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More Tidbits For Astro—Junkies

I love tidbits and I am an Astro–Junkie. I bet you are, too, so here goes. The more I do charts, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I share.

1. Watch the degree of the IC. In synastry, if a person puts his planet or asteroid on your IC, you will feel it to your bones. If it is Venus, you will feel loved. If it is Nessus, you will feel abused. If it is the Moon, you will resonate with his heart. If it is the Sun, he will bring you confidence. If it is Aphophis, he will emit a feeling of chaos that will go deep inside you. If it is Sado, he will be sadistic to you.

2. On your own natal chart IC, the same rule applies. In your early home, you will have the theme of that asteroid or planet. If it is Sado, someone in your early home was sadistic to you. If it is Venus, you were loved. If it is the Sun, you were given confidence. If it is Pluto, your early home was violent. If it was Mars, your early home had strife.

3.The Galactic Center (GC) is an important point. It has taken me a long time to understand it. I have my NN conjunct the GC. The GC represents the gateway to other dimensions. Someone with a strong GC, such as the Sun conjunct the GC, Moon conjunt the GC, Ascendant conjunct the IC etc will be interested in everything that has to do with other dimensions. I have studied OBEs(out of body experiences) and I disciplined myself to learn how to have them. This is an example of how the GC would function.

4.The vertex in the natal will show what other people will bring to you. If Pluto conjunct the vertex, powerful people will come into your life. If the Sun conjunct the vertex, people will bring you confidence. If Nessus conjunct the vertex, abusive people will come into your life.

5. The anti–vertex is what YOU bring to others. If you have the Moon conjunct the Anti-vertex, you will bring your heart to others. If you have Dejanira conjunct the anti-vertex, you will bring your victim self to others. If you have Mars conjunct the AV, you will bring drive to others. The anti vertex is the exact opposite point of the vertex.

6.The “bad” asteroids can make you strong, so don’t freak out about them. However, they are like a loaded gun, so handle with care. An example of this would be Nessus conjunct the Ascendant. This person will tend to be very abusive. Nessus conjunct the NN is the same. Nessus conjunct the Sun is the same, although this seems to be an aspect in many surgeons. They do need an inner strength to be able to cut into another human being.Sado does not seem as if it has redeeming traits. However, it is, likely, the same as Nessus.

7.Venus in any aspect to the Ascendant is an attractive person. With the positive aspects, such as the Trine, the beauty seems to be more classic. With the hard aspects, such as quincunx and square, the beauty is more edgy.The closer the aspect, the more attractive the person.

27 thoughts on “More Tidbits For Astro—Junkies

  1. amiannBonnie

    What a timing! Today north node 26° in gemini opposte GC…

    A while ago i studied black holes in charts, and the GC is 1 of them.
    The black holes (other dimensions) is were we attract, feel empty/ open or are hungry for.. here is were we see people acting strange too or influenced.
    Too share, the BH degrees:
    24 aries (13 april), 26/27 aries (16 april), 16 taurus (6 may), 24 taurus (13 may), 4 cancer (26 june), 28 cancer (21 july), 2/3 leo (26 july), 9 leo (1 august), 6/7 virgo (30 august), 9 virgo (2 sept), 1 libra (23 sept), 13 libra (6 oct), 28/29 libra (22 oct), 6/7 scorpio (30 oct), 3/4/5 saggitarius (25, 26, 27, 28 nov), 10 saggitarius (?), 17/18/19 saggitarius (10,11 dec), 26 saggitarius (18 dec), 4/5 capricorn (27 dec), 19 capricorn (9 january), 11/12 & 12/13 aquarius (1, 2 feb), 27/28 aquarius (17 feb) and 28 pisces (19 march).

    *Often on those dates you see something happening in the world were people act out.
    A good Black hole use can also inspire and be creative.
    A lesser black hole energy is destructive, depressed, greedy, etc.

    Opposite the GC you have the belt of orion, the hunter (the piramid window chamber of the queen direct towards Alpha draconis, belt of Orion)
    The king towards a massive black hole messier 42 NGC 1976 aka the nebula of Orion. Where new stars are born..

    Then you have masars (high voltage, psychic energy converter, they can be extreme erratic, violent, uncontrolled)
    8 taurus, 28 taurus, 7 gemini, 14 leo.

    Quasars (manifest purest essence, succes and achievements, they highlight consciousness, brilliance).
    10 aries, 5 taurus, 26 gemini, 8 cancer, 5 libra, 15 libra, 5 scorpio, 28 scorpio, 25 aquarius, 6 pisces.

    Pulsars (they give information).
    3 aries, 22 gemini, 24 gemini, 2 leo, 3 virgo, 18 virgo, 7 libra, 15 scorpio, 6 saggitarius, 24 saggitarius, 28 saggitarius, 27 capricorn, 29 capricorn, 9 aquarius, 10 aquarius and 16 aquarius.

    As i drew the visual chart for myself i saw opposite each black hole you have either a masar, pulsar or quasar. Theres always a way to learn of black hole energy.
    The coincidence (is it?) When i studied black holes, all the sudden i saw on tv “black lives matters” propaganda.
    Their initials BLM reminds me of BML black moon lilith.
    Mine is 24° saggitarius close to GC my Neptune 26° r

    What does it mean in your personal chart?
    The black holes is where you attract.
    We all know a bit of depression too, i saw by myself in my progression chart my ascendant is now on 4° saggitarius and mc 2° libra.
    The last few years have been hard for me but i know it will change.
    In my natal i have more masar, quasar and pulsar exact hits.
    My moon hits a quasar/ pulsar.
    My mercury hits a masar, my ascendant nadir too it explains why i felt psychic when it was of personal need for me.

    Goodluck this new information gives you a new look on the outdated astrology that needs to evolve too.

    How does it effect you?

  2. amiannDena

    Woo hoo!! Ami Great post!!

    I have mercury on IC exact and my upbringing fostered my mind and of GREAT importance and particularity my beloved ability and GIFT to communicate with the world. I have got so much natural ability and flowing confidence as far as my ability to understand another persons communication method and to also be able to help people articulate feelings and experiences that have kept them in the dark for a long time. It is my greatest, greatest passion in life to do this in the name of service to others and it was fostered by my parents, especially my mother. (I have Jupiter conj Moon In Sagittarius in 1st house tribe Leo mars in 10th I believe that speaks to her encouragement)

    I also have Pluto and Nessus conj on my Asc degree and I love your description… loaded gun! Be a conscientious carrier and know that just because you can exhibit something doesn’t mean it is appropriate or good for you or any parties involved.

    Great post! Hope that you are as happy and well as possible given all the stress and change that we are all experiencing.

  3. amiannMiapapz

    My GC is exactly 1 degree trine my sun. It’s 2 degrees trine my mercury in the 9th house! My GC is conjunct my pluto rx in the 5th of sag as it’s also trine my AC in leo, adams rx, orcus rx, and bella rx which only the bella out of those is in virgo still in my 1st house with a far conjunct to my AC.

  4. amiannnicole

    would you consider a venus trine asc orb 7°03′ still valid/effective. i know some people say they don’t count anything past orb 5 and others say they go up to orb 8 for those. what are your thoughts?

  5. amiannS

    I have several of these.

    The GC conjuncts my Uranus. This is the first time reading about the GC, so I have no idea what to make of this placement. I’m not sure if I have ever been into other dimensions as I feel I can be too rational and sometimes rigid. Astrology is pretty radical for me. I will have to do my research.

    Venus widely squares my AC, by 7°. I would never describe myself as attractive (It’s not something I hear either), but I’m obsessed with how I look. It’s very difficult to look at a mirror and I rarely ever take pictures. I just see flaws and I hate my reflection. I just point out what I want to fix. My Venus conjuncts Saturn and both opposes my Chiron. I don’t know if I will ever feel comfortable in my own skin.

    I have Vertex conjunct my Sun. I also have Sado and Cupido conjunct my Sun as well. All in Aquarius. I don’t know if people bring me confidence. They often make me feel like garbage. I tend to stay to myself and try to go unnoticed.

    I have Nessus 4° away from my AC. Along with my Sado and Sun conjunction, I have had a long time to think about the meaning of these placements. Ultimately, I don’t feel that I’m abusive. I would never bully someone or hurt them just for the fun of it. I know intimately what that feels like and I wouldn’t inflict that pain on others.

    I do lose my temper though if someone is attacking me or someone else, especially children. The way I grew up – my environment at home, school and church – I had no choice but to be tough. I had to be in order to survive. If I didn’t have these placements… maybe I wouldn’t be here anymore. I can come off as intimidating to others because I don’t put up with drama. I can’t stand people who are mean and then play the victim when I call them out on their behavior. I encounter many people like that, almost as if I attract them.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW you have a variety of many different things. I would say you may be a player and a tease and you can be tough, which is not really bad. I can see the Venus sq ASC making obsession with appearance. You should consider getting your chart done because I can see you have some heavy hitter struggles. I am not promoting myself here. I don’t do that or need to do that xoxoxo

      1. amiannS

        I can be tough, but not out of pleasure. It’s more of people get on my nerves or don’t listen and I have to correct their behavior. Sometimes I end up doing the work by myself because it’s not up to my standards. One of my biggest pet peeves is repeating myself. Perhaps it comes off as nitpicking. When I say something, I expect it to be done the “right” way. I can’t help myself sometimes. Maybe that’s part of the Sado/sun conjunction.

        My Aquarius placements are in my 5th house. I’m definitely not a player, but I find both men and women mistake me for leading them on. Since I was a child, I’ve had a lot of men, including family friends who knew my parents and therefore my age, come on to me because I looked much older than my actual age. I’m not sure what I did though. I’m very modest and cripplingly shy. I’m not much of a speaker. I don’t dress or act in a way that would bring that on. I guess I just give off some kind of energy. I don’t like the attention at all.

        I have been thinking about getting my chart done for the past few years. I think I’m scared to be judged. Maybe if you have the time, I will do it this summer.

  6. amiannKJ

    Your insight and knowledge about astro is simply outstanding. I love reading your blog posts & particularly agree with your thoughts on how important the moon is in synastry (love your thoughts on moon trine moon!). I’ve learned a lot from you.

    What would you say about moon trine IC and Juno conjunct IC aspects in a synastry chart?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you SO much! Moon trine IC may not be that strong. A conjunction would. Juno conj IC would be the Juno person being very loyal to the IC person

  7. amiannFaith

    I loved your block! My pluto in scorpio conjuct my vertex.I have some people in my life who i felt like i knew them and loved them even before i met them.This is a crazy and amazing pattern in my life,i met many members of my spiritual family.I have also my moon, descedant and n.node conjuct GC and am a psychic with astral sight.

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