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Men Born In These 4 Signs Are Worst In Bed By Erika Nixon

Men Born In These 4 Signs Are Worst In Bed
By Erika Nixon

Warm recommendation is to stay as far as possible from them since if you find yourself in the sheets with them, you won’t feel satisfaction at all. These are the men according to horoscope that are worst in bed.


Lot Gemini can use their brain during sex, which can’t be bad. However, men in this sign like to brag and they’re very ready for an action, but when it comes to this moment, they give up or they foolish themselves. Sex with them is always quick, and they’re very selfish in bed.


Sign with a worst reputation when it comes to reserved and not enough spontaneous sex. Men are perfectionists and a small and irrelevant detail can be the reason for their erection to be interrupted. They feel ashamed and they imagine that everyone in the world saw them at this moment. This can be a total disaster. Virgos usually love to watch, but often things stay on this…


Characteristic of male Sagittarius is usually adventurism and willingness for experimentation, and in contrary by female Sagittarius – traditionalism without lot of experiments. Therefore, bad sex here arises from too big desire for something new, pervert and exciting and too big desire of the other ones for classical, healthy, but conventional relation. When this doesn’t happens as they wish, Sagittarius look for a way out as soon as possible, and they run away no matter what.


Pisces are very emotional, deep, sensitive and sexual sign, and this can turn out as a problem in love and sex. This is a sign that enjoys most, but also suffers most in “sex with emotion” (and this applies to both sexes), so potential problems for action in bed appear are not rare.

So, if you don’t want to find yourself in a situation like this, run away from these signs.

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Men Born In These 4 Signs Are Worst In Bed

4 thoughts on “Men Born In These 4 Signs Are Worst In Bed By Erika Nixon

  1. amiannWill

    I might be guilty for being a Sagittarius myself lol but I really think we need to start using astrology in a much more sensitive fashion I mean telling a whole bunch of guys that they’re bad at sex because they’re Virgo Pisces Sagittarius and Gemini and women should avoid these men is not doing women or men Justice or astrology for that matter astrology is supposed to help people find their way I think
    this really turns astrology into ego based spiritual practice and I know a lot of you on here might say oh come on it’s the truth but again it comes off insensitive especially if men are reading this and those men are using astrology to find themselves to find love and learn about themselves through asstrology and then to find out they’ve got a whole bunch of women who are into astrology who apparently slept with every single sign in the Zodiac in their entire life already and are telling these ppl yeah women should Dodge you if you’re this sign that’s not cool sorry to say and that’s because there’s so much more to astrology than this

  2. amiannWill

    And this article is not the first one I read over the internet like this this so that’s why I’m making this comment basically I’ve been seeing it a lot over the Internet about signs being better than the other lately so I made the comment

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