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More, More Tips From an Experienced Astrologer

I have been doing charts for over ten years and may have done thousands, so I have learned many things that only experience provides. The conclusion is not to go to a surgeon without experience. Now that we have dispensed with the humor, let’s get on with the topic.

1. Your chart is the blueprint of you. You are unique. God wanted you as you are. He loves you and wants you to love yourself. The chart shows every hair on one’s head. In fact, I almost never do charts for people in real life (not that they know of) because I can understand such depth about that person that he or she may not want to face me the next day. No one should feel that way about themselves because we all have many, many warts, but we still feel embarrassed to face them.

2. Your Venus shows that which you love, admire and that to which you are attracted. Every person is attracted to someone for whom the next person would cringe. I have many articles on the nature of each Venus.You can put the term Venus in the Search Engine. I am a Venus in Gemini. I love words. I love to read. I think Stephen King is much sexier than Brad Pitt

A Venus in Gemini likes an environment which is light, bright and airy because that is the nature of the sign of Gemini–like a fairy. I love Pottery Barn.If you examine any Venus and think about how it would decorate its home, you will learn more about that Venus. For example, Venus in Capricorn would like rich wood and expensive looking fabrics. He/She would want the home to look expensive. Venus in Scorpio may have an intense feeling in the home. His art work may be more of the darker nature darker and he may like dark colors.

3.Mars in Scorpio is always the sexiest guy in the room. I formed this opinion ten years ago based on someone who was very sexy. I have not changed my opinion. Rather, it has intensified. I check the charts of men I think are Mars in Scorpio and I am usually correct.Some women are not attracted to a Mars in Scorpio. I really can’t understand it, but I think it would be fair to say that if there is a “sexiest guy in class”award, he would get it.

4.If you ever have to live with a person who has a Sun which is squared to your Sun, life will be a permanent cockfight.The fights will concern how one manages one’s life in the world.By this, I mean the MANNER in which one organizes one’s house and the MANNER in which one sees himself in relationship to the world.It is more of one’s stance in the world. For example, in the case of Squared Suns, one person may be very organized and the other may be a disorganized slob, not that I am talking from experience.

5. One really cannot discount asteroids. One will never discover one’s core identity/soul without them. Also, the chart will not fit oneself and one will always wonder why. Asteroids answer this dilemma. They are like seeing a photo of a person compared to seeing the actual person. It is completely different. If you ever met someone from the internet, you will understand what I mean.

6.Moon trine Venus in the natal chart is always charming. I don’t think I could be attracted to a man who did not have this aspect.I know I have this aspect listed in all of my ‘favorite aspect” articles.However, it is one of those oldies but goodies.

7.Chiron in the natal( or in any chart as a matter of fact) will manifest There is nothing one can do to change this. I see the chart as being unchangeable in many things. The “woke” people think one can change anything if one is Zen enough. They will find out sooner or later that this is not so, so why break a nail over it?

8. The house of Chiron is crucial to understanding one’s nature. The house in which Chiron resides will reflect an area of one’s life in which there is a great deal of pain and it will be enduring pain. The pain can be mitigated through a relationship with God, but that is the only thing that can heal it, in my opinion. Even so, I think the pain will always be there at some level while we are on the earth. Please, find my articles on the houses of Chiron, so you can understand this planet. When I help a person to understand his Chiron, I get a sigh of relief from that person.

9.The Moon is one’s heart. It is that simple. I do not believe( and have gotten into many fights about this when I was immature and still fighting) that people with Moons squared can live together. Caveat—–I mean without killing each other. I had a classic example of this with a girl who fought me tooth and nail that her boyfriend and she were able to defy this rule. Later, she told me that he tried to strangle her. Did I say ” I told you so?” No.

10.Pluto in the 12th house will have a very hard time with assertion. The “she is sooo nice” syndrome often results from this placement. I have learned that if someone is too nice, they are a stuffer. I know of what I speak being the “stuffer of the Zodiac—-Mars in Cancer.

11. The most passionate aspect and one in which grown men become bumbling idiots is Nessus conjunct a personal part of the chart of the other. It could be Nessus conjunct the Sun, Moon, Venus, the ASC, MC etc—anything that matters to the personal planet native. I have been through this once and I cringe to think of the trouble I could have gotten into if God had not saved me. This is the topic of my short story—-My Panther Noire”. Everyone needs to have one Nessus relationship to see how they would act if they were totally insane.

8 thoughts on “More, More Tips From an Experienced Astrologer

  1. amiannMimi

    I awoke this day to find I did not take enough Zen last night. Woe is me. Where has my kicking k gone.
    Everything is soooo gorgeous, lovely beautiful, stunning. Etc,etc.
    Oh well!

  2. amiannJo

    I am dating my friend of years who has a Cap Venus. He bought a house but didn’t want a fixer upper! Whoever did it last detailed it with lots of wood and wood panel ceilings – I had to chuckle at your comment! Maybe i’ll try to surprise him with linen duvets. (lord knows the Cap Venus they won’t retire anything old either)

  3. amiannS

    Maybe it’s due to the Saturn and broad Uranus influence on my Venus, but I don’t feel like my taste is that of a Sagittarius. I love antiques. Everything I have collected is from 75+ years ago and the designs I want for my dream home are from old ads I collect. I only have a handful of modern appliances in my kitchen, where I spend most of my time. My environment is very relaxing and I prefer staying in for a home cooked meal and movie instead of going out and exploring. People often think I’m weird – My personality, my interests – but I like my classic taste. I can’t escape this feeling, like I was born in the wrong era.

  4. amiannAnna

    both of my sons have mars in Scorpio (exactly the same degree LOL) and one of them 3 planets in Scorpio with Scorpio ASC. But both are Libras and Libra venus, and they are not even that outgoing….LOL, yet I know that I am with them, girls are always taking a quick look at them…

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