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Mercury/Neptune——-Hard to See Reality????

I am an avid reader. When I read a biography or autobiography, my next step is to run to the charts. I have been noticing that people who seem to make poor life decisions seem to, often, have Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune. Mercury is the planet of the mind. Neptune is the planet of deception. It is, also, the planet of creativity. If a person has Neptune in good aspect–the trine or sextile, they will, usually, have a wonderful imagination, but still have a firm footing in reality.

If a person has Mercury in hard aspect, one can see a slippage in the logic of the decision making skills. Now, I am not saying everyone with aspect is mentally ill. However, I AM saying that they can do things that look goofy to a logical person. I will give an example of a famous person–Melania Trump. I love Donald Trump. If I could kiss him a thousand times I would. Please, Trump haters, don’t bother me. Back to Melania. I think she made a grave error in judgement when she wore the jacket with the “I Really Don’t Care” message. She was setting herself up for more hate, not less. When a person is in a position in which they are hated, they should not fuel the fire. This incident made me rush to her chart and there was Mercury oppose Neptune.

I have seen the exact square in a person who, sadly, lost touch with reality.

I have the trine. This is a classic aspect for a writer.

I hope you enjoyed this rather bite size article.

20 thoughts on “Mercury/Neptune——-Hard to See Reality????

  1. amiannJak

    Hi Ami,

    great to hear some more golden nuggets from you!

    What would you make of Mercury inconjunct Neptune in the natal chart (where Mercury is otherwise unaspected, except for a biquintile with Pluto and a quintile with North Node)?

    Thank you!

    Jak x

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Jak!

      Well, the inconjunct has to be very close–maybe up to 4. This person, if the inconjunct is very close, may have confused thinking. IF it is not close, then no. In that case, the person would be very gifted in his mind. You know, either way, he would be gifted but if the inconjunct were closed, his mind would prolly be confused like he felt he could not see life clearly. Is this you?

      1. amiannJak

        Hi Ami,

        thank you so much! Very interesting! Yes it is me and I can feel like there’s this ever resounding ‘What?’ behind nearly all thought, like a perplexed uncertainty/doubt. But also some helpful/useful ideas. And a very active, dreamy imagination! Would be intrigued to hear how others find the natal aspects between these two. And whether folks notice more prominent dream lives/vivid dreams, I know I do.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Well, I think clear thinking may be really hard and you may tend to get lost in your head and your own fantasy world. Try to have someone who is super logical as someone you can run things by, Jak.

  2. amiannAdriana

    Very interesting article! Could the square and opposition also manifest itself as expressing your thoughts and opinions in an akward way?
    My mother has the square (orb: 4-5) she is not someone who takes bad decisions, but the way she expresses herself is awful. She often uses the wrong words to say something and nobody seems to understand what she really means. I love my mother, but I really don’t like the way she expresses herself especially with words. Her pronuncation of foreign words is horrible too. Mercury is very dominant in my chart and I am very good with words, this makes it even harder for me.
    I also know a guy that has the opposition (almost exact). He does and say stupid things that makes things even worse and are not a good representation of what he really thinks and feels.

  3. amiannNadja

    One of the closest aspects in my chart is Mercury opposite Neptune. Can’t say I have many Neptune issues in my life though. I’m have a fairly good grasp of logic, but with some confounding intuitive leaps at times. Leaps that turn out to be correct, even though I can’t tell how I arrived at that conclusion. And I certainly have the Neptunian rose-colored glasses… Everything in this world looks just a bit brighter to me than it actually is. Some might call me naive but I think the best of people and am able to see the good in everything that happens. So far it has served me well. Apart from that rose-tint I think I see the world very clearly. Maybe not people’s motivations or the goings on of my daily life, but the bigger picture, the facts of life… I’m very good at deluding myself too, for good or ill… but mainly it has been beneficial for me.

    My Mercury is in Cancer, conjunct Midheaven from the 9th. Neptune is in Capricorn, conjunct IC from the 3rd house. Both ends of the opposition are closely sextile/trine Virgo Moon in 12th as well as Scorpio Pluto in 2nd. I think Neptune trine Moon gives me intuition and imagination, while Pluto trine Mercury gives me focus and clarity of vision… both trines helping me see the world as it is. A chain of three sextiles connect the four points into a cradle pattern, further emphasizing to me that these planets work together as a team.

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