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Shake It Up DUDE—-Uranus in Synastry

I have wanted to write this article for a long time. Now, I am doing a chart for a lovely girl and her Uranus conjunct her guy’s North Node. That got me inspired to write about some things I have learned about Uranus in synastry.

First of all, let’s discuss Uranus in general.Uranus rules electricity. Electricity is a brilliant invention. You surely appreciate it if you lose your electricity. However, electricity can be dangerous. Ask anyone who has every gotten an electrical shock. In the same way, Uranus shakes up that which it touches. If Uranus touches your Sun, your personality will be “different”. You may be an inventor. You may be an amazing song writer like Daryl Hall who has Uranus trine the Sun. If Uranus touches your Ascendant, you will look “different”. You may dress in a unique way, have pink hair or wear eyeliner if you are a guy. Uranus can be a large part of emotional illness. Uranus in hard aspect to Mercury makes for a mind that never shuts down.

In synastry, the subject of our article, Uranus shakes up the other person. For example, if the Uranus of one person conjuncts the North Node of the other, the Uranus person will break down the conventions of the North Node person. The North Node person will be shaken to his core.

If the Uranus of one person conjuncts the Mercury of the other, the Uranus person will shake up the mind of the Mercury person. The Mercury person will never be the same.

If the Uranus of one person opposes the Sun of the other, the Uranus person may be the more unstable partner. The Uranus person may want the Sun person to provide him with stability.

Uranus in synastry makes for a breathtaking first attraction. Both people may be swept off their feet. However, after attraction wanes( and it always does), soul must take over. Soul is Moons.

This is a brief article on Uranus. Blame my Libra Ascendent who is lazy.

26 thoughts on “Shake It Up DUDE—-Uranus in Synastry

  1. amiannkristl

    Rings so true for me. My Mercury and Uranus are sextile and it’s true that my mind never stops. If I’m not thinking I am playing a song over and over in my mind. If it’s a song, I go to sleep with it playing and wake up (more than once a night to go to the bathroom – an age thing!) with it playing. I can’t be hypnotized. Many hypnotists have tried, even those who teach hypnosis. It’s not gonna happen in this lifetime. Meditation? No way. So many people ask me if I meditate. Not a possibility. My mind can’t be still long enough. LOL

  2. amiannSilk

    Very interesting. I just had a breakup with a fellow whose Moon is conjunct my Uranus, Pluto and Sun. Uranus is also very important in his chart as it’s conj Neptune on his DSC and he also has Venus in Aquarius. And, as you can see, I have Sun conj Uranus so it’s important to me too. He yearned to be free and somehow felt our relationship was constricting but for me it was the strangest thing because I made a point of always encouarging him to take time to himself if desired and to go out with his friends at every invitation. It’s very confusing and sad for me since I tried very hard to *not* restrict him and yet he still felt that way. However, his Sun also conjuncted my Saturn and our 2 Saturns conjuncted each other as well.

  3. amiannLiza

    I feel very fortunate that Uranus only makes positive aspects in my chart. Uranus is in my 5th in Sag. Trine my Moon in the 9th and trines my Ascendant. I also have a sextile to Jupiter which is conjunct my DC. Generally my Uranus transits haven’t been bad. I have a stellium in the 9th (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) and that is where it’s been transiting for me. Lots of unexpected changes in moving, travel and education. Also got into astrology during this as well.

  4. amiannAlice

    Hey Ami,
    Happy Equinox!! Was just wishing for a new post from you and here it is.

    I have mars square uranus in the natal chart. yikes, what’s that suppose to mean?
    Sun square uranus in synastry? Is it always uranus who is unpredictable or can they bring that quality out of the sun person too?

  5. amiannSteven Turner

    So in Christian Astrology, Uranus is Abraham of the Abrahamic Covenant, and Mercury is Paul. It was Paul that spoke of doing away with the Abrahamic Covenant in various ways. When the Abrahamic covenant of the family of Japheth returns, Paul is shaken up and his words won’t ever be interpreted the same again. Abraham is a dedicated serious musician, and some people may not see him as stable because of that. Not all people understand the consistent dedication to the artistic influence of someone with the Chief Musician. Musicians are often loved in the beginning, yet it wears off when the music continues on and on. Come on now the music isn’t as loud as they thought, its Abraham after all.

  6. amiannAlejandra

    You are just amazing. I have been reading your blog for a long time, but never really posted a comment. Haha. I’m from Colombia and I love all the info you give. I have a big question. I met a guy, my Uranus conjunct his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars but the thing I cant understand is my lunar nodes make squares to the same planets and AC and my Chiron opposite the same planets and AC. I guess it’s something big but I’m not sure! I feel I have met the love of my life tbh. We have great connections. Venus conjunct Sun and Mars, Neptune conjunct Sun, moon Venus dw.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Uranus in conjunct is super attraction. You could maybe make problems to his reaching his goals but my main concern would be Moon to Moon. What do you have there? I am honored you spend your valuable time on my blog. Love, Ami

      1. amiannmaria alejandra rangel

        Hello Ami, There is nothing between in our moons. hahaha, I don’t know how to take that. I don’t know if it’s strange to see that connections Uranus conjunct that personal planets, North Node in square with the same ones, chiron in opposition to the same planets. Maybe the good thing is my conjunction saturn to his venus but his moon is square with my saturn. its kind i want him but i dont, really weird situation for me to commit.

  7. amiannPatti

    You wrote this for me!
    I have Uranus conjunct my AC, Sun, Mercury and Pluto (Virgo) In Synastry with current guy my Uranus conjuncts his NN and opposite his Pisces sun.
    My mom hates my blue hair extensions, I was called weird crazy in a good way growing up… I invent things.. my mind never stops… And I shocked the hell out of this man I date.

  8. amiannNeptune

    Thanks for article lazy Libra ascendant 😉
    How do you interpret his Uranus on mu descendant exact (conjunct Neptune). I feel very exited when he’s around me but is it good for a long term relationship? His Mars is also in my 7th house but not that close to DSC cups.
    My Sun, Mercury is on his Descendant.

  9. amianneyl

    We have Sun conjunct Uranus in composite, in davison and (as a double-whammy) in synastry. Do you think it’s an indication for short-term relationships? By the way, I don’t know if it means anything but there’s a huge age gap between us.

  10. amiannAprylDawn

    Hmm..wonder what (his)Uranus conjunct (my) South Node synastry means..when we also have reversed natal node signs (his n.node=Cap…my s.node=Cap)…AND his Chiron conjunct my Venus…his Sun conjunct my Vertex…etc lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      His Uranus conj your SN shows he will really shake up your world. His Chiron conj your Venus shows he will bring great pain to you in the arena of love but the Sun/vertex shows he will bring you confidence. I don’t think it can work long term with the Venus/Chiron

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