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The Nature of Your Pain——Ten Chiron Conjunctions

People ask me why I, primarily, use conjunctions as examples in my articles. The reason is so that my articles will be better teaching devices. YES, other aspects do count. However, the orbs must be smaller. The meaning of the other aspects may differ from the conjunction. Hence, it would take me a whole other article to describe the trine, the opposition and the square. I stick with the conjunctions because you will learn the most in the simplest way—always my goal. In this article, I will describe several Chiron conjunctions. Some I have seen in chart, recently, thus, sparking this article.

1. Chiron Conjunct the Nemesis Asteroid
In this aspect, the native’s pain is related to betrayal from those who are expected to be loyal friends and family.

2. Chiron Conjunct Mercury

The naive has pain with his thinking and/or communication style or methods. Some examples may be ADD( attention deficit disorder).Other possibilities include dyslexia, extreme shyness, a stutter, a lisp or any sort of a learning disability.

3. Chiron Conjunct Venus
The native will have pain with love. The degree of the orb will indicate the severity of the pain. An exact orb would be much harder than a six degree orb, for example. You may apply this principle of orbs to any conjunction, at all.

4. Chiron Conjunct Sedna

This aspect indicates pain due to betrayal by the father and later in life, other men. This pain picture would be the same, regardless of the sex of the native. In other words, the men would experience rejection from their fathers and future spouses.

5 Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant
I have discovered( I think it was I who discovered this) that Chiron conjunct the Ascendant is severe bullying in childhood. I have not seen it mentioned by another astrologer. At any rate, the orb is very important here, as to the nature of the severity of the bullying.

6. Chiron Conjunct the Asteroid Moira
The native may feel he is fated to be in pain and/or his pain may feel fated for some life purpose.

7. Chiron Conjunct Kaali
I have seen this with several clients. There is a sense that pain is as ever present as is breathing. Pain seems to permeate the very pores of the native. Kaali is the energy body, the ki, so this makes sense

8. Chiron Conjunct Ceres

The native was not, likely, nurtured by the mother. The child may not have experienced any form of true,unconditional love.

9. Chiron Conjunct the Moon

This aspect indicates great pain in the relationship with the mother. Later on, there may be pain with one’s own emotions, such that one’s emotions seem to hurt, continually, as if one has a damaged foot or hand.

10. Chiron Conjunct the Sun

This aspect indicates great pain with the father. Later on, there may be pain with self assertion. One’s basic confidence level may seem compromised, as a result of the relationship with the father.

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