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Male Mars Signs—–Who is The Hunk, The CEO, The House Husband, The Critical Man and The Pretty Boy?

Male Mars Signs—–Who is The Hunk, The CEO, The House Husband and The Pretty Boy?

This is a great topic. Why? Because it is fun, interesting and most of all–true. If you are interested in a guy, you have to study his Mars sign. His Mars will show you how he will chase you( or if he will chase you). His Mars sign will show if he has ambition. He Mars sign will show if he wants to be prettier than you are( or at least AS pretty).

Let’s explore this topic by giving awards to each Mars sign.

The Sexiest Mars Sign

You should know that it is Mars in Scorpio. Why? Mars in Scorpio is in its home. Any planet in its home is comfortable. Also, Scorpio rules sex so Mars in Scorpio is comfortable with sex. Many people envy him, as they should. Mars in Scorpio will be go-getter in other areas of life but he is a super star in the area of sexuality. My opinion is that even the most unattractive man will still be sexy if he has Mars in Scorpio.

The Most Ambitious Mars Sign
This award would go to Mars in Capricorn. I cannot say if they are sexy or not. I don’t know many and I don’t know any on a personal level *cough*. I do know that they are very ambitious. I say this in a positive way. They will work hard to reach their goals. If you want to be married to a man who will provide you with the finer things in life, Mars in Capricorn is your man.

The Prettiest Mars Sign

Mars in Leo loves beauty. He will not mate with an unattractive women. He simply will not be attracted to someone who is not beautiful. He, himself, always looks like he just walked out of a tailor shop. He dresses well. His hair and clothes are neat. He is the Mars sign one would associate with a male model. I, personally, would not want to date a guy who is prettier than I. If I have to fight for the self tanner, I surrender.

The House Husband Mars Sign

Some women want a house husband. I don’t think most do but if you are someone who does, think about a Pisces Mars. He will write you poetry and have dinner on the table when you get home from a long day at the office. Who’s to judge? Not me

Mr. Picky
Mr Picky is Mars in Virgo. If you want to live up to an unrealistic ideal, this is your man. He wants you to look a centerfold when you roll out of bed. Don’t have any bad smells. He hates odors.

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8 thoughts on “Male Mars Signs—–Who is The Hunk, The CEO, The House Husband, The Critical Man and The Pretty Boy?

  1. amiannAdriana

    I totally agree with the description about mars in capricorn. My father has this mars sign and I know a few more and they are hard workers and money makers. The are willing to but the time and effort in something they want to achieve. I know one guy who has his mars in leo guy closely and he has his own style, but he is not vain and he finds a woman’s personality very important. I think people with a moon in leo or a venus in libra without a strong aspect to other planets are much more vain and care sooo much about the way they look and being fashionable. Mars in pisces is generally spoken not the most active and masculin mars sign. This can be very different if his mars is conjunct his sun. Mars in virgo men are nitpickers for sure, but they also like to help and want to improve things which I do like. I don’t like that they don’t seem to understand that not everybody does things the same way and that you need to accept that. Mars in aries men are straight forward and quite impulsive generally spoken. Mars in sagittarius men are often funny. In the end the house placement and aspects to the mars sign are very important too and can change the way his mars sign acts out significantly.

  2. amiannAdriana

    I like mars in libra men, because they have such good manners and they are very helpful and friendly. Mars in cancer men well I personally didn’t have the best experiences with them so far. I don’t know many men with mars in aquarius. Mars in taurus men seam to be steady. Mars in gemini well it depends on the rest of their chart. They can be restless, but also very funny. Mars in scorpio men are not always sexy in my opinion, one guy I know certainly is, but a few others are not. They do have presence.

  3. amiannMichele

    Wouldn’t you know, my ex-husband was a triple Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury, plus Neptune and NN) and had both Venus in Libra and Mars in Pisces. To say he was vain would be vastly understated.

  4. amiannCindy

    Hi, I agree with the mars in Leo! I have mars in Leo in my first house and I definitely take care of my appearance, especially my hair. I sometimes know it is shallow to go for looks but as you said that Leo mars will not mate with someone who is unattractive. I am dating a guy who also has Leo mars and he is just like me, takes care of his appearance, carries himself like I do. I think we are both aware that neither of us is better looking than the other and we are on the same level which in my case I like as I do look for men who are confident. I would never want someone to put me on a pedestal because that would just make me lose interest and I would never put a man on a pedestal either as I know my worth, no matter how good looking, rich or popular they are. I can definitely tell we have chemistry and keep each other on our toes. His venus, mars and jupiter are tightly conjunct my Leo ascendant, I can definitely tell he wants me.

  5. amiannCristina

    The worst lover I have ever had was a Scorpio with Mars in scorpio and Leo rising: what a disappointment!!! It wasn’t until I realized he has first house Saturn that it all made sense: Saturn took over his personality. He’s the most grumpy, dull, stick in the mud, sexually and emotionally repressed, not remotely affectionate or sensual. Very self conscious, never fully relaxed and always had that awkward face like someone who farted in the elevator.
    He would abruptly pick fights and storm out like a toddler instead of communicating. Complained that our relationship wasn’t passionate enough- to which I agreed 100% and asked him to be more proactive in bed and affectionate outside bed, to no avail.
    I had to be the “man” and make a move and have the dullest sex of my life. He was like a robot in bed, silent, stiff. But would tell me when we were having dinner how sexy I was, text me how much he wanted to be in bed with me then in person he was like a statue!!!

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