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More Ideas on The Planet of Pain in Relationships

The most frequent question I get about Chiron, the planet of pain, is,”Who comes to whom for healing”? I have waffled on this question, as you will see if you look at my earlier articles. I think that the planet person comes to the Chiron person for healing. If I said differently in earlier articles, I reserve the right to change my mind as I do more charts. The charts are the teachers. I am the humble student taking notes and trying to learn.

Let’s examine some of the things I have found in my seven, or so, years of doing charts.

1. Chiron relationships are defined as such when the Chiron of one person makes a close aspect to a personal planet(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) or angle(Ascendant, IC, Descendant and MC) of another person.

2. Chiron relationships have a powerful feeling of intimacy at the start of the relationship. One feels as if one has found one’s BFF(Best Friend forever).

3.Chiron relationships tend to open up vulnerabilities of the people in a very short time. People feel as if they are “emotionally naked”.

4. Chiron relationships have a wonderful feeling of bonding and belonging for as long as they last. Herein lies the problem.

5 Chiron relationships in both romantic relationships and friendships seem to end rather quickly.

6.The promise of BFF seems to be a dream that fades.

7. One person seems to chase after the other trying to “explain”.

8. The relationship usually ends over something rather trivial, such as a comment that was taken as an insult, which was not meant as one, for one frequent example. The person who has run away will not come back to “talk about it” or work it out.

9. Once the “fleeing” person is gone, the relationship is, likely, over.

10. In the case of Chiron conjunct the North Node, the Chiron person will, very likely, bring pain to the North Node person: pain will be one of the major theme of the entire relationship.

11. The one caveat is with families. There seems to be close Chiron aspects in families. In the case of family, the above scenario does not seem to happen with the regularity as in other relationships. Family members with close Chiron aspects can stay bonded for a lifetime. However, there will be some pain in the relationship, but what close relationship does not have pain?

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18 thoughts on “More Ideas on The Planet of Pain in Relationships

  1. amiannAna

    A friend’s Sun was conjunct my Chiron. There was definitely attraction on both sides but due to strange circumstances I had to leave. Giving an explanation wouldn’t have changed the reason why we can no longer stay in touch.

  2. amiannSheila Todd

    Hope I’m putting this correctly – ex hubby Neptune 1Libra 19, his Chiron 28 Leo 29conjunct my Descendant at 28 Leo 17.

      1. amiannAdele

        Kind of….my Sun conjuncts my MC/Chiron/Jupiter/Mercury in Cancer. He is a good man but we are very different people and I blame alot of my self hatred on him. They are all within two orbs conjunct. I suffer depression, low self esteem, and career issues.

  3. amiannA

    my chiron conjucts my crushes mars in my 8th house its his 2nd house his chiron 5 th house a wider degree my MC. He has been offended by a one answer I gave him in a text. I think you’re so right . My experience is the emotions are so deep with chiron its hard. . Feeling run deepUnless you have good communication glue??

  4. amiannJL

    My Chiron square both his NN and SN, trines the moon, conjuct his asc and sq his MC and bunch of sextiles with other planets.

    His Chiron trines my ASC/moon, Juno, opposing my Uranus, sq Saturn and a bunch of sextiles.

    We have been been close friends for over 15 years. I always think I am the more sensitive one in the relationship, but would you agree that my Chiron connection to his nodes would make me the less affected one? That he is in fact more sensitive? I am slowly learning astrology and trying to connect my personal relationships with the stars.

  5. amiannMelissa

    His Chiron at 22 Pisces, is conj my IC at 23 Pisces. My Chiron and NN at 0 Aries is conj his Ceres 0 Aries. Is it my life path to heal him or him to heal me? We have been together for 23 years. We’ve been through a lot. Our relationship never being real easy.

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