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More Tidbits From a Lazy Girl Astrologer

I am sorry I have not written an article for some time.I have not answered the comments for some time. I am very, very sorry. I answered all of them, I think, and am here if you want to comment on my articles. This is the best way to ask me questions. I am not on Facebook very much. The censorship is too hard to deal with. It is very frustrating!

The other reason for my being MIA, to some extent because you can get me in my e mail, is that I have been trying to be good enough on my guitar to play and sing in public. I can’t tell you HOW hard it is for someone who has been sexually abused to let go. YIKES. However, I have been going through your great comments and I am so glad to have you in my astro family that I wanted to say hello and offer some of the new things I have learned. I love doing charts and it is my honor to do your charts. I learn so much from you and appreciate your reading my website and getting a chart if you want. It is about serving you the best I can. That is my honor! Onto the article.


1.Pholus conjunct the Sun is super annoying. I want to pull my hair out when I hear them talk. There is a famous U Tube Christian person with this and I almost scream when I listen to her channel. Her dad was HORRIBLE to her, which makes sense because Pholus makes everything explosive. Her relationship with her dad exploded her life, so to speak.

2.If your Nessus conjuncts the Sun of another person, you will want to abuse them. You may not do so, but the urge will be there.

3.Squared Suns in synastry make it hard to live with someone. You see the world very, very differently. It is like Felix and Oscar in tne “Odd Couple”. Square moons make it impossible. Don’t argue with me. It will come true in time even if you think he is the hottest thing since sliced bread now.

4.An Unaspected Mars will have a temper that is BAD. If it is Cardinal, it is worse. Mutable is the best one to have, but it is still bad.

5. Jupiter makes worse that which it touches if the asteroid is bad. So, Sado conjunct Jupiter would make one more of a sadist. Nessus conjunct Jupiter would make one more of an abuser etc

6. Jupiter makes better that which it touches if it is a good asteroid. Juno conjunct Jupiter would be a very loyal person. Ceres conjunct Jupiter would be a very loving person.

7.The Fixed star Algol is trouble. When it conjuncts the Moon, you abuse yourself. When it conjuncts the Sun, Mars, MC or Algol, you abuse others. Trump has it conjunct Algol. GULP

8. Bellona is the goddess of war. I have her conjunct a Cancer Mars, which tends to be a shut down Mars. However, Bellona makes one a fighter. Don’t mess with me unless you have a gun!

9.That which conjuncts your Aura asteroid is what others see in you but it may not be real. For example, you could have Dejanira conjunct Aura as I do and appear weak but other placements, such as the above, could make you strong, in actuality.

10. That which conjuncts your NN will be a theme of your life. If Nessus is there, you will be an abuser unless you have many, many aspects for being a sensitive person. If you have Ceres there, you will be loving. So, find out the meaning of the asteroids ( and planets) conjunct your North Node

32 thoughts on “More Tidbits From a Lazy Girl Astrologer

  1. amiannSolLibra

    So good to see you back! Ami. I have missed your insightful articles. Wishing you success in your music too.

    Algol is a tricky one, isn’t it? Doesn’t it come from the Arab ‘Al Gul’, the same root of ‘ghoul’? I know that Amber Heard has Venus and Black Moon Lilith conjunct Algol – enough said!

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. amiannRebeca

    Ami hi! I have aura conjunct to Uranus and neptune, do I seem otherworld or something? i read that Algol conjunct sun also signifies victory upon your enemies. hahaha i might have it and I am worried, do you consider a 4 degree conjunction when it comes to fixed stars? I saw somewhere that it’s only considerable 2 degrees at most! thank you anyway, love your tidbits.

  3. amiannS

    Good to read a new post!

    I have Nemesis conjunct Algol. They don’t make aspects to any planets in my chart though. If I was born an hour earlier, it would conjunct my MC. Amazing what difference a short amount of time makes.

    Interesting that Trump has it conjunct his MC. Maybe he needs it to be a tough, commanding leader. I don’t want a gentle person running things. You have to be intimidating and have a strong presence to deal with other countries, leaders/dictators, domestic issues, etc. They know you mean business. People seem to be very uncomfortable with that. Even the people I know who voted for him have a visceral reaction to him, but they also liked all the perks that came with his presidency.

    I have Bellona and other asteroids conjunct my north node. It’s a really busy point in my chart. I found another one, Phaethon, 3° away from it. I’m on my way to figuring it out, but I don’t want to deal with it for the rest of my life. It seems tiresome to fight all the time, but it’s telling me I have to deal with it.

      1. amiannS

        I’ve been obsessing over dark asteroids for the past few weeks. Phaethon (3200) stands for impulsive behavior, recklessness, self destruction and arrogance. In mythology, he was the son of Helios.

        I’m not sure how it has played out in my life. I have Eris and Bellona there as well and in some ways, they all have a similar theme. I hope I don’t do anything stupid that will get me in trouble.

  4. amiannLloyd Schley

    I will send you a personality profile of 2-3 people for your comments. I am not much interested in whether you approve, agree, disagree or whatever. At 70 I have lost interest in impressing anyone. I always liked Flip Wilson’s line, “what you see is what you get”.

    I complement you on carrying on in spite of your abuse. It takes courage. I know others who were self destructive because of such things. Whatever I carry. Is harder to define as it comes from past lives some of which were dark.

    One of the profiles will be Trump and another will probably be Biden. Trump because he has all 9 symptoms of narcissism listed in DSM-5. His chart shows numerous inclinations as well. While I was i graduate school for clinical psychology i happened to have a girlfriend who also was like that and I must have read through at least 70-80 research papers on it. When trump showed up in 2015 his behavior had a familiar ring to it.

    My astrological thinking is similar to Jeffrey Wolf Greene but my writing style is not as obtuse. Anyway, have a nice day and was a bit heavy when I first responded a couple of years ago I apologize. I was raised in a fundamentalist household and grew up rebellious as it was the only way I could keep from being suffocated. I’m not rebellious now as I have a life that suits me. This is more of a comment to you and you need not post it.

  5. amiannElyse

    I assume you’re referring to Joyce Meyer in your Pholus description. She has said herself many times that she always hated the sound of her own voice.

  6. amiannS

    I found the Child asteroid conjuncts my Jupiter, in Pisces, 7th house. They square Uranus. Given what I’ve read it seems like a positive thing.

    I live in my mind. I’ve always been a deep daydreamer and have an overly vivid imagination. My dreams, especially the nightmares, feel very real. I had one last night that took a lot out of me. I sometimes have to remind myself that they never happened. As a child, my daydreaming would get me in trouble because I didn’t pay attention to the task at hand.

    I don’t see the correlation to the 7th house though. It feels like it’s all in my head.

      1. amiannS

        At this point, I’m used to the shakeups. As long as it’s not violence related, I think I can handle whatever Uranus throws at me. My life has changed so many times… If I suddenly became homeless or lost my job or went through a natural disaster, then I can easily move on from it and start over. It’s almost second nature for me.

          1. amiannS

            I’ve been thinking long and hard about living minimally, weighing out the pros and cons of the lifestyle. I might live in my car for a year and discover America. Maybe even find a place to settle down. I don’t think I would enjoy living in a tiny house or a car, but I could save money and live comfortably later on.

  7. amiannR

    I have NN conjunct my Ceres and Uranus. You already explained what the Ceres meant, but would the Uranus mean a theme of eccentricity and rebelliousness? And I also have Aura conjunct my Moon. I’m a little confused on that one. Could you help explain that?

  8. amiannGabi

    Hello Amiann, how are you?, excuse me, I’m coming from Lindaland, I don’t know how to contact with someone formally (I can’t from the “Contact Us” button) but I tried to add a reply and post something in the Asteroid Astrology forum and I couldn’t, I saw you as one of the moderators and wanted to know if you could help me please?, thank you.

    By the way, I have some time reading your blog, and I love it, you taught me basics about asteroids :^)r

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much, As far as LL, I really don’t work on the inner workings of LL. I am sorry you are not able to use the contact us button. I wish I could help but that would be an issue for Randall! Do you have a personal asteroid question I could help you with?

      1. amiannGabi

        Not really, I have a time studying them and wanted to join the chat with you on LL;’). For example, a thing I’ve noticed about them is that using them in groups show much more than individually, and for investigating something, is better using at least two about a same theme, also, personal name asteroids always tell much more. I think you’ve used them before like this in your Robin William’s death’s investigation.

        Do you know somebody who I can email or contact alternatively?

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