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Shake It Up———Interesting Info on Uranus in the Natal Chart

I like to make Astrology fun. People said they liked my last article on Uranus but said it was too short. I said that I was a Libra Ascendant. I am lazy, but I am Cancer Moon and I am guilty, so here is a longer article. I will link the shorter one at the bottom if you have not read it.This article is more in the form of tidbits which satisfies my Gemini desire for short bits of learning in easy to understand bites. Onto Uranus. Remember that Uranus shakes up that which it touches. Take that as a general rule. Think of it as electrical shock. The shock can be good, such as when you meet the love of your life and the floor opens or it can be bad, such as when you mind races so much that you wish you could shoot heroin to slow it down.

Uranus in The Natal Chart

1. When I look for signs of mental illness, the first thing I look for is Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mercury oppose Uranus or Mercury square Uranus. Through no fault of his own, the native has a racing mind. This is known as a “monkey mind” in meditation circles. I am sure we all suffer from this to a degree. However, the above native suffers from it more. It is a terrible feeling when your mind worries so much that you cannot shut it down. I am not saying these natives are mentally ill. I am saying that they have a challenge of a racing mind. On the plus side, they are, usually, extremely intelligent.

2. Venus conjunct Uranus or in hard aspect to Uranus( the square, opposition or quincunx) may make the person very commitment phobic when it comes to love. This is a classic aspect for the person who “keeps moving from one relationship to the next” or from one relationship to no relationship. Uranus, when we think in terms of electricity, shakes everything up. In the above case, their love lives go into a Waring Blender.

3. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant makes the appearance of the person different, unique or “weird” in some way. The person may like to shock people with their appearance i.e be covered with tattoos. The native may wear clothes that are very unique. Think of Alice Cooper. Does he have this aspect? I don’t know, but he can still be our “poster boy” for it.

4. Uranus conjunct the Descendant may make the native attracted to unusual partners. The partners may be from another culture. The partner may be much younger or much older. Also, Uranus conjunct the Descendant may make the native “phobic” about marriage. Uranus does not bode well to settling down.

5. Uranus in the 7th House may indicate divorce. Why? Uranus shakes up that which it touches. In the 7th House, it touches marriage.

6. Uranus in the 10th House

This is said to be a very hard mother. The mother may have been scary and unstable. Why Uranus in the 4th is not the mother, I am not sure. It may be. With the 4th and the 10th Houses, they can either parent. Usually the 10th is the dominant parent.

7. Uranus Conjunct, Square, Oppose or Quincunx the Moon

These natives may get bored very easily. They may find it hard to endure routine in a job or in anything. Their own emotions may feel like an enemy because they may seem very jarring.This is a very hard aspect. The mother may have been unstable, scary, mentally ill or something of this nature.

8. Uranus trine the Sun

This is my Daryl Hall aspect. His home is filled with piles of books( my perfect man) and he is, of course, a brilliant songwriter and soul singer. Uranus is wonderful in the right dosage. The right dosage is the trine and sextile. These aspects make for brilliance without the severely racing mind. Also, the father may have been an unusual person, but the scary, unstable part is not there. Daryl’s father was a singer.

9.Uranus in the 9th House

This native may be interested in Astrology. This native may be very open to different schools of philosophy and/or religion.

10. Uranus Conjunct Mars

This aspect is classic for the accident prone person. YIKES.

More information on Uranus in the natal chart–very simple!

What Does Uranus Do In The Natal Chart?

27 thoughts on “Shake It Up———Interesting Info on Uranus in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannAlissa

    Would you say venus/Uranus hard aspect would also cause to itimicy issues? I have the square and seem to so have a hard time letting other people get too close to me. I just shut down and run away from it. My venus/saturn opposition probably adds to it too.

  2. amiannAdriana

    I like this article, uranus is an interesting planet!
    I’ve got uranus conjunct my moon (orb is only 0.54) in sagittarius in the third house. I have mood swings and I am a freedom loving person. I like to do things my own way, but always with respect for others (I am a libra after all). I won’t do things just because other people are doing it. I’ve always followed my heart. I am a bit eccentric, but not in a rebellious kind of way. I’ve always felt like an outsider even in my family. My mother was in no way absent or eccentric. She is a housewife and she has always taken great care of me and my brothers and father. She doesn’t always get me and we have some small issues, but I can get a long with her. I have problems with my father and my brothers, not so much with my mother. I think she doesn’t get the credit she deserves in my family. I really don’t like the mood swings at all, but it also gives me great intuition. Uranus and my moon are sextile my ascendant in libra. I am not sure if this is important information. Why do you think this is a hard aspect? I find other aspects in my chart much harder.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well.Uranus is my least favorite plan and the one that scares me the most, tbh. My mother was a strong Uranus type and she used to like to shock me and upset me lol. I would rather have Chiron, which is pain, rather than Uranus, which is shock.

  3. amiannAdriana

    Now I understand. That is awful! I don’t understand why you like to upset some one, let alone your own child. Sounds like abuse to me. I am sorry your mother treated you this way. It must have been very hard to you. I understand why you dislike uranus so much now. She was very unpredictable? What uranus aspect(s) does she have?
    In my case this aspect doesn’t make a uranus type. I am a venus dominant person. Thank god for that 😉 I had more problems with this aspect when I was youger. I’ve always been an independed thinker, but I wanted to fit in. My ideas on itself aren’t so shocking or shouldn’t be so shocking in my opinion. I will give you one simple example. I go to the gym to release stress and to achieve certain goals. People say I work out like a man. I train intensely and I want to be able to do certain exercises (and to break my records) and I work really hard for that. I am capable of doing pull ups and chin ups with proper form, I dip better than most men and I’ve learnt straight bar dips as well. My legs are very strong too. I don’t train like this to shock people, but a lot of people are ‘shocked’ or amazed by me, because I can do full body exercises with proper form and squat a lot of weight for a woman of my weight. Especially young men (some are on steriods) who train to get big muscles and to show off seam to have a problem with me. They make nasty comments and gossip about me. I train harder than a lot of men, but in no way I look like one. People think it is weird for a woman to train the way I do. I often don’t feel understood and yes that hurts me some times (the gossiping and the nasty comments too), but it won’t stop me from doing it. I work out for my self and I am not asking for other women to train like me. I do care about the way I look (venus in libra in the first house), but I don’t work out to look better or to get attention.

  4. amiannShamira

    I know this doesn’t have to deal with this post but I am heartbroken that u said i have no empathy because I have a sado conjunct moon 🙁 ALSO I have a Gemini moon. I actually am diagnosed with depression(I don’t think I spelled it right sorry Lol) but I still love ur blog and keep up the great work!💖❤ 💔

  5. amiannHarmon Ziegler again. At my wit's end.

    [preface; I alwys wantd to b a blessng to ths world] “Uranus in th 10th House This is said to b a v hard mother, scary” -I’v that, my mothr wasn’t. Urans even sq my 1st hous Moon in Leo! “Urans conjnct th Asc mks th appearance f th person differnt, unique or “weird” in some way” My partner f 43+ yrs had that. Was gentle & uniq -but not weird -nvr wld wear a bikini to a formal event.
    My Taurus Uranus (planet f Astrlgy) in 10th (hous f professn) trines my Virgo Neptune in 2nd; both sextile my Cancer Mercury whch is just into 12th. Hv no cnjunctns in my chart, so I thght I had a weak chart; finally noticed I hv 3 “antennae”: 11th SN sxtles MN & Saturn*; Jupiter* sxtls Venus & Mars; besides Merc sxtlng Uranus & Neptune. Like I shld b a spokspersn for astrol & God’s ideas & will. *both in 9th. Do u get thngs psychclly? Get anythng for me? Bless me & pray for me, please.

  6. amiannJL

    Uranus in my natal chart only has soft aspects. All other planets have soft/hard or just hard. I think Uranus is my saving grace, honestly. But my Neptune, though. Lol. What about when Uranus is retrograde? How does that affect its aspects?

  7. amiannLine

    Hei Amiann

    What do you make of having Uranus conjunct Sun in natal chart, then again having Uranus conjunct Sun in a Composite chart with someone. The person with Uranus/Sun in their natal chart must not feel it as much, and perhaps it suits them very well.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yea, as to the person with the natal sun/Uranus BUT I think the Comp is very different and the relationship may be unstable, Line. I would never do it personally lol

      1. amiannVivian

        @amiann thanks for responding. Love your stuff really!

        I feel so serious about life and work (venus in 6th house). I tend to be really shy in love and stiff …lol Thats what people say anyways. However, when I am in a relationship , after a few months, I tend to feel stifled maybe uranus) but I dont ever cheat. .. lets not forget I have my venus conjunct neptune. Its a triple conjunction …sighs

  8. amiannVivian

    @amiann thanks for responding. Love your stuff really!

    I feel so serious about life and work (venus in 6th house). I tend to be really shy in love and stiff …lol Thats what people say anyways. However, when I am in a relationship , after a few months, I tend to feel stifled maybe uranus) but I dont ever cheat. .. lets not forget I have my venus conjunct neptune. Its a triple conjunction …sighs

  9. amiannS

    My Uranus widely conjuncts my Venus, both in Sagittarius. I haven’t been in much relationships. I’m in my mid 30s and it doesn’t really bother me. If I happen to never get married, I wouldn’t feel that I missed out on anything. I have never felt the desire or ticking clock to ever settle down, start a family, etc. It bothers/worries everyone else, but I feel indifferent about it, like it’s meaningless. I’m very monogamous though. I don’t sleep around.

    I’m open to having one, but it would have to be a very patient and understanding person to deal with me. I need my freedom and I don’t like anyone telling me what to do. I’m always going to rebel if there are any attempts to control me. I have always been that way.

    When I say freedom, I don’t mean cheating or open relationships, just that I need space. I need some things that are only for myself. Sometimes I have to be by alone. I don’t think that’s realistic for an actual relationship.

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