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More Asteroids in the Natal Chart of Jeffrey Epstein( Deprez, Child, Bacchus, Boda and Counselor

I have just found some more mind blowing asteroids in the natal chart of Jeffrey Epstein. When I do the natal charts, I allow up to a 3 degree orb for conjunctions and a 1-2 degree orb for other aspects, such as trines, squares and oppositions. However, some astrologers only allow for an exact orb, so you can see how energetically small and weak these asteroid bodies really are.

The asteroid Deprez indicates depression. I know there are skeptics out there who scoff at things like this. My answer to you is to use asteroids in your own chart and the charts of those whom you know. Prove it to yourself. That is the scientific method—AYE.

Jeffrey has the asteroid Deprez conjunct his North Node at 1 degree.Based on my estimated birth time, his North Node is in the 2nd House. We have a powerhouse of a 2nd house and not really in a good way. We have the Sun in the 2nd House, showing his ego and his basic thrust in life is oriented to making money. However, Chiron in the 2nd house shows pain in the area of money.

Also, we have the asteroid Bacchus conjunct Chiron. Bacchus is excess in all addictive kinds of things like sex and drinking. Think of a Roman orgy and you will understand Bacchus. That which conjuncts Chiron tells us more about the pain of the native. If I put all of this together( keeping in mind my estimated birth time), I come up with this.Jeffrey has a great desire to make money. There is nothing wrong with that. However, money, pain and kinky sex are mixed in some way.

His North Node and Sun have many asteroids conjunctions which we discussed in previous articles. I will refer to some of them now to add clarity to the chart. Jeffrey feels like a victim in life(Dejanira conjunct the Sun). Jeffrey goes through like like the bomb of a Muslim terrorist. He blows up his life(Pholus conjunct the Sun) Jeffrey has chaos and destruction as a central part of who he is (Aphophis conjunct the Sun)

So, to date, asteroids have shown us how he could well have ended up in this mess.Not everyone who had this chart would be where he is. However, anyone who had this chart would struggle with not making wreakage out of his life and the life of others. That is fair to say.Look how much we have seen and we have only just begun on my list of 300 asteroids.

I need to address two more asteroids in this article. Jeffrey may have the Child asteroid conjunct his Moon. We don’t know for sure because we do not have the correct birth time, but if he does, he will have a pure, kind of childlike attitude toward life. The Child asteroid seems to be a positive asteroid in terms of a childlike attitude of wonder and joy. However, it may also indicate immaturity and shallow thinking. I am not sure about this. To really understand all the nuances of asteroids takes a long time and many charts, as well as deep discussions with the people who have the aspects.

Now, our final asteroid is Counselor. This seems to refer to a lawyer, not a mental health counselor. He has it conjunct Saturn, exact. Saturn restricts and causes struggle in that which it touches. We can see that Jeffrey will have long and enduring relationships with lawyers—-something no one wants.

He has Boda conjunct the Sun. Boda is marriage. Jeffrey does have a sweet, warm, romantic and loyal side. This should not surprise people because human nature has many facets, most of them in warlike opposition to each other. *SIGH*

8 thoughts on “More Asteroids in the Natal Chart of Jeffrey Epstein( Deprez, Child, Bacchus, Boda and Counselor

  1. amiannEllie E

    You have his birth location in Brooklyn, Delaware County, New York. [This is upstate New York]
    He was actually born in the borough of Brooklyn under the auspices of greater New York City, and grew up in Coney Island. Although this will not necessarily warp the chart in major ways, it is important to be accurate.
    Good luck!.

  2. amiannRebeca

    Deprez is in an exact conjunction to my venus, for me it makes total sense, never happy in love or anything and attracting people that will make me sad, that’s the norm for me! Just shooked

  3. amiannS

    I have Deprez conjunct Neptune in my 4th house. I’ve dealt with depression most of my life. Throughout my teenage years, I was on a few medications to deal with it and I went to therapy, but they only made me feel worse. When your own therapist doesn’t believe you and tells your abusers about a suicide attempt, you just learn to internalize all your feelings. I’ve never told anyone that because it was a humiliating experience. I can sometimes be overly sensitive if someone judges me, especially over something I can’t fully control.

    Counselor exactly conjuncts my Jupiter. It’s in my 7th… I hope I don’t have to be around lawyers for the rest of my life.

      1. amiannS

        I’m trying to put that all behind me now. I watched a news special about minorities and therapy. Many people talking about their experience had similar stories to mine and there was a push to seek therapists from the same racial/ethnic background because they would understand family dynamics better. I could relate, but there’s no guarantee that every person has your experience. That’s not the way I view and judge people. I wouldn’t visit one again though.

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