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Moons You Could Marry

This will be different for everyone. I was thinking about the Moon signs I could marry and I came up with one, really. It is Taurus Moon. I am a Cancer Moon. I could have a boyfriend or close girlfriend with a Capricorn Moon. Beyond this, I am not sure but in this article I want to talk about traits of each moon sign in simple terms. I am very direct and I try to make things fun, so please don’t get insulted. If you are the uber sensitive type, I am probably not the astrologer for you. So, onto the topic.

Moon in Aries
This person is likely quite self centered. However, there will be a strength inherent and this is good. Unlike Pisces Moon, which will sell you out when things get slightly tough, this native can stay when times get bad. I think Aries does tend to get bored easily though, so you may need to be the type who likes to keep things exciting. I really never attract Aries Moons, personally, so am going by textbook definitions here, so if you know more than I do, please share. In general avoid any moon that is a SQUARE to your moon. I don’t care if he is Mr Perfect, he won’t be for you.

Moon in Taurus
Most men I have been close to have had this moon. I am fortunate that the family member I am closest to has this moon, too. This has to be a gift from God. I am a Moon Astrologer in that if the Moons are not in good aspect, I think the relationship is doomed. I hate to be so honest but I will tell you what I think always.

For me, as Cancer Moon, Taurus Moon is sextile, which is good. Trines are the best. Conjunct can be good but you may be too alike for a marriage relationship. I am not sure about this, though. However, you will kind of be “soul twins”.

Taurus Moon is one of the most lovely Moons in the Zodiac. I am sure some people would not like them, particularly the Moons which are square to them. However, in Taurus, the Moon is Exalted. That means amazing. They are loyal, down to earth, have a heart and a soul that works and can be loyal. What more can a girl want?

If I had to say something bad about them, they may not be the most exciting sign of the Zodiac, but it you are like me, I would take steady Eddie any day rather than a burning flame Vampire who is here today and gone the next. I am thinking of a guy but he will remain unnamed.

Moon in Gemini
I am a strong Gemini–Sun, Mercury,Venus and South Node.These are in the Ninth House. That being said, I think having a Gemini Moon would be a kind of hell, as would being in a relationship with one. I am not trying to insult anyone but Gemini is too high strung to be a good Moon sign. It is very easily distracted, gets bored very easily and can be VERY fickle. On the good side, they can be like a permanent clown show.
Moon in Cancer
I don’t claim any credit for being born with the best moon in the Zodiac. Cancer Moon is deep feeling, strong when needed, loves to belong to family and small groups of friends, will stand up and defend weaker people and is very intuitive. Not bad, you may say. On the downward side, they are fearful. They may have stomach problems when confronted with any kind of stress.They may be overly body obsessed i.e a hypochondriac. I am not saying I am.*Wink* However, the Moon is in its home, so how bad can that be?

Moon in Leo
I have never been very close to a Moon in Leo. I think they would turn me off, personally. Some people would love them and there is a lot to love. They are childlike. They love to have fun. They are creative. They are good story tellers. They love to entertain. On the down side, they can be very self centered. However, they usually don’t have a mean bone in their bodies, unless they have a very nasty Pluto or Jupiter with a ton of squares, but this is just a “what if”.

Moon in Virgo
I like Virgo Moons for some reasons and not for others. I would not want to be married to one. Simply speaking, I am not perfect enough. This is the same reason I would never marry a Virgo Venus. However, in terms of a friend, these dudes are loyal and I value loyalty as my top value. They are giving. They have good common sense, called horse sense. I am sure some people would be fine married to a Virgo Moon. If you are married to one or in a close relationship, tell me how you feel.

Libra Moon

Here I go. I hate this Moon. OK, one should not say hate. You slapped my hand. I would never be close to a Libra Moon if I could help it—male or female. The only Libra Moon I would let into my life would be a canine. They are loyal irrespective of their moon. Ha ha.
This Moon is cerebral. Cerebral is all well and good. I am cerebral. I am studying the history of England from the first king up. I am on King Richard, by the way. I love cerebral for the HEAD but not for the heart. The heart needs to FEEL. If not, you get an Amber Heard, who I think has a Libra Moon. Nuff said.

Scorpio Moon

This is an interesting one. I am close to a Scorpio Moon female. They are very deep and they are loyal. I feel sorry for them in that it is hard for them to shed off hurts and slights that other Moons can let go. This is not due to any lack on their part. It is the nature of this Moon, which is in the Fall. The Fall makes any planet a kind of mutant. It is like a fish riding a bike. It is kind of sad when it is the Moon, but it is hard with any planet. I have Mars in the Fall and I do not handle anger well. I, usually, stuff it into my stomach. In the case of Scorpio Moon, they simply take things too hard. I am not sure which Moon would be good with them. Usually, it would be a water Moon but I could not handle a Scorpio Moon and I am a water Moon. You let me know what you think.

Sagittarius Moon

Very few Saggi Moon people come across my personal path. I do have clients with this Moon( and all Moons) but knowing people in your actual life is different. I don’t think a Cancer Moon would work well with a Saggi Moon. They are quincunx signs and quincunx is IX-NE. It is debatable which is worse, a square or a quincunx. Let me just say, both are bad. With the quincunx, you are SO unalike that you can’t even drum up a fight. I am close to a Saggi Mars family member and I have a Cancer Mars, so a quincunx. Let me sum it up, he wants to travel and I want to not move from my chair with a book on the Kings of England. Get the pic?

Capricorn Moon
I like this Moon, even though it is in the Detriment, which means it is not a good moon to have. Capricorn moon is opposite Cancer Moon. We can understand our opposite moons, to a point. However, we see things in an opposite way. So, if I am crying over something sad, this Moon would tell me to buck up and not be such a baby. If this moon was calculating a cold blooded scheme, I would tell him to stop and think about how the other person would feel. I don’t think people can be really happy in marriage with opposite moons. I know some people will disagree. It would be really frustrating to be operating in a manner opposed to your partner. If the Mercuries were in excellent aspect to each other and/or to the Moons, it could mitigate things.

Capricorn Moon is like Libra Moon in that it plans rather than feels. However, if this Moon respects you, it will go a long way for you. Also, it may need some incentive beyond love, like if you have a big bank account. Just saying.

Aquarius Moon
This is another one of my personal dislikes. This Moon makes me cringe. The Moon can love a child in India that she does not know but not hug her own child. “Sigh” Do I sound bitter? I was deeply hurt by an Aquarius relative. This person had an Aquarius Sun and Libra Moon—the combo of the gods. But, to try to be objective about this Moon. This Moon will likely not cling to you. If you like that, this Moon could be good for you. This Moon may like to do charity work. If you like that, that is a second “ding” as in ring tone. This Moon may not want to be a mother, so if you want a women who does not want children, this could be your girl. I did not do too good a job on this description. Did I? This Moon is another one who thinks when she should feel. I don’t like that.

Pisces Moon

This guy is too sweet for his own good. I really mean to say he is too weak for his own good. This Moon could be gotten away better in a women but I really do not wish it on anyone. It is simply too sensitive for this cruel world. A strong Pluto would help the poor guy. On the plus side, this guy is very romantic. He may be the most likely guy to be a house husband. If you want to be the “man”, you may like him. There is someone for everyone.

40 thoughts on “Moons You Could Marry

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, not really staying power. I think this person had a super critical mom and is very hard on himself. Staying power would be Mars trine Saturn more so, Sandy.

  1. amiannAmy

    Hi Ami,
    My boyfriend is an Aries moon and he is impatient, has a very quick and fiery temper. I wouldn’t say he as selfish, he’s actually very kind and generous but he is a Sagittarius sun. My father is an Aries sun and Super Selfish!!!

  2. amiannTina

    Hi Amy 🙂
    Great post, gorgeous.
    Firstly, I apologise for not replying to your comments on another post. I’ve been meaning to get back to you, but life distracts me every time! Oh, I so will!! I have something to say re that vampire and J.D. comment! After taking a deep dive down the rabbit hole in 2020…all I can say is, there are many sick things that happen on this planet!!

    I agree with your interpretations of the moon placements. I, like yourself, am no fan of Libra moons. It quincunx’s my (Taurus) moon. Actually, that’s a great Segway…so when are we getting married honey 😉 hehe!! Ooh, and I have a Scorpio Mars!! I know you love that Mars. Pity we’re both straight! We’d be a perfect match!

    I also love Capricorn moons. When I read your info on Cap moons, this came to mind and I had to share. Wait till the end…hahahahaha!!!

  3. amiannTina

    Hi again, honey.
    Apparently they’re coming across as spam. Please feel free to delete, but I had to share them with you, as I find them so funny. I hope you too get a laugh from them.

    You also mentioned you’re interested in the Kings of England. I highly recommend watching a movie called Becket. It’s about King Henry II (Perter O’Toole, one of my favourite actors) and Thomas Becket (Richard Burton). Long, but great movie.

      1. amiannTina

        I know!! It was weird being notified that it was spam!! I’m presuming it was because I post three of those clips, in one post.

        Ooh…I’m going to look him up now!!

  4. amiannChristine

    I am a Capricorn sun with a Scorpio moon and yes, I do hold grudges. I think I will be struggling with this tendency for the rest of my life. 🙁

    1. amiannTina

      Hi Christine. I hope you don’t mind me chiming in! I corrected a spelling mistake and then saw your post. I felt the need to share. I’m a Scorpio sun. I can totally empathise with you saying you hold grudges. I have been this way, too. I’ve come to realise, it goes deeper than low vibrational ‘holding grudges’. I’ve given people many more chances than deserved. I overlooked red flags. When I would share my side and how hurt I was via the situation, it was then turned back around onto me. I think holding grudges, is a way for us to distance ourselves from people that did us wrong, and aren’t willing to take accountability for their actions, and how they contributed or caused the situation. I think, on a human level, we see it as holding a grudge. Yet, I believe, it’s self preservation. Self protection. If we didn’t hold that grudge, we may allow them back into our life, and further hurt and disrespect us.

    1. amiannTina

      You’re welcome Christine!
      I truly hope what I shared has helped you have a different outlook. Many people are oblivious to how sensitive Scorpio energy is. They just see the ruthless side of Scorpio. Not realising that we had to become that way towards certain individuals, due to how hurt or betrayed we feel by those other individuals. If you forget everything else I’ve shared, please remember this…just because it was done to you, doesn’t mean it was about you! And, how people treat you, is a reflection of them, not you. xoxo

  5. amiannCV

    I’m a Leo sun Sag moon currently dating a Cancer sun Pisces moon. He’s a gentle soul and has a tendency for being a doormat. I constantly yell at him so he can stand up for himself and be his own priority. (I’m a bossy Leo, with a big heart, helping him be nicer to himself)

  6. amiannJulia

    The problems I have with Scorpio moons ( male and female ) and I know I could get pillioried here, is that they are sooo secretive. They play everything very ‘close to their chests’ and are soooo difficult to get to know. Mind you, they want to know all about you and your business !

    1. amiannTina

      Hi Julia.
      I don’t have a Scorpio moon, but I am a Scorpio sun and Mars. Scorpio energy is secretive, but that’s due to a fear of/or having their secrets revealed. As a saggi Mercury, I’ve been an open book most of my life. And, those that were close, that I thought I could trust, revealed my secrets that I shared in confidence. So I’ve had to admen my ways, due to others not understanding the concept of loyalty and blabbing my secrets.

      With the moon in Scorpio, it’s in its fall position. Most of these folks have had the experience of their mother (moon), or a female caregiver, hurting or betraying them. It set the precedence from young, to be on guard with their secrets, which is a direct link to their emotions.

      Remember, Scorpio is a controlling sign. Not all Scorpio’s are controlling. Some, like myself, have had an on going theme in their life of being controlled. That energy has to manifest somehow. I personally believe, but please don’t quote me on this, that they need a tight grip of control on their secrets (and emotions), because it was used against them in their past.

      Some Scorpio moons have experienced abuse from that mother or caregiver, and unfortunately, they then become a vengeful victim, until they start their healing journey.

      I think with a Scorpio moon natal, they need to see that you are loyal to them, before they can relinquish that fear, and tight grip on their secrets. Or possibly, if they open that floodgate, they may be afraid that they won’t be able to stop it, once it starts flowing out. And due to Scorpio being the deepest sign, they may actually be afraid of all the stuff that comes spewing out.

  7. amiannpiscesmoon

    this is gonna be a really long post but I have some input I wanna share about me (being a pisces moon), my experience with one Capricorn moon, and scorpio moon (a childhood best friend and someone I recently met)…

    Im a pisces moon and, I definitely would not sell out my partner, ever. I rarely get into relationships but when I do (friendship or other), I will never ever leave or betray, and that’s what makes it so hard for me to get into relationships in the first place. My moon squares pluto and Saturn, my sun is in virgo. My sister is a pisces sun, Capricorn moon and there are countless times I’ve felt betrayed by her, through no fault of her own, I think we see relationships very differently. She’s been in lots of relationships, has cheated on all (including her current fiance who’s a pisces sun, cancer moon) and I think she’s only loyal to herself or her pleasure meter. Not that I hold anything against her, I love my sister but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t mean as much to her as she does to me, I’ve learned to distance myself from her. I don’t form many close relationships at all I think because of this. im wondering if you’re assumption of pisces moon would be better for pisces sun. because its the pisces sun that is less self aware than the pisces moon (I think, unless they have scorpio moon or something).
    my roommate is a pisces sun, virgo moon and she’s told me how she cheats on her boyfriend often because she knows he’s not the one (people just love to tell me their dark secrets hah). I think the pisces sun is very very pleasure oriented (physically, while the pisces moon is mentally/psychologically pleasure oriented). have you noticed how many pisces moons are skinny while pisces suns more easily gain weight? pisces suns love food, takeout, sweets, chocolate. pisces sun sacrifices their physical body for pleasure. pisces moons don’t care much about that stuff, its mores the imagination that needs stimulating. they are the day dreamers, the “I love everyone, boundlessly” people. Timothy chalamet is a pisces moon – watch a couple of his interviews if you haven’t already. I think he’s the perfect example of pisces moon outwardly expressed (the slight awkwardness, openness, empathy). that’s my blurb on pisces moon. I noticed you often say pisces moons are not loyal in your posts and I wanted to give you my input from an actual pisces moon in hopes I could give you a different perspective or hear back from you to see if I changed your mind.

    also to add on to what I mean by mentally pleasure seeking for pisces moons – almost an addiction to music, many love fantasy movies/shows, and they “love/trust” everyone easily because they see people through those rose coloured lenses we often read about. the sense of reality is altered slightly towards Lala land. here’s a link that helped me understand/ spot the difference:
    “well the sun is our ego (to put it in simple words) and the moon our way to express and deal with the emotional world.
    having a pisces sun is basically a dissolution of the ego (the sun here is not really comfortable). idk if this makes sense but pisces people aren’t really “pisces”, it’s like our ego personality is based on the rest of the signs we have the planets on. a pisces personality is so changing because we are the whole zodiac.
    having a pisces moon is the opposite, here the moon is exalted (the moon is really cozy here) and we’re talking about a very sensitive way to deal with emotions, yours and others.”

    I think a pisces moon who has experienced betrayal or who is aware of how it would feel would not do something to make another person feel this way. maybe it depends on their own definition of betrayal though. pisces moons can be unaware and not realize when they’re being insulted, it’s happened to me a lot, where I would laugh something off because I’d think something someone said to me was just a friendly tease, and then my friend would later pull me aside and tell me that person was NOT being friendly haha. So pisces moon can have trouble reading between the lines, they take social interactions at face value. their perception of the world can be very naive, they wouldn’t purposely want you to feel betrayed I’m certain, and I think if they knew you felt this way, they would do something about it to defend you. the things that hurt pisces moon are not like the things that hurt other moons I think, because pisces moons are not grounded in this reality.

    Now Scorpio moons: my best friend when I was growing up was a pisces sun, scorpio moon. I met someone recently who has the exact same birthday as her, and I thought it was fate lol but it didn’t work out between us. I think I was trying too hard to “fix” him because I could see how guarded he was. he was very social though, very talkative, but never shared things about himself. he is very close to his mom, I could tell from how often he talked about her, as was my best friend. they both had VERY similar family issues, where the dad and mom were separated at young age, they both hold grudges against their father, and they dislike the new man their mom is/was with.

    He also has mars conjunct pluto, and I think the things that made him angry, I didn’t understand at all. he texted me once saying how angry he was that someone at the gym turned down his invitation to help him, and I didn’t really get why, but rather than trying to help get him out of that state, I piggy-backed off of his anger and agreed with him, just for the sake of avoiding a disagreement between us. I really regret that though because I could FEEL how wrong it was and I FELT like I’d betrayed him, by not sharing my own opinion. he stopped sharing his feelings with me after that. and I think that was a point of weakness for me where I was being a doormat. if I knew what would make him feel better would be me actually sharing my own opinion and feelings instead of supporting his, I never would have sent that text.

    so I think scorpio moons do hold their cards very close to their chest, I think they need someone to HELP them get over their grudges, not someone who will agree with them. for them, the feeling of betrayal came from me holding MY cards close to my chest by not sharing my opinions/feelings if they differed from them. While I thought that disagreeing with them made them feel like their opinions were not valid, and I thought THAT would make them feel betrayed, because that’s what would make ME feel betrayed. so our definitions of betrayal are very very different, and I learned that the hard way, by losing this guy.

    1. amiannpiscesmoon

      alsooo, I think scorpio moons are so so stubborn, not with things going their way, but more with their feelings. its so hard for them to get out of an emotional state, it’s why they hold on to people, to grudges, and what they need is a release from that. while for me, my moods are very changeable, they go all over the place, and what I need, even though im an earth sun, is some stability and a sense of direction. it’s why scorpio moons are so strong. Once they are on a path, they do not stray, I think because they CANT or its very hard for them to.

  8. amiannMarie

    Hi Ami,
    Loving these Moon/Mars you could marry posts. I love your work and the debate ! I disagree with the Pisces Moon interpretation. Most astrologers jump straight to the word weak which is just plain incorrect. If you really examine the lives of these people you will agree. The path is difficult as without fail there are enormous trials. Pisces and Neptune are the most misunderstood placements in the chart. Over the years i have formulated that it is for the following reason- ( please allow my Mars/Mercury conjunction to explain )
    I agree that challenging aspects to Neptune, especially in synastry, and especially squares, are a nightmare. That is different than weak, its something else. Its unconscious , its dangerous and confusing. I believe that we are dealing with the spiritual realms with Neptune and Pisces. That is why we don’t understand it. It cant be understood from an Earthy perspective. It can only be understood from a spiritual perspective and from here that looks black and white. It is interpreted as weak when we enter into situations others would not entertain and yet is it ?
    Most Pisces Moons that i know walk a very solitary path. As a feminine sign we are not attracted to dominant signs and will not tolerate restriction. If you want a house husband i suggest you look elsewhere because a Pisces Moon will disappoint you no end. You cannot control them. They will disappear on you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for that info and YES, things are more complicated than I say them but I am trying to teach general things and have fun. Before we can understand like you do, we need to be kind of seasoned astrologers which most people are not and do not want to spend the time and energy to do. You have to be called to astrology to get to where you are, my Friend

  9. amiannMarie

    PS I hate Libra Moon too. My least favourite Moon. No Backbone and will betray you in love or friendship. The say things to gain favour and be sweet. Sickly sweet. When you get into a sticky situation the Libra Moon is not there, they are be diplomatic with your enemies and refuse to take a stand for you. Unlike Pisces Moon. I agree with the previous post, we are extremely loyal to those we love.

  10. amiannLloyd

    All things are relative. Taurus generally is stable and reliable but the flip side of that is unchanging, inflexible, unspontaneous, stubborn, etc. Depends on what you want and if you can accept the good with the bad. In every relationship I ever had within 6 months you are aware of a couple of “issues” or “bone of contentions”. How you minimize or negotiate those will determine how well the relationship evolves.

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