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Part Two—-WHY Some Signs are Hard for Some Planets?

People seem to like this article. It embodies my goal—having fun and learning astrology at the same time. So, we are onto Part Two.

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries is in the Detriment. Venus in Aries has an interesting quality. When in love, the women become like men and the men become like women. What do I mean, you ask? Well, the Venus in Aries men may seem like they are the aggressors, but in reality, they like to be chased. The Venus in Aries women are the most aggressive of all Venus signs when it come to “going after your man”.
If you understand this about the Aries Venus, you will be way ahead of the game.

Moon in Capricorn

I have the Moon in Cancer( it’s Home). Capricorn is the Detriment position for the Moon. I, sometimes, am jealous of the Capricorn Moon. They seem to be OK with putting head over heart. I feel guilty when I do so.(Cancer Moon is the Queen of Guilt) I admire the Capricorn Moons because they seem wise in the ways of the world. Honestly, they seem to develop a hard shell. It is not that they do not have a sensitive heart because they do. I think they know how hard the world is: have few illusions about the world. Hence, their expectations of others are not too high. This is really a good trait. However, the associated “hardness” that accompanies may not be a good thing. I suppose one should strive to keep one’s heart open to love and life, even if hurt is the result. Those are my musings on the Capricorn Moon. It is in the Detriment, which shows us that Capricorn, the sign of the realist and the no nonsense native, may not be the most comfortable place for the Moon. It seems that many of my friends are Capricorn Moons. We are, often, attracted to our opposites.

Sun in Aquarius

The Sun is at Home in Leo, so it is in the Detriment in Aquarius. Aquarius is said to be interested in greater humanity and not very comfortable with open expression of emotion to those who are in her back yard. I find this to be the case. The Sun is one’s ego. Leo has a wonderfully strong ego. That is why the Sun like to be in Leo. Aries has a strong, confident ego, too. That is why the Sun is Exalted in Aries. Aquarius is simply not confident and “center stage” as are Leo and Aries. Hence, the ego of the Aquarius native may not be his best trait.

Venus in Virgo

Venus is Exalted in Pisces. A man with Venus in Pisces can make you feel “oh so special”. Venus in Virgo is in the Fall. I am a Venus in Gemini. Venus in Virgo is square to Venus in Gemini .I think I react more strongly to Venus in Virgo because it is square to my Venus, as well as square to my Gemini stellium. Keep in mind that those signs that are square to our personal planets may make us prickle. We may find it very hard to see “eye to eye”. If a person really irritates you; if a person does not seem to understand why you do the things like you; if a person looks at you like you are a zoo animal, you may have personal planets in square aspect to theirs.

However, one man’s passion is another man’s poison. So, for some people the man with Venus in Virgo would be the “cats meow”. Venus in Virgo would be down to earth. He would be excellent when it came to performing and valuing earth bound tasks Earth bound tasks are very necessary.(See what happens if you don’t do them). Venus in Virgo would be very considerate in things such as cleaning up for you after you have had a long day, nursing you when you are sick or helping you with the child care tasks. Yes, some men won’t.(No, I am not telling you which ones).

Venus in Virgo LOVES beauty. This can be good and bad. He appreciates your beauty, but he may value beauty too highly and base too much on beauty.I think his biggest struggle may be thinking that someone out there is the perfect partner. Every partner gets old, figuratively and literally. Therefore, everyone must accept that the beauty of their partner, and all beauty, fades. The same goes for “sterling qualities”. When one knows a person very well, one sees the warts. These lessons should be things that the Venus in Virgo( as well as all of us) should take to heart.

One caveat to keep in mind when you read these articles. The Fall and Detriment positions are, simply, difficult. And remember, we all have a few. One’s chart does not made one a “bad” person. One’s chart is one’s earth suit. God gave everyone struggles and gifts. I think our chart struggles were given to humble us, so we would find God.

2 thoughts on “Part Two—-WHY Some Signs are Hard for Some Planets?

  1. amiannAdriana

    I noticed that people with a capricorn moon can also suffer a lot if they put head over heart. Following your head instead of your heart also has consequences for them. Especially if they have other more sensitive placements (cancer for example) in their natal chart. I think it depends on how developed a person is, but lunar capricorns can be very selfish and cold hearted. It’s defintely not my favourite moon sign.
    Venus in aries women, chasers for sure!

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