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What Would Make An Attractive Woman NOT Be Approached By Men?—–Part Two

I have been thinking about the subject of this article. I wanted to add one Venus sign. I suppose I was reluctant because I knew I would get criticized. However, the lady who suggested the article mentioned it. She is right. The Venus is Venus in Scorpio. This is a very intense Venus. If a Venus sign were to be obsessive, this would be the one. Scorpio is too strongly emotionally intense for the rather light planet of Venus. Venus is love. Love is easier when it is not encumbered by the darkness of Scorpio. How to make this practical?

There is a game to love. Venus in Gemini knows this. There is a harmony and balance to love. Venus in Libra knows this. One has to be somewhat detached when dealing with another person i.e boundaries.Venus in Aquarius knows this. However, Venus in Scorpio is like stepping in quicksand. He loves very deeply, too deeply. Hence, he suffers deeply. How this relates to this article is this: Venus in Scorpio MAY seem desperate. In love, desperation is a killer. Hence, Venus in Scorpio may subconsciously seem too needy hence turning off the opposite sex.

I considered talking about the asteroid Medusa. She has the nature of being a tease and then punishing the poor man who becomes her prey. *sigh*. This asteroid is one I do not like. I have seen women with Medusa conjunct the asteroid do just as I described above. It is a terrible thing to behold. Hence, men do approach Medusa women, but it does not end well.

The lady who suggested this article mentioned Venus/Saturn in hard aspect. This aspect may make for more of a difficulty in loving the self. This seems to be a plastic surgery aspect–i.e one is never good enough. However, I think these woman are approached. However, if the Venus/Saturn conjunction is conjunct the MC, men may not approach the woman. I have seen this. The MC angle is how one appears to the public.

I am sure there are other aspects, so please, tell me your opinion.

8 thoughts on “What Would Make An Attractive Woman NOT Be Approached By Men?—–Part Two

  1. amiannIwona

    Idk but I have mars and Venus conjunction both making 2 trines and 2 sextiles to other planets and can’t get away from men! They can’t leave me alone lol and yes I’m attractive however it seems like they approach me more often then other attractive women

    1. amiannKani

      You have no harsh aspects that would give you a stand off-ish or intimidating vibe. You must seem very approachable and men tend to go for women they feel they can reach.

  2. amiannSasho

    Mars hard aspect Saturn = women are very sexy but they block guys all the time and say try harder, they are not satisfied buy anything men do for her, has always something to critizise ( saturn )

  3. amiannGina

    I got venus in scorpio conjuct my pluto and both my MC and the asteroid medusa is in scorpio too conjuct my sun exactly… I do understand that lots of men see me ..many times as eye candy (which I hate) but they never approach me.

  4. amiannVivian

    @Ami I am often told I look scary and unapproachable

    I have no idea who is the culprit

    Medusa in the 7th, Mars in Taurus 10th house or pluto opposite the midheaven


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