. amianneyl

    Hi Ami,
    What do you think of (his) Lust conjunct (my) Mars? I find him so sexy but don’t know what he thinks about me.

  13. amiannSamantha

    Hello! I have both north node and Mars in Capricorn at 9 degrees in my 7h. My bfs asteroid lust is also conjunct at 9 degrees. Wondering how this would be interpreted. Thanks!

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