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Meghan Markle–What Makes Her Tick?

Meghan Markle is the girl of the day. Let’s see what gems we can mine from the chart. No ones secrets are safe when one understands Astrology. Astrology is a unique and wonderful science. One has to really want to understand Astrology because it does not reveal itself easily. However, to those of us who love Astrology, the painstaking learning process is well worth it! Onto Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle–What Makes Her Tick?

1. Third House Stellium

One’s stellium defines one to a large extent. It gives vital information about one’s drives, passions and that to which one is attracted. For the third house stellium, it is all about telling us what she thinks——sharing her voice. I saw some earlier footage of Meghan on U Tube. She wrote to a company who had an ad for dish soap, I think. Meghan said that the ad should not indicate that women were the sole sex for dish washing. The company actually changed their ad to include men washing dishes, not just women.

Meghan was very young at the time. It is interesting that she was expressing her voice at an early age. However, this would be classic for a 3rd House stellium. You wonder how difficult it will be for her in the royal family, in which one must abdicate one’s individuality in order to survive. However, to sum it up, Meghan will express herself.

2. Planets Making Up the 3rd House Stellium—The Moon, Saturn and Jupiter

Meghan has a close stellium of Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn in the 3rd house. When we have a stellium with very different planets, such as this, one must carefully dissect the stellium. Each of these planets represent a very different forces in the personality Meghan. The Moon is her deepest heart—–her deepest and most intimate emotions. Saturn is her internal monitor of whether or not she is measuring up—her inner critic. Jupiter is grace, ease, good fortune and good luck.

Saturn and Jupiter are opposing forces, so this makes the stellium conflicted, such as if a woman wore a hot pick blouse with bright orange shoes. I would sum this up by saying that Jupiter will propel her to express her voice/her thoughts. Jupiter will give her good fortune for doing this. However, Saturn will make for self doubt. Did she say too much? Did she act too brash? Was she too aggressive?

These thoughts, likely, follow any of her attempts to speak her truth. However, her heart will not let her STOP because her Moon will propel her to continue to share her heart, even if it kills her( which it did Diana) That is how I interpret this particular stellium in the 3rd.

3. Cancer Mars in the 12th House Squaring Her Stellium

Fortunately for Meghan, the Mars is not a very close square. If it were, there would be tremendous conflict in her self expression. However, it is close enough to matter and to be a factor. I will explain. Cancer Mars in the 12th House is a suppressed and even voiceless Mars. It is very hard for Meghan to be assertive. I can tell you this from her chart. Her public actions do not reveal who she really is. Her chart does! This goes for everyone.

For Meghan, we can take all that I said in Number Two and add great HARDSHIP in expressing herself. I think it takes a great effort of heart and soul to stand up She MUST express herself in order to be true to her heart. However, it is not without a lot of doubt and self criticism. It is not easy for her to put “herself out there”. Think of the struggle of someone who is not a natural musician or singer. That person must overcome many odds in order to do his craft.The same goes for Meghan in expressing herself.

4. One planet in earth–a Singelton.

The planet is Venus and the sign is Virgo. I find that Singletons seem to try to prove that they are adept at their Singleton planet. She may feel that she has to prove she is loving. She may have to prove she has excellent taste. Venus is the planet of both love and taste, which includes how one dresses, speaks etc

5. One Personal Planet in Water and a Water Ascendant

Meghan may appear to be more emotional than she really is. She may be surprised that people VIEW her as emotional. People see one’s Ascendant, but it is not really a deep part of the native. It is more of an external manifestation of the person. I am a Libra Ascendant. I love beautiful flowers and beautiful artwork in my house.I am very diplomatic and can deal with interpersonal conflict very well. However, this does not really tell you about my deep nature and personality. My deep nature is my Cancer Moon–very loyal and deeply emotional. My deep nature is my Gemini Sun, kind of a flake. Well, one has to put together the whole chart to find the whole person, but my point in writing this is that the Ascendant does not go deep.

2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle–What Makes Her Tick?

  1. amiannpoll

    Thank you for this second article. Meghan probably did not make the decision of the Queen (a 6-month training to become Duchess) because of her many protocol and dress mistakes.

    The problem here is that Meghan wants to turn the royal family into a political party except that no one asks him to do it. To have a voice is good but to believe that imposing your voice by saying I’m going to give a new direction to the royal family is just unrealistic … she was mistaken about the family.

    She will continue to do the work of other charities hospital school horse racing ….

    Thanks again.

  2. amiannBonnie

    I agree that astrology sheds a light.
    Ive been stamping so much information in such a short time about astrology.
    I like to use 2 systems.. also human design. Somebody done a comparison chart of them.
    Meghan carries the incarnation cross of refinement. She wants to beautify / correct everything. I spot the gate of arrogance in her body (red gates) in her mars. And Harry has the incarnation cross of garden of eden. They can be dreamers or sexually active. I see in his moons.. he can get suspicious/ or easily influenced by what inspires him. They might battle with correcting eachother.
    Harry has a really good focus and can use the drive of meghan to become a creative rolemodel.
    I also see he is insecure about himself.
    He will learn to love himself and the world.
    Meghan likes to show off her body.
    What she feels inside she wants to express.

    Time will tell.. my intuïtion is telling me it wont last.

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