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The Quincunx—Is it A Hard Aspect?

I am the kind of astrologer who needs to get behind the eyes of the aspects. In other words, I am not really comfortable talking about something I have not experienced. One has to extrapolate because one cannot experience all signs and aspects. However, I am at my best when I can talk from my gut, not simply my intellect. I am a Cancer Moon. At heart, we are very “gut feeling” kind of people. With that being said, I think I have a “read” on the quincunx.

I am very close to someone with a quincunx Mars. I am a Cancer Mars. He is a Sagittarius Mars. At first, I thought that this was a positive aspect. Cancer Mars likes to stay bedridden. Sagittarius Mars loves to travel. I thought that Sagittarius Mars would help the Cancer Mars get out of her armchair and the Cancer Mars would tame a bit of the wanderlust of the Sagittarius Mars. Well, this did happen. So, in that sense, the quincunx is positive.

The quincuncx does force both people to change: push themselves out of comfortable patterns. However, it is not pleasant. The Cancer Mars is angry she cannot hide from the world world in her nest. The Sagittarius Mars is angry that he cannot exist on an perpetual cruise around the world. However, as I write this, I am still not certain about the nature of the quincunx aspect. Is it positive or is it negative? We all have to change. Most of us have to be forced to change. If you have a quincunx aspect with another person and it involves personal planets, you will be forced to change. Change or bust. Change or walk out the door. *Sigh* Over and out.

4 thoughts on “The Quincunx—Is it A Hard Aspect?

  1. amiannPhillip Maxwell

    The quincunx is threeness (ease,harmony, enjoyment) through fourness (difficulty, challenge) or it’s fourness through threeness. Thus you either find yourself enjoying difficulty or find yourself thinking things will be easy and finding difficulty instead. It requires a widening of perspective, in an opposition we can see things dead on so becoming aware of what we need to encorporate is easier. In the quincunx what you need to see is right at the periphery and if you try to look directly at it, it stays right at the periphery. So you have to widen your vision to see the periphery more clearly.

  2. amiannT

    Yes. I have venus quincunx venus with someone. Gem – superficial, and Scor -deep. We had to mitigate each self standards. We concured even though unpleasant feelings. The hardest case i know was a couple. Lilith conjunct other sun and lilith. Vertex=mars. Mars exxactly square venus A bomb when they met. But quincunx is prominent in the synastry. Especially moon sun venus quincunx neptune (not DW). This, end up with a totally sad story. Quincunx is sad. The uncomfortable feelings from time to time will definitely kill both.
    Square is much happier as it happens, then everyone can see them. The dont try a long time, love little by little will lose

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