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Moon Trine Moon in Synastry–A Dose of Needed Sanity

There is someone in my life with whom I have an exact Moon trine Moon. On a related note, I notice how many people in life “gaslight” one. Gaslighting is an attempt to distort the reality of another person. I grew up with parents who severely gaslighted me. By the time I reached my late teens, I did not trust myself at all. If I had a feeling, I thought I was “bad” or “selfish”. URGG. I know I am not alone.

Gaslighting in one’s present life is very dangerous for someone who does not trust himself or herself. So, I have found that one of the best ways to combat this is to find people with Moon trine Moon. My discovery happened by accident. I was having a conversation with the person who has her Moon trine mine. I felt so “sane” afterwards. WHY? She did not gaslight me.
HA–I made a discovery.

Gaslighting is endemic in this world.World systems and many people are lying in wait to gaslight the unsuspecting person. This is the simple truth of this present earth. The answer is that one must trust oneself. It is very difficult if one had a childhood in which one was severely undermined. I have the asteroid Sado(sadism) conjunct my IC, exact. This shows that I had sadism inflicted on me as a child, which I did. Hence, I need to make a great effort to trust my gut. We all do!

7 thoughts on “Moon Trine Moon in Synastry–A Dose of Needed Sanity

  1. amiannThvu

    It depends on the entire chart. For example, i have taurus moon. All my lovers have cancer moon and have sextile aspect. They also have water sun. I totally dislike cap moon, can’t get well with em. (as i have stellium in cancer, chiron libra and saturn in aries. Cap sign is smt i cant stand)
    Virgo moon is really nice.

  2. amiannVivian

    @Ami I am so sorry that you were gaslighted . I know what that feels like and was due to growing up with my mom.

    Ive only ever met one a couple of people who had similar moon to me. You usually know because everything feels great and they dont judge you

    I wanted to ask you, what it meant if my sado was conjunct my midheaven

  3. amiannBonnie

    Its so funny, the meaning of an asteroid can have many possibilities, specific in a house placement.
    Got it in house 3, i was bullied growing up, in school, by my parents, sister they all kinda joined forces too to gaslight.
    Some are slick and use it to get something done of you.
    Had that with a cancer moon (square my birth moon)
    Its also funny as soon as you are aware of it (placement of the asteroids and it gives you insight), it feels like an armor.
    My daughter has her north node conjunct my sado, she used to like to expose my sadism. Beeing in my 3rd house its my way of speech, and can speak funny harsh jokes about people but more to laugh then hurt.
    As a teenager the bullying was starting again to me so i changed it and stood my ground. I warned some 1 time to stop or i became agressive, which happened a few times so people knew to back off.. funny capricorn in high 29 degrees…
    Later on i also had mean neighbours, causing trouble.. so you see in a house placement it can be many life experiences. If i teach others its strict too, im very direct. I also like to learn and research… many possibilities 😉

    For my daughter its in her 4th house nearly her lilith conjunct her moon in capricorn.
    She can feel like the centre of the universe (good and bad) Bless her, her Sado R conjunct chiron R, conjunct jupiter R, conjunct neptune R in aquarius 5th house.. she can be mean, prank but dont like it when others do.
    Its opposite her mercury 2 degrees virgo. When shes bored she just wants to do what she likes and does her own thing..

    After a relationship of 18 years with moon trine moon.. it can feel to much as 1, you dont learn more. It can be like living with a parot.

    I agree with standing up for yourself in a healthy way. With my new partner opposite moons we learn of eachother. Because he can see things different doesnt mean he’s wrong. What i have learned now, many people have just opinions, some are hypocrites say a lot and dont walk their talk and if your in need or help people tell you what you want to hear which isnt always helpfull either.
    Good gaslighting helps people to make them feel better.
    Bad ones are suppressing their reality on to you which can make you feel much worse. I had that often and only my new opposite moon partner helped me through it. As an individual moon in aries man.

    Keep learning 😀 and have fun

  4. amiannTheresa

    I had moon trine moon with my ex boyfriend and he was a gaslighting jerk.The relationship lasted 1 year and a half because his chiron con my vertex and venus. His venus in virgo conjuncted my Asc. He criticized me. Glad I dumped him.

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