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Sex, Magnetism and Charisma

I know you all by now. You say you want House rulers. You say you want complex synastry but what you really want is sex, sex, sex. You win( in this article anyway)
I like my tidbits format. It is like going to a buffet and tasting every dish or going to a Chinese restaurant and sharing with others.I love that!

1, Always, always, always Lilith conjunct the Ascendant in either sex will be sexy. Also, they know it and use it. As I say this, I had one client who had this and was not sexy(according to her). I suppose it can happen once in a blue moon.

2. Lilith conjunct the MC is always sexy, too, but does not use it or really enjoy it.

3. The biggest tease of the zodiac is Medusa conjunct the Ascendant. I can sense this in a female. This woman is the proverbial–I will put my breasts in your face but you are a pig if you look.

4.Always, always, always Mars conjunct Venus has charisma in spades.

5.Beauty is seen by Venus in any close aspect to the Ascendant. The trine seems to be more wholesome. The square seems to be more edgy.

6.Apollo conjunct the Ascendant makes people look up to you—put you on a pedestal.

7. Of course, Mars in Scorpio in a man is deliciously sexy. I really can’t tell what it does in a female. It may make them too assertive but I am not sure about this.

8. Venus conjunct Eros is an erotic person but it is more subtle.

9. The Moon conjunct the Ascendant is a very attractive person. They have a childlike and innocent appearance. The men have that look that makes women want to mother them.

10.Nessus conjunct the Ascendant can be a very sexy person in a dark and dangerous way.

11. Ixiion conjunct the Ascendant has a “bad boy’ feel that women find attractive. Don’t shoot the messenger.

25 thoughts on “Sex, Magnetism and Charisma

  1. amiannJody

    Hey Ami. Always appreciate your articles, thank you! Can’t find much on the internet for these:

    What do you think of Medusa conj Midheaven for a man?

    Also, Apollo conj Midheaven for a woman?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Jody! Honored that you spend some of your time here!
      For Medusa, he may appear as a tease but he may not like this about himself

      For Apollo, people would think highly of her especially in career or how she is seen by others in her society

  2. amiannS

    I have Mars trine Venus by 5°. I don’t know if you consider that to be too wide. Would the trine aspect be a similar description for the conjunction?

      1. amiannS

        Well, I don’t know about “sexy,” but I do love beautiful things and am passionate about my interests. Maybe it projects a certain confidence others can see.

  3. amiannBonnie

    And Ixion R in scorpio in the ascendant for a woman? (Opposite her sun).
    I can say in my younger years, kids would see me as a bad … most things i stood up for was injustice.
    I also attracted quite some bad … guys, or witness the worst in people.

    Lilith in 1st, my babyboy has is and he always gets attention about his looks and intriging “dark” eyes, his lilith is conjunct chiron.

      1. amiannBonnie

        That was my worry too when i saw his chart. He has aquarius ascendant 15° (mercury 28° in aquarius), nessus 11° neptune 18° and sun pisces 21° and aries in 1st house lilith and chiron 4°in aries. 2nd house asteroid karma3811 1° taurus, uranus 4° and venus 6° taurus.

        Nn 4° cancer 5th house.
        Moon in huge 7th house libra.

        Mars on border 11th in capricorn 16°.
        His 12th house jupiter 21°, pluto 24°and saturn 29° in capricorn.
        That worries me too, he has what karma with his father?
        Or be careful of abuse of men?

  4. amiannAnna

    Lilith conjuncts my Capricorn asc I also have Medusa conj my MC in Libra. I agree with being somewhat disgusted by the attention I sometimes receive from men especially when I was younger. A

  5. amiannBonnie

    I know a close relative with mars in scorpio, pfff she has pms, can be very agressive, drama and digging up dirt in people, but sexy no, jealous yes.

    1. amiannTina

      Wow…that’s so interesting, Bonnie! I have Mars in Scorpio, but that’s definitely not how I roll! I’m wondering if her Venus is also in Scorpio, or Aries? Venus is debilitated in Aries and Scorpio, and the lower manifestation of Venus is envy. Due to Mars being the ancient ruler of Scorpio, it’s domicile. So, you would think well behaved, but, it is Mars we’re talking about!! I’m also wondering if she was born throughout the day? Mars is a night planet. A strong Mars placement in a day chart, can make the native out of control with Mars energy (anger, aggression and competition). I’ve also noticed very similar energy to what you’ve mentioned, from Mars Capricorn natives, with day charts. Or, Saturn (enemy planet to Mars) may be aspecting Mars. Please feel free to reply. I would love to hear more about her Mars placement 🙂

  6. amiannGabi

    Interesting article, I have Moon conjunct Eros;’), emotionality unites with erotism. Curiosly, I have my asteroid name (Gabriella) conjunct this pair too and I have to admit I’ve liked people with my same name, and have fondness with them. What about you?, where do you have your Eros Ami?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I know this cuz I have Venus conj Eros.I do not come across as erotic, I don’t think. I think I come across as wholesome but inside I am erotic. Thanks for your great comment, Gabi!

      1. amiannGabi

        You’re welcome;’). I just remenbered I have a friend who has that placement too (Venus conjunct Eros) and I think that’s her case too; she’s very cheerful on the outside. By the way, I’ve fixed my problem on Lindaland, so I can answer posts and publish others too. I’ve published two already

  7. amiannPlutonian

    I am an Aries ascendant in conjunction with my Lilith also in Aries. Like you said, indeed I am very aware of my sexuality and do use it to my advantage 🙂

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