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Relationships That Really CANNOT Work—Nessus Conjunct the Sun.

I base this article on a relationship I have with one person. I have known this person for many years. He does a service for me and we maintained a relationship and became friends, but we would not have been friends without our working relationship and if that ended, I doubt we would stay friends. However, this relationship is interesting because it has lasted for many years and I see many astrological aspects and how they function.

My Nessus is an exact conjunction to his Sun. His Nessus is conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint. I never trust this person, even though he has done many things that could merit my trust. He has done some things that would take away my trust though. He has a Pisces Moon. I do not think the Pisces Moon can be loyal when faced with adversity. Yes, I tell it as I see it. Don’t read my articles if you want platitudes and fluff.

In this relationship, I don’t think I will ever be able to really “like” this person. He has given me many reasons to like him. For the most part, he has done excellent work for me and has been a good friend. However, I don’t really like him or trust him. I have a wall up against him and I, always, have. I attribute this to my Nessus conjunct his Sun.

It is an interesting aside that I have needed to be very strong with him, at times. He would have taken advantage of me if I had not reared up my head in strength. I, also, have Bellona, the goddess of war, conjunct my Mars, thank goodness. However, the main point of this article is that the chart will really be at the root of any relationship. In a Nessus/Sun relationship, the Nessus person will never really like or trust the Sun person.

14 thoughts on “Relationships That Really CANNOT Work—Nessus Conjunct the Sun.

  1. amiannAnette

    I agree.

    My previous ex’s sun was conjunct my Nessus, close to the Descendant.
    I never really trusted him. And he could feel it!
    His Moon was conjunct my south node also, close to my Mars as well. It was some hefty sexual attraction!

    In the last phase of our relationship, he made me decididly nervous. Lump in my stomach, a knot or however you define it. I so wanted him to be the perfect partner, but he could not let me in, open up to me, emotionally. Our Moons was in a cardinal/elemental square, even though not exact to each other.
    But the elements (Cap + Libra) does not go well together.
    So, with Nessus in the game, I simply couldn’t trust him. He is not a bad man, he was good for me in many ways, I just couldn’t shake the weird feeling in my stomach.

      1. amiannAnette

        I can only say that when I read your articles about Nessus, I found my own and did the synastry – things started to make sense on a whole other level than before.

        The funny thing is, he was a good man. A really strong character. I thought it was due to his Saturn squaring my Venus/Sun/Jupiter, but after reading about Nessus, the feelings started to make sense.

        He dumped me on a text message, but now I’m together with a man where we have both our moons in the same sign, it falls in my 8th house together with his Pluto and my Pluto, and his Venus is in my 4th house.

        Also, his Mars/Saturn conjunction has an exact sextile to my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction, and his Jupiter is conjuct my Vertex, and also trine my lunar nodes. His Jupiter also falls in my 7th house.
        I have never felt a similar familiarity with anyone, and he has practically moved into my apartment after only a month of being a couple. The most weird thing is – it does not feel any kind of weird!

        His Sun is conjunct my NN in the 5th house – and my NN + his Sun falls conjunct on his Descendant axis (exact to the degree). We are both a little bit freaked out about talking of all the big stuff – marriage, buying a home together, moving in together and so on – but if there were anyone I would do that with, it could be him.

        We are both close to 40 years old, so we have been matured by various Saturn and Pluto transits, we are not kids anymore, so I think we have a good chance of lasting success here. Or so it feels. I can be myself completely with this guy and the synchronocity in thoughts and feelings (also a Merc trine involved here) are insane sometimes….

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You truly made my day because I could help you. I get a lot of harassing due to my being very honest. It is nice when my honesty really helps a person.That is so cool about your current relationship. I am so happy for you!

  2. amiannTee

    A soulmate-like love interest has a pisces moon AND his nessus conjuncts my ex’s sun. It totally makes sense why he ran despite never having even met my ex, doesn’t it?

  3. amiannGigiNYC

    I just realized a few days ago that my mother’s Nessus is exactly conjunct my Moon (at 5 degrees Taurus), and yet I wouldn’t describe our relationship as abusive…far from it, in fact. I’ve always felt that she’s one of the few people who understands me well (we’re a lot alike in many ways) and accepts me as I am.
    Granted, she does have a rather strong personality (as do I) and I did perceive her as somewhat critical and strict when I was growing up…but I’ve never had any reason to doubt or question her love and support.

  4. amiannTheresa

    I have come to the conclusion that nyctimene # 2150 is Nessus evil twin. If it shows up in Synastry con square or oppose personal planets RUN !

  5. amiannTheresa

    Nyctimene was the daughter of a prominent man who was seduced and raped by her father. She hides away in a forest due to shame and Athena turns her into an owl. It indicates abuse,incest and rape by father or father figure when it conjuncts personal planets in natal chart.

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