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Mercury——How You Think

I don’t think people pay enough attention to Mercury. It is not as sexy as Venus. It is not as emotional as the Moon. Is is not as forceful as the Sun. It is not as intriguing as Pluto. It is not as crazily erratic as Uranus. I know that I did not pay enough attention to Mercury until recently. I love to read. Recently, I have been reading biographies. The first thing I do when I finish a book is check the chart.

In cases in which the person does not think clearly, I check the Mercury. Now, I can read the book first and make suppositions as to the nature of the Mercury before I look at the chart. In the case of Jackie O, there were certain decisions she made that were so self centered and self focused that I guessed that she had the Sun/Mercury combust.

The Sun/Mercury combust renders the native very self focused. This is not the fault of the person. It is simply that the ego is “too close” to the mind. The Sun is the ego.Mercury is the mind.I will give a simple example. If a person with a close Sun/Mercury combust is insulted, it is almost impossible for the person to step back and DETACH.

In the case of Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune, such as Melania Trump, who has the opposition, the native may not see reality as clearly as she could. I am not saying anything negative about her. This aspect tends to make people filter reality in such a way that they do not see “stark reality”. It is very hard for ANYONE to see stark reality but Neptune/Mercury in hard aspect makes it much harder. These natives would like the world to be so much better than it is. Hence, they, subconsciously, see it through rose colored glasses.

In my opinion, the hardest Mercury aspect is Mercury in hard aspect( which includes the conjunction in the case of Uranus) to Uranus. I really do not like Uranus. It is an erratic planet. It is kind of like a person who hides behind a door and jumps out and says “BOO”. People with Uranus in hard aspect seem to like to shock people.On the positive side, Mercury in any aspect to Uranus seems to make for a brilliant person intellectually.

These are just a few thoughts about Mercury. Please comment on my Comment Form with questions about your chart.

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39 thoughts on “Mercury——How You Think

  1. amiannKelsey

    I have Mercury trine Neptune in my chart. What do you think of that? I took into consideration what you said about air signs and how they tend to detach, which I find true for me in some cases, since mercury is in Libra (I always thought it was due to having the moon in Pisces!), but I’m also kind of confused on how to interpret it because mercury in my chart trines Neptune (in Aquarius) and squares mars. I feel like these two aspects contradict each other maybe?

      1. amiannkelsey

        yess!! i find that im often living in a fantasy world. like my reality is so much “sweeter” and i absolutely hate it when bad things happen and people say “it’s reality” because reality doesn’t always have to be bad. I think this is a little bit of self delusion but i like assuming my world is my reality and the way each person sees their world is their own version of reality. so even though it’s a somewhat innocent and naive world i live in, that’s still my reality. hopefully that makes sense.
        when i was a kid, i’d always go to bed thinking of fantasy worlds where i either had like superpowers or was a mermaid and it was like home to me, moreso than my actual reality.
        so i think that mercury and neptune, although they do tend to make your reality more beautiful than the rest of the world, the trine allows for a gateway or connection between one’s own “beautiful reality” and the actual world in a way where you’re able to bring a little bit of fantasy and “magic” to the world. Whether it be through just daily communication or writing. so to sum it all up i think having the mercury neptune aspect kind of bends the reality but the trine helps to pass the energy through like an outlet in a way where it’s externalizer. i hope that makes sense! those are my jumbled thoughts on it.

  2. amiannMandy

    I have mercury square Uranus
    And I find it hard to communicate the deep stuff so it festers and then exploded

    My Mercury is also trine Saturn!

    My Saturn meets Uranus and Venus in a Yod

    Maybe this is why I prefer animals to people lol

  3. amiannPisces Rising

    I have mercury in Virgo 29° in my seventh house. Uranus is in early Leo and Neptune is in late Libra in my 8th house. I have an Aries Moon and I prefer to tell the truth and just look for a way to say it nicely.

  4. amiannMira

    Dear Amy,
    I have big trine: Merc trine Uranus trine Moon.
    Then Merc square Neptune.
    And Merc trine Saturn with orb 7 degrees.
    How do you see this?

  5. amianndawn

    I have mercury conjunct the sun and Jupiter. Opposite Uranus. Can you imagine how much trouble I have gotten into with others? Yes the big impulsive mouth in action, outbursts of shocking stuff. Thats me, if its in my head, often its out my mouth before I know it, thinking ‘oh shit, did I just say that!”

      1. amianndawn

        I do it out of devilment sometimes, and sometimes I dont do it! It does itself, and then even I am shocked, as in crikey did I just really say that, and sometimes I stir things up to move situations on – not melliciuously but impatiently!

        But embarrisingly some times at what I have said. But then justify it with – “Oh its the truth” sagi rising. doesnt help!

  6. amiannJenny Baker

    My Mercury is in the 12th house but conj the Asc so it isn’t as problematic as it could be if it was floating loose in the 12th !
    ‘Imagination needs strong external attachments’ is one quote I remember about a 12th house Mercury.
    I’ve known quite a few people with Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune (including the conjunction) and they’ve all had muddled thinking. To say they were liars is a bit strong but all have been ‘economical with the truth’ shall we say. They also have a habit of exaggerating (especially if Jupiter is involved) and re-writing the past.
    My present husband has Mercury in Pisces, so he’s forgetful, but I can live with that!

  7. amiannLori

    My first house Mercury in retrograde and in Gemini is in opposition to my 7th house Mars in 7th. I like to verbally abuse my partner??? I’ve been known to be quite explosive with my words from time to time. Only when they deserved it!! 🙂

  8. amiannMarie

    Thanks Ami ! Great article as always. I love Mercury/ Uranus aspects, interesting people who don’t follow the crowd. Cannot understand why people are spooked so easily. I’m spooked by fitting in. Probably because I have the Uranus/Mercury opposition as well as the Jupiter/Mercury square. Luckily my Mercury also conjuncts Saturn. Or not !

      1. amiannMarie

        Amiann , My Mercury is at 13 Pisces, Mars at 16 and Saturn at 17. Uranus 16 and Pluto 17 Virgo . Then the square to Jupiter which is at 21 Gemini. Uranus conjunct Midheaven.

  9. amiannBonnie

    • Sun taurus 13° 7th house.
    • Mercury gemini 4° 7th house OPP uranus R 3° saggitarius 1st house.
    • Mercury trine moon libra 6°
    • Mercury (close? Sextile) venus aries 0° 5th house? Certainly with asteroid maniac 5° aries 5th house.
    • Mercury (close? Sextile) mars R 0° libra 11th house?

    The mercury opposite uranus, was never so obvious to myself..
    When i dive in detail yeah i go deep and blow peoples head with the knowledge.
    With injustice/ unfair dealings towards me, yeah i shock people.
    Or of they put words in my mouth i did not speak, i blow up and don’t let go.
    I can detach myself yes (but not always!)
    Reading my chart now i realize that mercury in 7th.. is why i often hear gossips at work, i hate it.. backstabbing people.. so either i feel shocked when they do and when they try with me, i shock them and say: you should tell the person itself.
    I also found myself in the past mediating a lot… and coaching (with any kind of insightful tools, tarot, other cards, astrology, reiki, etc..
    Now in progression its in retrograde my mercury..

    1. amiannBonnie

      Oooh i forgot..
      Jupiter R 4° scorpio in 12th house quincunx my mercury…
      I often “hide” confidential knowledge or just things i know, untill the time is ripe..
      Or untill i know for sure its accurate.
      Or i get information of people of which they claimed they never told a soul..
      The grandiose thinking i had that as a child, now not anymore.

  10. amiannZizi

    I have Mercury conjucting Neptune in Capricorn. Sometimes I’m thinking in extreme way: one day dreamer, the other I can stay very stable on this Earth! But it took me some time to learn, that what is good in art and poetry, isn’t always good in real life…

  11. amiannVivian

    My mom has mercury square Neptune. Oh no!

    This explains why she doesn’t see the bad in people most times or the reality

    I always get told am pessimistic (maybe a little) but many planets in the sixth and a 4 earth planet conjunction makes you see things realistically

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      A person who is very emotional and can express this to people. It is a nice aspect for others, for your friends, but you may find that you react to fast to things like talk before thinking, that kind of thing.

  12. amiannNadja

    I’m a Gemini Sun with a Virgo Moon, and Mercury in Cancer 9th conjunct Midheaven. I have lots of Mercury aspects, mostly really tight ones.

    Mercury conjunct Mars – I’m blunt AF (though my Libra Asc tends to keep it harmless) and will always stand up for my opinions. Quick wit and practical thinking.
    Mercury opposite Neptune – I’m good at deluding myself. Escapist tendencies. Also very good instincts. Rose colored glasses firmly in place.
    Mercury trine Pluto – Perceptive. Not easily fooled. Talent for research.
    Mercury sextile Moon, also mutual reception – Instinctual thoughts and organized feelings. Balance between thinking and feeling. Emotional need to communicate. Good listener.

  13. amiannJennifer

    Hi Amiann! I’m wondering what to make of Mercury in Virgo in the 9th house quincunx Uranus in Aries in the 4th. Can you help me to understand what this might mean? It’s one leg of a yod that I’m trying desperately to analyze.

  14. amiannVittoria

    Hi Amiann 😀
    What about a 0 orb combust Mercury in Cancer 12th house?

    ((It’s part of a Grand Water Trine, with Jupiter in Scorpio, and Saturn in Pisces..))

    Would love to hear your take on this! I have Aquarius Moon and Leo Rising.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      sun combust Merc at 0? Yikes You will be more stable due to the Saturn trine. Aqua Moon is excellent for this due to detachment so you have some excellent balance there. God is good!

  15. amiannAbby

    Very interesting… I have mercury in aquarius, also conjunct uranus and square saturn :/ I have all of these crazy thoughts and ideas, I love science, but my saturn square makes me doubt everything I say, so I don’t say it at all. Phew. Not great.

  16. amiannS

    I have Mercury conjunct my sun by 7° in Aquarius. Mercury exactly squares Pluto and quincunx the AC by 1°.

    Although I feel comfortable typing, speaking is not my strength. It’s really hard at times, so I tend to be quiet or say as little as possible. Words don’t come out of my mouth the way they sound in my head. Sometimes I think I offend others by being to the point.

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