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More Tidbits For Your Enjoyment

People seem to love the tidbits, so I have some more. Some are oldies but goodies. These are the classics like Mars in Scorpio. My new readers should have the opportunity to study these. I have new ones, though, that come from doing more charts. Here goes.

  1. Mars in Scorpio is always sexy. I don’t care if he looks like a troll. I am not saying Howard Stern looks like a troll, but Mars in Scorpio makes him sexy as a red corvette.
  2. Venus trine Moon in the chart of a man is always charming. He truly appreciates women and they know it. He has many female friends and prefers women to men.
  3. Aphophis conjunct Mercury does not know his proverbial derriere from his elbow. Prince Harry has it, as does James Comey. Their thinking is “off”. They cannot see long term consequences well. Harry married a psychopath. James Comey went on numerous talk shows when he was “guilty as sin” and should have known to stay home and hide under a bush.
  4. Aphophis conjunct Venus has a love life that does not work. It is beset by chaos, no matter how hard he tries. It is just the stars, Dude, and not your fault.
  5. Chiron in the 7th house has great pain with love. It is simply the nature of the planet of pain in the house of marriage.
  6. Jupiter conjunct the Moon has an inner glow that manifests as great charisma, often. Johnny Carson had it and he is the poster boy for charisma.
  7. Neptune conjunct Mercury is the classic aspect for a writer. Stephen King has it. Neptune trine Mercury is the same
  8. Pluto trine Mercury is very perceptive. Don’t pee on his leg and tell him it is raining( a la Judge Judy)
  9. Uranus conjunct Mercury is a brilliant person, but his mind may race in an electric manner. Queen Elizabeth has this. She has to be brilliant to deal with all the screw ups in her family.
  10. Uranus conjunct the IC is a sign of an unsafe and scary childhood.
  11. Pluto conjunct the IC is the sign of violence in the childhood.
  12. Sado conjunct the IC is sadism done to the child
  13. Lilith conjunct the Ascendant is always sexy.
  14. Lilith conjunct the MC is sexy but does not want to be known as a sex symbol. She wants to be “liked for her mind”, so to speak.
  15. Aura conjunct Dejanira appears to be easily taken advantage of. She may not be. One has to see the rest of the chart to know, but she appears to be a victim type
  16. Chiron conjunct the Ascendant is, usually, bullied. Kate Middleton has it and she was bullied as a child
  17. Mercury square Neptune is prone to live in a world of delusions.
  18. Mercury square Uranus feels like his mind is attacking him.
  19. Venus in any aspect to the Ascendant is beautiful.
  20. Unaspected Mars has a terrible temper!

12 thoughts on “More Tidbits For Your Enjoyment

  1. amiannStacie

    Great info! I have mars in Scorpio, moon trine venus, venus sextile ascendant, mercury conjunct uranus (and can confirm the mind can’t stop and bad anxiety) but my lilith is exactly opposite my MC so conjunct my IC. How would that change the meaning?
    Thank You!

  2. amiannTruther

    Trump has Neptune square Mercury. He definitely lives in a world of delusion and lies. People who love him are blinded to his lies by their own chart’s aspect to his Neptune.

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