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People Who Overcome——Ten Aspects That May Help To Explain Why

I was thinking about resilient people. I am an avid reader. I used to read only fiction, my favorite author being Stephen King. However, I read the autobiography of Gelsey Kirkland, a famous ballerina. This book hooked me on autobiographies. I have read Steven Tyler’s, Mia Farrow’s and Eric Clapton’s, so far. I am currently reading Greg Allman’s.Afer I read a book, I check the natal chart of the author.

One thing I observe about many of these famous people is that I have had a worse childhood than many of them. How did I stay resilient, although I am not that resilient, lest I present myself as something I am not. However, if I told you all that I have been through, I think you would think I was resilient. Some of the aspects I list are from my chart and I will tell you when this is the case. Some are from the charts of others.

1. Asteroid Bellona Conjunct Mars(exact)

I just discovered that I have this. Bellona is the goddess of war. I can be very strong when I need to, although I have a Mars which does not do well with anger—-Mars in Cancer.

2. Sun Trine Uranus

This aspect confers brilliance without the excessive, electric racing monkey mind of Uranus in hard aspect i.e Uranus conjunct the Sun, oppose the Sun or square the Sun. Brilliance helps one to overcome because one can get lost in books, study subjects, have a genius bent with songwriting or other kinds of writing, for some examples. People who are resilient usually have escapes. Sun trine Uranus will, likely, have interesting escapes.

3.Moon Trine Uranus

This native can think for himself. More so is the fact that he can handle his emotions, even if the emotions are kind of whacky.

4.Pluto Trine the Sun

I have this. This aspects confers primal strength. It helps one be in touch with one’s basic, primal nature, as well as have an intuitive understanding of primal impulses, in general. The father may be a positive source of providing inner strength to the native.

5. Ninth House Stellium Without Saturn or Chiron

I have a Ninth House stellium in Gemini with the following planets—The Sun, Mercury and Venus. The South Node is also there.This stellium helps one to have many intellectual escapes. Escapes are important when one has a stressful childhood. This stellium will, likely, produce an avid reader.

6. Unaspected Venus

I have this aspect. This aspect confers easy social graces. If one is to escape a stressful childhood, one has to be able to make friends outside one’s home, so one has a place to which one can escape.

7. Moon trine Venus

This is a classic charm aspect. A person with this aspect will succeed well in social situations. Hence, he will be in the above category i.e able to escape his childhood home due to friendships with others.

8. A Chart Without Too Many Very Hard Aspects

I do find a great difference in the difficulty of charts. Sometimes, one needs to see the asteroids to see the struggles. This is the case for me. I have some heavy hitter “bad” asteroids, such as Sado conjunct the IC, exact. This shows a childhood in which I did have to struggle with sadism toward me from a family member. However, everyone does seem to have these kinds of struggles, although they do differ greatly.

I could say it like this. Everyone has some rotten fruit. For some, it is rotten apples. For some, it is rotten grapes. I hope you get the point.The people with very, very hard charts, such as a Grand Cross, may give up. I have one client who had this kind of hard chart and he did give up. This is not to say that everyone with a hard chart gives up. However, people with very difficult charts do seem to have a harder battle in life.

9.Pluto Trine Mercury

This aspect gives keen intuition. Keen intuition helps one to survive a difficult childhood because the native can see below the surface.

10.Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives seem to have an inherent strength. One can see their strength in the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Are you a person who has a strong Pluto in his chart?

Are You Plutonian?

Asteroid Bellona

Asteroid Belladona—28

13 thoughts on “People Who Overcome——Ten Aspects That May Help To Explain Why

    1. amiannAdriana

      I totally agree with you! I don’t understand why this aspect is not mentioned in this article. The most powerfull pluto aspect is a Pluto sun conjunction (especially if the orb is small). It is also a pretty rare aspect, I am talking about the tight conjunction of only 0-2 degrees. These people have a lot of power. Of course this power can be used in different ways, for good and for bad. If they want they can overcome a lot! Some people with this conjunction may also abuse their power. Anyway it is a very powerfull aspect! Some may not even look like they have that much strength, because of their ascendant, but they do. People with pluto conjunct their ascendant appear to have a lot of strength, this doesn’t mean they really do. Some may others don’t.

      1. amiannAdriana

        I forgot the mention that not only the house where the pluto sun conjunction falls in is important. The house of the ruling planet of the sign of pluto and the sun plays a role too. So if you have a sagittarius pluto-sun conjunction look at Jupiter in the natal chart. If it is a libra pluto-sun conjunction look at venus and so on. People with this conjunction are not always aware of their power when they are young. They will become more aware of it when they grow older. My pluto-sun conjunction (orb 0.25) in libra (venus in libra in the first house) helped me overcome very difficult and dark periods in my life. I also have the ability to see people’s real motives. For that reason it’s very difficult to mislead me. I am in my thirties now and I am more aware of my pluto power. I’ve started to embrace my plutonian side. I realize now that this pluto aspect helped me too focus when my mutable mars in the third house and a difficult saturn aspect in my natal chart let me down.

  1. amiannA

    I can not find Belladona in the list of Would love to see where that is in my chart. Regarding Sado: I attract men who want me to dominate them. I have Lilith conjunct my son in Scorpio and Venus (virgo) conjunct Pluto (libra). At the moment I have a realy hard time to detach myself from a men who has his ACS conjuncts his Lilith and Sado, conjunct my sun. He activates my Lilith very much, but most of all I want equality in relationships. It feels repulsive to me to dominate someone. The father of my son has his pluto conjunct my venus, also a lot of inequaltiy and major injustices there.

      1. amiannA

        Is it 695 Bella…? There is no Belladona there. But I noticed a 2 degree conjunct with the Neptune of a man I can not get out of my head. Very creative and inspiring man. His Lilith ASC is also conjunct my Bacchus / Ixion Sun.

  2. amiannMiapapz

    I overall don’t have a tough chart as it consists on mostly very positive aspects especially when it comes to my exalted chart ruler, but I do have a kite. As a kite person, I never ever give up. My grand kite has all masculine zodiacs as my grand trine includes sun 25 degrees conjunct mercury rx in the 9th house at 28 degrees of aries, AC leo 22 degrees, and pluto sagittarius in the 5th house rx at 22 degrees. The grand kite consists of those along with my DC 22 degrees conjunct my moon in aquarius 28 degrees. I also have moon aquarius conjunct my uranus pisces at 5 degrees though my uranus isn’t apart of the grand trine.

    Thank you for this knowledgeable article. Namaste.

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