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Mars You Could Marry

People seemed to have had a lot of fun with my last article—Moons I could Marry—so I thought I would expand on the concept.I like to foster discussion. I know quite a bit but I do not know all of the people you LIVE with the all their different Mars signs.

First of all, I think with Mars, the house placement makes a big difference. I say this because I am close to someone with a Libra Mars in the Eight House(Scorpio’s house). I would say he is 50% of the way to a Scorpio Mars but he is missing that Mars in Scorpio “edge”, if you know what I mean.

The Libra Mars is a bad Mars for a dude.It is bad for anyone but worse for a guy. It is Mars in its Detriment. Any planet in the Detriment or Fall is kind of a mutant, like the girl at the party who has on tennis shoes while everyone else has the shoes that Melania Trump wears.(Don’t get me started on how gross those toes must look) It is like a bike or a car that squeaks. It is no fault of the native. Most people have one or more planets in the Fall or Detriment. I have Mars.

Back to the subject of Mars in the houses, the house does seem to strongly affect the Zodiac sign.However, I am not married to the Mars in the 8th House person, so I cannot say for sure. I think you have to live with someone to really know them.

With the caveat about house signs, I will go on to each Mars sign in the Zodiac and ponder the good and the bad.

Mars in Aries
I don’t like this Mars signs because it is squared to my Cancer Mars. I think one can say that a squared sign to any personal planet does not work well. With a squared Mars, there can be initial attraction but it is that kind of “violent” attraction, if you will, one that is kind of love/hate mixed.However, after the attraction wanes, you will likely repel and disgust each other.

Mars in Aries is too strong of a Mars sign for me, strong in the manner of being too overtly aggressive. I think of this Mars as driving a fast, red Corvette.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is too dull for me. I know people will get up in arms about this. Taurus is kind of like “Uncle Clem”. You can rely on him. He has wise home spun homilies. If you need help with a crzy romance, he will calm you down but if you want a night out on the town, you would not take him. I love Taurus in the Moon, but not Mars.

On the plus side, Taurus Mars can stick to a goal. He can be a very dependable employee. He can be a responsible husband and father. If you Mars is trine him, he may be very good for you. It is really all about the charts.

Mars in Gemini

This guy is too flaky for me. I have seen many sexy ones such as Jonathan Rhys Meyers( Henry the 8th on Netflix) Jonathan in one of the best flirts I have ever seen. I think he has Mars conjunct Venus in Gemini which amps his charisma up a thousand levels.

Many Mars in Gemini people have charisma. However, staying power is another story.I am talking about a real job——-day in and day out and day in and day out. I am talking being a dad day—- in and day out. I am talking about being married to the same woman —-day in and day out. You get the point. He gets bored very easily. I, personally, like a guy who can be a bit less fun but will be there to change a diaper and I don’t mean mine.

Mars in Cancer

This is my Mars but I sure don’t want it in a guy. Shoosh–it makes for a wimp. It is OK if you are a wimp, if you are a girl, but it does not look good on a guy. This would be a picture of Mars in Cancer–Obama riding a girl’s bike with a helmet. On the plus side, they can be very family oriented. They can stand up for those they love. They tend to be loyal. They are good workers.

Mars in Cancer can be very fearful. They can be timid about expressing uncomfortable emotions like anger and assertion.

It is funny how many sexy actors who play really macho roles have this Mars. Sam Neil, he was in the first Jurassic Park. He was Cardinal Wolsey in The Tudors, which was not a sexy role. I can’t remember his roles in which he was sexy but I know he has them.

The black detective in “Bosch”–a Netflix series— is a Mars in Cancer. No, he was the police chief. I can’t remember his name but he was sexy.

I cry a lot. I am a Moon and Mars in Cancer. I cry when I listen to music or relate stories about people I love or have loved. I really don’t want my guy to be crying when I am. I want him to say,”Baby, what can I do for you?”

Mars in Leo

This guy is interesting. I always think of the saying “I would not want to date a guy who is prettier than I am”. Mars in Leo could be. He could truly look more put together if you saw us together on any given day.
He likes very feminine women, women who wear dresses and heels with full make up and every hair in place, what we used to call helmet head.He, himself, looks like he stepped out of a magazine and not “Fish and Game”. If this guy does not know how to iron his own clothes, he would be a ton of work.Something to consider.

I am sure some women love this Mars sign. He is fun. He is creative.He is generous. He may get you great presents that are well thought out. He may surprise you with trips. He knows how to play like a child. This is a nice thing for the right person.

Mars in Virgo
Oh boy. I have heard these guys are good lovers but I don’t know. Their good trait here may be good attention to detail and trying to do a good job. I am not perfect enough for any of them to like me. My house is too messy. I look too casual, if you want to be nice about it. I have a sense of humor that Virgos seem to hate. It is too —I don’t know how to say it—gross.Mars in Virgo is likely a good worker. He is likely very clean and organized. Also, he is supposed to be a good nurse when you get sick

Mars in Libra
I talked about him a little above. His main flaw is that he can’t make decisions easily. He does not have the best boundaries when others want things from him that he does not want to give. Trying to please people as well as take care of himself is hard for him.

One thing I like about this Mars is that seem not to mind doing “women’s work”. In other words, at a party, he will help you clean up. He compromises well, maybe too well as I said above.

Fairness is very important to him. He would make a good lawyer. He usually is interested in the law.

Mars in Scorpio

This guy is delicious and there are not too many of them. Maybe, there are never enough for me “wink” However, to be totally honest, they are too much for me. I came to this conclusion from looking at my life. I am attracted to Aquarius Mars the most. I think I am intimidated by the Mars in Scorpio, to tell you the truth. They are too sexual. They see through you too much. You can’t hide anything from them. This scares me.

Honestly, I am more cerebral than sexual. I think a Mars in Scorpio would not be happy with me. When Mars in Scorpio is not happy sexually, he moves on. I would hate infidelity, so I guess I will drool over them from afar.

To talk about them more in detail, they are strong people. They go after goals in an assertive way and usually don’t feel guilty for their conquests. If they want it, they will go after it. It is very flattering to be a female on the end of this stick. You feel like the most beautiful and desirable girl in the world.

Also, they have a way of seeing right through you and communicating to you that you are “ok”. We all feel there is something wrong with us, something of which we are ashamed,unless I am the only one. The Mars in Scorpio seems to affirm you at a very deep level—they SEE you and STILL love you. This is almost as powerful as God. A joke

I can’t see a Mars in Scorpio staying in a relationship in which he is very unhappy. Also, I did not add this. Sex to them is more than physical. They want a soul and body connection. As gorgeous as you are, he will tire of you if he can’t connect with you heart to heart. Mars in Scorpio expects too much
for someone with my chart( i.e a strong Gemini in the 9th house). However,for the right girl, they give a whole lot and those sexy vibes are unique to them.

Just to add a caveat. When a man has both Mars and Venus in Scorpio, a lot of the charisma is gone. I think the Venus in Scorpio makes them take love too seriously, so they are not the “players” that the Mars in Scorpio are. Most chicks like a bad boy and Mars in Scorpio fits that hidden(in most cases) desire.

Mars in Sagittarius

This is under the “weak and not dependable” guy category. I am just being real here. A mutable Mars does not have that much staying power. They may not have enough internal strength to fight for you, but I would need to see the rest of the chart to make such a claim. In general, the mutable people leave when things get heavy. They are kind of superficial in that way. You really, really have to see a Moon to understand a person more so than a Mars sign. However, that being said, I need too much of a dependable Steady Eddie guy to end up with a Mars in Sagittarius. I don’t think I would even be attracted to him. I like men with a lot of substance. Unless, he has an otherwise killer chart, it would not be Mars in Saggi.

Also, Saggi loves to travel. Saggi is quincunx to my Cancer Moon and Mars.Cancer hates to travel. They are the proverbial “stay at home” person, so it would be a race to see who gets to divorce court first.

On the plus side, they have a lot of optimism. They are not very stubborn i.e easy to have as a room mate. They love to travel. They hate routine. These are important for the right girl.

Mars in Capricorn

I have a love/hate relationship with this Mars. I respect it. Who wouldn’t?They must respect you to love you. Respect is more important to this sign than any other. So, you need to have integrity for this sign to stay with you.

Mars in Cappy can go from the mail room to the CEO office by sheer grit. They are very grounded and see life as it is. This sign is the most likely to see stark reality and be able to wake up the next day. Many of us live in our own version of fantasy land. How much you live there is how crazy you are. I hate to break it down so simply after studying Psych for six years.

The down side of Mars in Capricorn is the cool head that could make him leave you if you run into trouble i.e go broke. He is the most Macheveillian of any Mars sign. Money is very important to this sign. It is the sign most likely to marry for money and prestige.I am not saying Duchess Kate married Prince William for money and prestige but she does have a Cappy Mars. Everyone watches out for practical things like money but this sign would marry you FOR money.

Mars in Aquarius
This is my favorite Mars in a guy. I like Venus in Aquarius, too. I cannot stand Sun or Ascendant in Aquarius. This is interesting and shows that a Zodiac sign is very different with different planets.

Mars in Aquarius is an independent sort. If you are high in air like I am, you may like a guy who does not cling too much. This Mars can set a goal and stick to it. He is open minded about different ways of thinking and accepting of people who are different than he is.

He seems to like intellectual things like reading. The Mars in Aquarius that I was with was a bookworm like I am. We would spend weekends sitting next to each other reading. He was a Venus in Aquarius, too.
So, I had a trine Venus with him. Venus shows that which you like and enjoy. Mars shows how you go after what we want.

Mars in Pisces

This is a dud Mars. I know you will get angry but if were one Mars sign that would be a pot head it would be this one. Don’t put off today what you could do tomorrow or better still, as Bart Simpson says, “It it is hard, just quit”.

I am sure there are Mars in Pisces who have good ambition and can stick to the job. I don’t know many. i doubt I would be attracted to any. I am kind of a “get up and go” person. I have always had a lot of drive and ambition for anything I do.

On the plus side, I bet that they are romantic.

43 thoughts on “Mars You Could Marry

  1. amiannAmy

    Hi Amy,
    I know I’m jumping the gun here… ☺️ But Mars in Sagittarius I find are casual about sex and very non-commital… they like to sleep around (I’m talking about the men).

  2. amiannCV

    What’s the deal with Mars in Libra? Why is it so bad? I’m dating a cancer sun, Pisces moon, first house mars in libra guy. Just curious to see what the planets say about him.

  3. amiannChristine

    Hi! I have Mars & Neptune in Sagittarius (4th house) & Jupiter in Pisces (7th house). I know this affects how I interact with people but I am not sure how. All replies are welcome. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Mars in 4th could have been a violent childhood. Neptune here may make it hard for you to face it. These are rather hard placements but Neptune anywhere can be hard

      1. amiannChristine

        Yes! There was a lot of physical & emotional abuse from my mother (good friend and relative but a horrible mother) who also managed to elude CPS & the police in the naive 1980s with her extremely high IQ. My Chiron in Aries in the 8th house adds fuel to the fire, too.

        Thank goodness my father & his side of the family were able to save me and my siblings from time to time.

        This is probably why I trust men more easily than women especially if those females remind me of my mother. I also know why I used to be so physically detached from my body especially when people compliment me. Unfortunately, I bear a resemblance to my mother!

        With my mother now in her 80s, I think she is being extremely nice to us because she knows that she will be meeting God, soon…

  4. amiannİlk

    My mars is libra and
    I also try to please people. Its not easy. There is something I am wondering about. if a person is moon or ceres, they can approach the other person like a mother. Protection, unconditional love, like compassion, but are there synastry aspects that show paternity? able to treat the other person as their father

      1. amiannİlk

        I mean, my mother’s ceres conjunct with my vertex and mars , she was always loving towards me, but I can say that she couldn’t protect me, so I feel that she is very weak, full of love, but this is not enough and my friend ceres conjunct my vertex she is lovely but sometimes i feel neglected. Maybe just asteroids not enough.
        The one who protects me and makes sacrifices for me and yes this person is strong, what synastry aspects provide this ?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Ceres is more love than protection, per se. You have to be strong to protect weaker people so you could need a strong Pluto and a strong Moon and Mars

  5. amiannLloyd

    My son has Mars in Libra and he is a born diplomat. He always is a charm to have around. I have Mars in Aries and will always challenge anyone if they overstep their boundaries. I like his balance now that he understands the limits of giving and receiving. Libra is concerned about someone taking advantage of their good nature. An Aries is concerned about running into a stronger foe. I would think a Mars in Libra is well suited for a relationship with contemporary women who have obligations and duties and don’t want a man trying to define them.

  6. amiannEm

    Elvis Presley had a Libra mars. Would you maybe do a post about his chart one day? I find him and his life very interesting and his chart makes sense in many ways.

    1. amiannMarie

      Em , its funny how when we look at the charts of our long time musical crushes that our charts show the resonance with them in all ways including the Mars. I cant say i have ever resonated with Elvis ( i am repelled by Libra anywhere significant in the chart for some reason ) but my Leo sister loved him. We shared a bungalow together as kids and on her side of the room she had frilly bedspread and a giant Elvis poster above her, on my side i had abstract art, David Bowie and Jesus. We despised each others taste. There are massively compatible links between myself and David Bowie. His Mars is exact ( same degree ) trine with mine. His Jupiter is close conjunct my Neptune, His Sun exact trine my Uranus/Pluto. His Chiron trines my Sun and Moon. I felt his pain and resonated with it for sure, it was healing for me. His Moon falls in my 8th and i do find him extremely attractive. I love that link you posted, he is very attractive but its still a no from me. He reminds me of Harry Connick JR except Harry is way more attractive. ( My celebrity crush, a Virgo) Ami , how about an article on celebrity/ musician crushes.

      1. amiannChristine

        My longtime crushes are Bryan Adams (Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon) & Gunnar Nelson (Virgo Sun/Aries Moon). I am a Capricorn Sun/ Scorpio Moon/ Virgo Rising/ Chiron in Aries!

  7. amiannChristine

    My longtime crushes are Bryan Adams (Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon) & Gunnar Nelson (Virgo Sun/Aries Moon). I am a Capricorn Sun/ Scorpio Moon/ Virgo Rising/ Chiron in Aries!

  8. amiannChristine

    My longtime crushes are Bryan Adams (Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon) & Gunnar Nelson (Virgo Sun/Aries Moon). I am a Capricorn Sun/ Scorpio Moon/ Virgo Rising/ Chiron in Aries!

  9. amiannLloyd

    My son has Mars in Libra. A born diplomat. Contemporary views say no “bad” placements just different. My son is refreshing. Mars in Aries a lesson to learn because they are fearless: don’t start a war you can’t finish. A lesson for Mars in Libra: don’t compromise away your soul. With my son I never tell him what to do. I give him advice so he has options when he sets boundaries. Thomas Jefferson had Mars in the 7th. It was well known he avoided contentious debate. Annette Gordon Reid his biographer, said it may have been why Sally Hemmings agreed to stay with Thomas. as a 17 year old she threatened to stay in France unless he agreed to certain conditions. She was pregnant with his child and could have used a clause in the French constitution to request assylum. Thomas accepted her request and kept his promises. She and her family knew he was innately diplomatic. Jefferson also has Mars square to his south node indicating unfinished business from the past. Jefferson called slavery an abomination but did nothing to stop it. He was an armchair revolutionary. He wrote the immortal words of the constitution but was not the type to fight with a musket in the trenches. He helped start the university of Virginia with the remarks, “to train the sons of Virginia to do what their fathers did not do”. 35-40 years after he died the civil war was fought. Such is a Mars in the 7th house. Admirable, polite, perhaps to a fault but he was always my favorite early American. once many years ago I did regression therapy. I flashed on two lives. One I was someone very much like Thomas Jefferson. I saw myself walking across a large lawn with my mansion in the background. I had a large library and I owned slaves. As a coincidence in this life I married twice both to black woman and had a couple of black young women later as companions. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

    1. amiannMarie

      This is very interesting Lloyd, a good read as always. It illustrates clearly the Libra spirit of compromise, often presenting as selling oneself out or bending over to keep the peace. I understand the usefulness of such a disposition and no doubt i need more of it, but i just cannot admire it. It could only come to me as an understanding of a bigger spiritual picture happening in the background, otherwise my active Mars will fight to death for truth and justice. The historic figure i resonate with and admire most has been Joan of Arc 🙂 signed Pisces stellium including Mars/Mercury conjunction opposite Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the 9th .

    2. amiannMarie

      Life is too short to compromise your ideals on people who do not deserve your time and energy. It pays to give people a chance but not waste too much time trying to fit in to other peoples agendas. otherwise we could miss our own calling. I wonder how much Sally Hemmings and her family contributed to his well being and whether he would have stood by his convictions regarding slavery if he had not been influenced by them ?? But then again, he would not have had the opportunity to find out if he had not been in the secret circles. It is only becoming clear now how much of a lie we have been living. Sadly. This is no judgment. My ancestry was very aligned with him and were slave owners too.

  10. amiannE

    Okay okay—love this article, love your candor.

    Biggest love of my life to date: Mars in Leo: yes he was prettier than me, and had better clothes. He thrived off of attention and needed A LOT of it. That was tiresome. On the other hand, I was always attracted to him, even 7 years in, and he helped me transform my life, very generous guy. Not faithful sadly.

    Other loves:
    Mars in Aries— not good for my Mars in Cancer. Nothing but fights between us.
    Mars in Pisces—very lost in the world, unambitious, disconnected from a life passion.
    Mars in Virgo—very critical, sophisticated, but cold, workaholic but poor. Maybe lacking the ability to work smart not hard?
    I don’t mind a workaholic at all, but I’d like a man who knows how to get some of life’s rewards for all their efforts.

    My mars in Cancer— I cry a lot too, Ami. I am weirdly ambitious, I have to say weirdly because it doesn’t really look like I’m a contender from the outside but I climb my mountains non the less. I would die a thousand deaths to protect and nurture my kids, definitely feel that they are number 1 by a long shot in this world & im here pretty much for them alone (but I still do manage to have some fun in life!)

    Thanks for the great topic!

  11. amiannLloyd

    Trump has Mars in Leo within 3 degrees of the ascendant. Have you ever seen anyone so “full of himself”? It’s one thing to read a textbook definition of narcissism but then to see it walking in the flesh…too much. My guess is that the inside of Mara Largo is gaudy. Constant feedback that I’m special. Those with real self confidence don’t need constant validation.

    1. amiannE

      I totally agree. That’s something I puzzled over with my Mars in Leo ex. Being so needy of attention just does not make sense to me, nor is it something I find admirable, in the end. A little bit of that is pretty attractive (otherwise you get aloof & stoic), but stoking a broken ego is a huge HUGE burden we can all live without. I have a bunch of Leo placements myself…in fact his Leo Mars was conjunct my Leo Venus & his Leo Sun conjunct my Leo Moon…but they are in my 12th house so very interior…I think it makes me really FEEL like a powerful lion internally without needing a lot of confirmation on that 🙂

  12. amiannLloyd

    Relationships often have planetary contacts. Mars and Venus contacts are indicative of physical attraction others like Saturn, Pluto or Uranus may indicate darker issues. 12th house placements more like you say. Joe Biden has 4 planets in the 12th in Scorpio. Fixed signs internalize and process before acting. Trump has Mars close to ascendant and Uranus conjunct his sun. Trump is impulsive and says whatever comes to mind often to hi detriment. Joe is the opposite. He deliberates before making choices.

    1. amiannE

      Biden is interesting as a 12th house subject. I feel like 12th house people kind of belong to “another world” you can see it in him when he speaks about his deceased son, his emotional world becomes suddenly visible, and how he is often a little “out of it” as the criticism goes. George W Bush also was 12th house dominant, and he didn’t always make the best sense and was an easy target for media due to blunders and gaffes. He didn’t have the heart ache of a beloved son who passed away, but he did have years of alcohol addiction. There is always a deep well just under the surface, sometimes vacating the natives ability to keep attention and presence in this world. I have a triple conjunction in the 12th: Saturn, Moon & Venus, and yes I have my own layered reality. David Bowie is another example. Funny how there’s a lot of public figures with this chart feature! It’s like the collective unconscious “Bluebird’s Chest” Everyone on earth can relate to a sense of a subconscious, but for us 12th housers, that can feel like our primary reality

  13. amiannShannon

    So Cancer mars is in detriment, but if it’s in the 7th house as well, does that make it double-detriment? Or does having it placed in a cardinal house somehow help it? The vedics say mars in 7th should only marry another mars in 7th.

    Btw I tried to send a message through contact form but couldn’t– kept getting msg I need to have javascript enabled. (Cookies are enabled.) Is there another way?

    Thank you!

    1. amiannLloyd

      There are various charts for Thomas Jefferson. The planets are all the same but the different birth times shift them around to different houses. The one that makes the most sense puts Mars in Leo in the 7th house. Jefferson was well known to be diplomatic. He avoided contentious discussion with a passion. His Mars took on the diplomatic tendencies of the 7th house sign of Libra. Mars is aggressive in it’s own sign but in cancer will externalize differently. Cancer like other cardinal signs engages the world for a response. I know someone with Mars in cancer. He tries to connect by making statements to get an emotional response then proceeds to debate or whatever depending on how he feels at the time. For you. It’s a bit different as you are more diplomatic. You at your best would be positive, energizing and seeking to build a rapport and an emotional bond. I don’t find “planets in their detriment” very helpful or useful. My son is a born diplomat with Mars in Libra. I always enjoy his company. Mars in Libra is also considered a detriment but not from what I have seen. Each of us have different challenges and skills and approach the world differently. Advice I might give is to keep things and people around you that make you positive. Mars does not by nature understand emotions even though it will exteriorize itself through emotion for you. Mars by nature is instinctive. It’s not given to thinking before it acts. If you are positive you will be helpful and supportive. If you are negative you will be petty and contentious. I hope I have been helpful with my comments.

      1. amiannShannon

        Thank you so much, Lloyd, yes you have. Coincidetally I have been reading a book about Thomas Jefferson recently. My first investigation into him. I admired him for writing the Declaration of Independence, and his inventions but didn’t know much about him. Am really enjoying this book (about his later years). I’m sure at some point I’ll sit down with his chart.

        1. amiannLloyd

          The best 3 books I know about Thomas Jefferson are written by Annette Gordon-Reed. She is black, from Texas and has both a law degree and is a historian and professor. One of those books got a Pulitzer prize and is full of anecdotal stories which often say more about someone than the “official” story.
          I noticed that there are a number of different charts for Thomas Jefferson. I chose the one with an ascendant in the first degree of Aquarius. That chart explains him better. The other ones generally don’t list a birth time. Thomas in this chart has Mars in Leo in the 7th square the nodal axis indicating unresolved issues relating to aggressive Mars issues. Gordon-Reed said he was aristocratic (Mars in Leo) but avoided conflict. He also didn’t deal with slavery even though he privately called it an abomination. I read those books because he was always my favorite president but I have a number of similarities to him. Once in regression I saw myself walking across a large lawn with my mansion in the background. I had my own library and was highly educated. I had slaves and probably had children by one of them. I may have known Thomas personally. In an odd coincidence my adult relationships have been with black women and I have a biracial son. I also live on a block of mostly black homeowners so my adult life is immersed in black issues secondarily. Primarily my issues are my own growth but we also live in the world.

  14. amiannChristine

    I have Mars in Sagittarius (4th House) & Venus in Aquarius (1 degree barely touching the 6th House) I am a Capricorn with Moon in Scorpio & Virgo Rising (0 degrees). I have no idea what type of man I should marry. 🙁

  15. amiannLloyd

    That’s not a pressing issue with you. Venus in aquarius gives uncompromising idealism. Relationships are about compromising and sharing territory. Virgo rising shows attention to detail and awareness of flaws. Moon in Scorpio has an ardent nature but is unyielding if you don’t see what you want. All great tendencies but not particularly good for relationships.

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