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The Mars Signs At a Buffet

I love buffets. I am a Gemini. Buffets have a little bit of this and a little bit of that—a Gemini’s dream. OK, true confessions, I am a Cancer Moon and may take some things home in my pocketbook. The purpose of this article is to see your buffet style.

Mars in Aries
Goes right for the roast beef!

Mars in Taurus
Peruses the gourmet selections, makes his choices slowly and enjoys every morsel.(OK, he lets his pants out under the table)

Mars in Gemini
He eats like a bird.

Mars in Cancer
He has digestive issues. (Putting all that rage into his stomach is a not easy). He sticks with fresh fruits, salad and a bit of fish. However, if she is a woman, she may carry a grandmother bag and stuff a few things in.

Mars in Leo

Anything that won’t spill on his shirt.

Mars in Virgo
His food is organized on his plate into the categories: protein, starches, vegetables, salad, sweets and miscellaneous.

Mars in Libra

This man can’t make up his mind.

Mars in Scorpio

This man is rubbing his hand on your knee while he eats.

Mars in Sagittarius

This man has excellent taste. He may like selections of food from other countries.

Mars in Capricorn

This native can eat the kitchen sink.

Mars in Aquarius

This native may like light food that tends to be vegetarian——BIG on tofu( and makes superior faces at your meat)

Mars in Pisces

6 thoughts on “The Mars Signs At a Buffet

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    “Mars in Taurus. Peruses the gourmet selections, makes his choices slowly and enjoys every morsel.(OK, he lets his pants out under the table)”

    …besides loving to see YOU eat what they cook. Once a lady with this placement confessed to me, “Young, I used to frequently go to restaurants. Outside, at the windows, were waiting the homeless. Just after a client left, some would run in and grab leftovers. Witnessing that ripped my heart out. In my perfect world, noone shall starve”. And at her’s you’d better have a truly extensible stomach and enjoy eating. A LOT.

    “Mars in Capricorn. This native can eat the kitchen sink and it doesn’t seem to bother him”.
    And won’t bother, unless the sink is stuffed with spinach or snails 😀
    Indeed, I often go for an uncommon mix of foods in my mouth. A spoon of ice cream right after a morsel of beef, or a pilchard on a brioche altogether with a spicy soup… don’t see what is shocking. But am aware that not everyone is an unpretentious Shrek who eats what he finds. For me, the food should be fresh, tasty, nourishing, and that’s it. While I admire the ability of connoisseurs to tell one wine from another, or to name the ingredients of a dish by taste, I can only say whether I like it or not. I eat to live. So a big plate with a tiny, sophisticatedly decorated shrew in the middle does nothing but disappoints me. The same plate with plenty of shrews, on the contrary 😀

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Thank you for the kind words, Ami, I do nothing but describe my tastes! A talent, I believe, is when one skillfully creates something. You have your way with words, you can publish your articles as a book. This is a talent. And one of the reasons I am here.

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