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Mercury May Not Be Sexy But Sexy is Not Everything

I am always thinking about astrology. I read a lot and I like to see how the characters in the biographies and autobiographies think.Then,I check out the Mercury in the natal chart. I am blessed to have a Mercury that is not stressed. I realize that I am a logical thinker(Mercury in Gemini). I have an excellent imagination(Mercury trine Neptune). I am perceptive(Mercury sextile Pluto)

I don’t say this to brag. Every chart has it’s blessings and it’s struggles. I say it to use it as a teaching tool. In my reading adventures, I notice how people who have Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter take too many chances, too many risks. They do not think clearly about consequences.

I will share some other insights. Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus makes the mind race. It makes the native worry. The native may get desperate because his mind won’t stop. This is very hard and very sad. The closer the orb, the stronger the trait. Mercury conjunct Uranus falls in the same category. One positive thing is that these natives are very intelligent.

Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune may cause a break with reality. I have seen this in the exact square. Anything exact in the natal chart is a very strong trait. Mercury in any aspect to Neptune makes for an excellent imagination. It is a classic aspect for a writer. Stephen King has the conjunction, but not exact. Neptune can be a “hairy fellow”. He can cause a great deal of damage in hard aspect, as can Uranus.

Mars is the planet of action. When Mars is in hard aspect to Mercury, the person may be rash with his actions.I think in terms of JFK Jr flying his small plane while he was on crutches, although I do not know if he has this aspect. It is simply an example.

Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury may cause the native to be insecure about his intelligence and/or his ability to communicate. I have seen Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury in cases of learning disorders.

(Just to clarify, a hard aspect is the square, opposition and quincunx. With certain planets, the conjunction is considered(by me) a hard aspect. With Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, I consider the conjunction a h0

When a person cannot think clearly and logically and cannot anticipate consequences, some really bad things may result, such as accidents, bad marriage choices,unlawful actions and financial chaos. I don’t believe it is the fault of the person, per se. I do think that if one finds a relationship with Jesus, one can overcome the chart. The chart is one’s earth suit. Jesus is in the realm of the spirit. The spirit trumps the flesh.

21 thoughts on “Mercury May Not Be Sexy But Sexy is Not Everything

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Jenn! This is a hard aspect. You could count it kind of as a square but it is not as hard as a square. You are very smart but your mind may seem to race and get worried and have a mind of its own, so to speak. In other words, it may feel like your enemy.

  1. amiannZizi

    Mercury in Capricorn – sometimes people tell me, that I’m pessimist. But in conjuction with Sun, Saturn and Neptune – what is it?
    And also sextile with Pluto in Scorpio. Can it mean intuition? Sometimes I have feeling, that some situation can not be as it is officially shown.

  2. amiannZizi

    I think about something strange which happened in my life when I was 11-12. Before that age I hadn’t any problems with memory, logic, maths etc. I even won some school competition in maths.
    But then something strange happened. My mind became little “foggy”, full of dreams, vivid imagination. I wrote my the first fantasy novel (never published). And… I lost my mathematic talent. I couldn’t learn it anymore.
    I tried to explain it in rational way, but I couldn’t. Hormones in early adolescence doesn’t explain change from logical girl to early fantasy author full in dreams creating new worlds (I showed this novel to one person who has PhD in literary studies and she told me that it was masterpiece).
    I looked inside transits of that time, just being curious. Neptune was conjucting my natal Venus and Pluto was conjucting my natal Mars. Jupiter was in quincunx to natal Mercury. Maybe that? In fact I’ve never came back to my previous logical and analytic mind, to this time. Something happened in that time and I don’t know what exactly, why and how.

      1. amiannZizi

        Persephone in Gemini, sextile to ascendant in Aries and trine Aquarian Venus. Proserpine in Taurus, without any aspect.
        I saw that in the time I mentioned Saturn and Jupiter were transiting both of them. I suffered lack of the acceptance from my shoolmates (due to the disability) and I lost almost my all math ability. I’ve never came back to them anymore.

  3. amiannZizi

    I was wrong, that my Proserpine is without aspects. It has three: opposition to Pluto and two trines (to Sun and Mercury). Interesting!

  4. amiannBella

    I guess this is me. I have a badly afflicted Mercury, with Mercury opposing Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. Adding to that, I have Moon completing a T-Square with all four. The only soft aspect my Mercury get is a trine from Pluto. I gotta say, much of this is true.

  5. amiannIgor Popovic

    Mercury in Pisces in 7th?
    I have 10 aspects to mercury,i literally can not stop thinking ..
    trine moon
    square mars
    square jupiter
    sext. saturn
    sext. uranus
    sext. neptune
    trine pluto
    conj. north node
    opp rising
    square Mc ……..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Only the hard aspects cause stress like the Mars and oppositions. You have lots of good ones so maybe it is the asteroid Aphophis conj your Mercury

  6. amiannEvening Star

    I have Mercury in Sagg, as part of a four planet stellium with Neptune, Venus and Jupiter. Opposite Saturn in Gemini. AND as part of an imperfect Grand Mutable Cross, squaring Mars in Pisces opposite Moon in Leo. I read somewhere that for a person to access the best parts of the energies in this type of planetary configuration, focus on balancing your opposite aspects, and the squares will follow suit. Needless to say, Saturn is (usually) helpful in keeping that Sagg stellium in check. It’s my afflicted, fixed Moon opposite Mars I struggle with…..every aspect to my Moon is either square or opposition and I don’t know what I need to do to satisfy her – I’ve done the Mars in 6th house workaholic thing, and *of course* that doesn’t help. And Mars in Pisces is pure brain fog.

  7. amiannSarah

    The way that my Mercury is square my Neptune at 0 degrees… also square my Uranus, but that’s at 3 degrees. Can’t catch a break lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That may make you to into a fantasy world like daydream too much or see life as you want to too much, rather than see it as real, which we all kind of do, but with this square it is harder. The Uranus makes you very smart but your mind may race and drive you crazy

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