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Reasons I Do Not Think Harry and Meghan Markle Will Last—–Part Two

Let me say that I am basing my article on the charts, not a personal opinion. I think she is lovely and he is delightful. They have both been through a lot of pain. His, we know because we lived through the death of Princess Diana. Hers, one can see in her natal chart. Meghan and Harry have powerful and magnetic lust and attraction. However, marriage is not really about lust and passion. It is about heart connection. Without that, marriages either end or endure painfully—neither of which is a desired outcome. Let’s look a bit more at the synastry of Harry and Meghan. Someone asked me to do an article on the Composite. That will be next.

Meghan’s Chiron Conjunct Harry’s Moon and Meghan’s Moon/Saturn Conjunction

1. Meghan was not nurtured well by her mother. We see this in the Moon/Saturn conjunction. Harry, as we know, suffered the early death of his mother. Harry has what I call a “Semi Unaspected Moon”. His Moon makes one aspect, which is a lovely trine to the Sun, showing his parents were close at the time of his birth. This aspect shows that his own heart and his head work together. It is a lovely natal aspect. However, if the Moon has one lone aspect, it is similar to an Unaspected Moon, which shows pain and loss due to the mother. It reveals a person who needs nurturing very badly.

The synastry aspect that screams out at me as dooming for them is her Chiron conjunct his Moon. In these cases, the planet person(Harry) seem to reach out to the Chiron person(Meghan) for healing. At first, it is bliss. There is tremendous healing. One feels as if one has found one’s soul mate or one’s everlasting best friend. However, this is short lived. The people get so very vulnerable that one person seems to feel very burdened and tries to escape. The other person attempts to get him back, but it does not seem to work. Once Chiron relationships break, they seem to break forever. This is the nature of Chiron relationships. For Harry, Meghan’s Chiron could not be in conjunction with a worse planet. Harry needs lots of TLC and lots of comfort. I

2. Jupiter Square Jupiter

I touched on this in my last article but will elaborate. Jupiter is very much of one’s “thrust in life”. One needs a partner who has a similar “thrust” in life. If not, the household can run amok. I will give practical examples. Jupiter is, partially, about how much we embrace the risks of life. Some people save their pennies. Some people gamble them. Jupiter would show either of these tendencies. Some people love risk. Some people find waking up everyday enough risk(GUILTY). For a marriage, if there is a great discrepancy in these kinds of life postures, there will be trouble. Jupiter square Jupiter will become a factor in this marriage. One example that was mentioned on the news was that Meghan is a health nut like I am. She juices and does yoga like I do. Harry gave up bad habits for her, it appears. How long will this last with Jupiter square Jupiter?

3. His Saturn Squares Her Sun

Harry and Meghan need lots of love and support. We all do, but if you have poor or absent mothering, you need it more. Saturn is the stern father. Saturn in TRINE is a loving stern father. Saturn in square is the kind of father you want to run from. This kind of father can wound your heart by constant carping. These patterns are in the charts and not something either person or any person wants to act upon. They are deep energetic patterns.

4. Meghan’s Uranus Opposes Harry’s Moon

When I do charts, I find certain tender points.For Harry, one is his Moon, which represents his Mother, as we said. Uranus in opposition is very jarring.It makes for great ups and downs. For Harry, it will be his emotions that will ride a roller coaster and not in a good way. If Uranus were in trine, it would be a good kind of upheaval. Uranus can break old patterns in good ways, but not with the opposition and not when there are not many aspects for bonding and soul.

5. Harry’s Uranus Squares Meghan’s Venus

This aspect is a hard one for anyone. In this case, Harry will shake up Meghan in the love department. Meghan may feel she can’t do enough to please Harry. She may feel she is not pretty enough, does not dress well enough or does not act with good enough manners, to give some simple examples. As we saw in Number 4, Meghan will rock Harry’s emotions, but Harry will rock Meghan in her sense of how she feels about her own beauty and mannerisms. All in all, Uranus in hard aspect is very hard for anyone. People must have good, solid bonding aspects to overcome hard Uranus aspects and I don’t see them in this chart. I did not do my list of asteroids. We may see some lovely asteroid aspects. However, it is very rare that asteroids can overcome the planets.

13 thoughts on “Reasons I Do Not Think Harry and Meghan Markle Will Last—–Part Two

  1. amiannJennifer Brockwell

    I have some alternative ideas about your aspects…
    1. Meghan’s Moon Saturn conjunction, you have left out the other planet being Jupiter, it is too tight a stellium to ignore, and would flavour the moon Saturn conjunction differently, eg she might not think that she was capable of doing something, but with the Jupiter also there, she would say I’ll just do it anyway, give it a gamble, and being in Libra, I would think this would also say she would be flexible in relationships too. Which I think we have already seen, that cardinal energy, ready to get up and give it a go, her Mars also squares her Jupiter, which also has the ability to spur her into action. Her Mars is trine his Saturn, so he would be supportive of her actions.
    Chiron conjunct the moon. they have a second Chiron moon aspect too, Meghan’s Moon trines Harry’s Chiron, so with both Chiron moon aspects, there is balance and they both understand each other’s pain. And that is a lifetime connection, her moon is conjunct Saturn and Jupiter, which also has healing properties long term. Her Chiron is also trining his sun, so he is healed by her, and she by him. I see the planet person as the one doing the healing. Not the other way around. The Chiron person has the ability to hurt the planet person too, but with a dual aspect, it has a doubling effect from both parties, they nurture each other, fully aware of how they can also hurt them and avoid doing so. It is a very deep connection.
    2. Jupiter square Jupiter. Her Jupiter cannot be taken on it’s own when in a tight stellium, as it is conjunct her Saturn and her moon. Jupiter conjunct Saturn would have similar energies to Harry’s Jupiter in Capricorn, and with the Jupiter there to lighten and expand the energies, I feel the square would act as an energiser to energies that they both feel, and cardinal signs, would make them likely to work in tandem, and be able to understand each other better. the square is a call to action.
    His Saturn squares her sun, but his Uranus trines her sun, and so does his Mars. I feel there won’t be a dull moment, and they will work through issues, with lots of fiery energy, he will bring more practicality, she will bring more flair. A good balance for a team to work together.
    Meghan’s Uranus opposed Harry’s moon, it also opposes her Chiron, she is used to ups and downs emotionally, and now his emotions are also tied into it too. Uranus is often outside influences, which she has dealt with all her life, and so has he. Oppositions, are challenges to meet in the middle and learn how to deal with the energies, His south node is trine her north node, I think they need to work these things out in this lifetime. Her mercury is also trine his Uranus, so I think there will be lively discussions, but her Libra moon,(peace at all costs) may come into play when protocol demands.
    Harry’s Uranus square Meghan’s Venus, it also trines her Sun which can be a broadening of tastes to an international flavour for example, but supporting her in the differences, the square allows for growth while being supported at the same time with the trine.
    His north node trines her Vesta, so the home hearth is welcoming to him.
    It has to be said that in older astrology Virgo was looked upon as Leo’s handmaiden, and he will be happy in that role, supporting her as she supports and nurtures him as long as she never takes him for granted.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much for the well thought out comment. I am very glad you are here and please, keep commenting on any of my articles, my Friend.

  2. amiannIrina Souldina

    About `Saturn is the stern father`. TRINE is sooo bad!. I´ve Saturn trine my four planets-Moon Mars Venus Neptune. I hate my father, he beat me and humiliated me, sins I was small girl. .
    Jennifer Brockwell speaks more plausibly. Megan is a very strong woman with Sat.Jup. Moon conjuc.
    Ruled by Venus. Saturn is exalted in Libra and very positive. She wil be Harrys best friend and partner.

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      Irina, may I make a correction? Saturn by itself does not symbolize a father. The father is shown by the Sun. When Ami says “Saturn is the stern father”, she means “Saturn aspecting SUN makes for a stern father”. Thus, Saturn trine Sun is a loving stern father, while Saturn square Sun is a father with whom you have tensions. Your Saturn trines four planets, none of which is the Sun. Therefore, your relationship with your father, as violent as it is, is shown elsewhere in your chart.

  3. amiannSopha

    I also don’t believe this marriage will last. You left out her Neptune exactly square his Sun, there is also an element of deception.

  4. amiannCalifornia astrologer

    I feel bad for the poor girl. If she divorces Harry or he files for divorce then that means she’ll have two failed marriages under her belt, and she’s not even 40. It’ll be even worse than the divorce from her first husband because she now has a child. She has never had a strong male figure in her life. Just read or watch the news and you’ll see her dad denouncing her left and right 24/7. What a poor girl. Her sun is in it’s own sign of Leo and the sun rules the father, so you would think she’d have strong male role models all throughout her life, but sadly I do not think that has nor ever will be the case for Meghan.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I feel really badly for her too. When I write about her, I end up feeling really sorry for her. She simply didn’t know the royals were a prison. She does not have Jesus. Her thinking is not right. I have made a million mistakes too, so am not really judging her, although it may sound like I am. I am more explaining her

  5. amiannDee

    Meghan is 38, she is a grown woman. She was married before, and was living with a different man when she met Harry. At some point, she will have to take responsibility for her life choices. I am curious what in her chart shows why she has a pattern of ruthlessly discarding people who are no longer of any use to her?

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