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What Does Each Male Venus Want In a Girl?

I like the subject of Venus. Venus is a happy planet. Love is happy and love makes the world go round! Onto our subject.

Aries Venus
Aries likes a girl who is up for a challenge. If you are a phobic wallflower( not that I am telling on myself), find another Venus. If the male Aries Venus asks you to go sky diving, say yes. It is a test.

Taurus Venus
This guy likes a gal who is refined. He likes a gal who is practical. He likes a gal who values home and all that is associated with the home, such as home cooked meals and comfortable sofas 9n which to watch T.V.

Gemini Venus

This intellectual giant needs a girl who can keep up. If you are of the “dumber blonde type”, find another guy. Maybe, find a Leo who wants to use you for a shoe horn.

Cancer Venus
The Cancer Venus likes a wholesome, down to earth girl whom he can bring home to Momma bear.

Leo Venus

This guy needs a girl who looks good on his arm. It is the truth. Don’t argue!

Virgo Venus

This man needs someone who fits his mold of the ideal woman. As we all know, the ideal woman does not exist. Hence, this is one male Venus who is not satisfied.

Libra Venus
This guy likes a refined woman. Don’t tell him about your promiscuous past. Also, unless he has a strong Mars, such as Scorpio, Capricorn or Leo, he does not like to chase.

Scorpio Venus

This guy likes a gal who can meet him in his emotional intensity level. Shallow girls, like Gemini Venus( me) need not apply.

Sagittarius Venus
This bad boy does not like commitment. If you you want to marry him, don’t reveal it to him. Also, wear boots. He loves boots.


This man must respect you. If you can’t keep yourself to a high level of personal integrity, find another guy. Once he loses respect for you, you will be gone.

Aquarius Venus
This Venus is good on many levels, good for the right person, that is. He does not like to cling, is intellectual, thinks outside the box and has wonderful ethics. This is the male Venus I find myself with most of the time. He likes a woman who likes all of the above, such as a Gemini Venus, for one( not to make this all about moi.)

Pisces Venus
This guy is the most romantic Venus of all. He talks so sweetly that he can melt your heart. He likes a woman who has a soft and gentle spirit.

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