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Shanann Watts–Murdered Wife–What Can We See?

We don’t have Shanann’s time of birth, although I would guess she was a Taurus Ascendant due to her appearance. Since we have an estimated time of birth, we cannot rely on the houses and angles being correct. When I make a speculative conclusion, I will tell you. However, we still do have a lot of info to decipher.

When I look at Shanann’s natal chart, I get the sense that the Ascendant is correct enough that we can use the houses and angles for our discussion here. However, please know that anything I say about house or angle is not established fact. I think that she was very outgoing which is indicated by the estimated time. This chart has the Sun conjunct the MC, which makes sense because the world saw her as bright, shining star. Look at her U tube videos.

The North Node in the second house would make sense with what we know about their monetary situation. They built a house that was much too extravagant for their budget. She liked more expensive things than their budget would allow, according to Chris. Hence, managing money would have been a theme in her life.

Shanann had Pluto conjunct Mars conjunct the Descendant, which can indicate someone who suppresses their own rage and subconsciously looks for a partner who will express it for her. I really don’t like planets conjunct the DSC. I think it makes life very hard because one needs another person to express a part of oneself.

Venus conjunct Uranus, exact, does not make sense to me, as she seemed as if she could make a marriage commitment and stick to it. Natives with this aspect are usually marriage phobic. However, the conjunction is in the 8th house which can suppress it. The Venus/Uranus conjunction trines the Moon, so perhaps this Moon trine gave her an emotional stability.

In this natal chart, we have Moon in Aries in the 12th House. Moon in the 12th indicates suppressed emotions.I can see how someone married to an explosive man would “need” suppressed emotions.

Saturn in the 7th house reflects marriage being hard and something from which someone learns important life lessons such as maturity,discipline and personal responsibility. Every person has Saturn in one house or another. Marriage is this arena for her.

Shanann has very few aspects in her natal chart. You can see that there are very few aspect lines in her chart. I have found this to be the case in people who FEEL isolated. She did not SEEM to be isolated. She seemed very social. However, if my chart findings are true, she felt very isolated.

I hope I have been clear on what is speculation and what is not. Now, I will talk about things that do not change based on time of birth. One is Mars conjunct Pluto. This aspect indicates an explosive terrible temper. If Mars/Pluto is conjunct the DSC, it would change this to a terrible temper suppressed.

The Moon is in Aries, although the degree could change based on time of birth. Moon in Aries is not a good moon. What I mean by this is that it is selfish and self centered. Also, it can have a fiery temper. If it is in the 12th house, these traits would be supressed

Shanann has Dejanira conjunct Medea. I have started to appreciate the power of Medea, which is extreme revenge taken on someone else. This asteroid does come to pass. I have seen it in my own charts. There is someone to whom I felt I wanted extreme revenge. My Medea was conjunct her Mars She hurt me terribly and I paid her back. That is the truth of it. You can judge me if you want.

Shanann has Dejanira conjunct Medea. Does she take revenge when she is victimized? She told Chris she would take the children from him. I don’t think he really meant to kill her but when she said this, he went into a rage, according to him. He may have meant to kill her though. No one can know for sure if her statement triggered him or he had planned it before.

Shanann has Eris quincunx Saturn, exact. Eris is an irritable energy as if a mosquito is buzzing at your face. Eris tends to explode, too, not in an abusive tirade so much as in a tantrum. Chris has Eris conjunct Venus, so he was explosive in his close relationships, particularly to his wife. If I have ever seen two charts that are a classic cluster #@##, it is these. Excuse, the swears.

Shanann has Mercury conjunct Neptune, which is a classic aspect of a liar. However, it may not be a liar as much as someone who lives in a distorted world. We all have distortions. They cover pain. Our minds, when hurt, try to make alternative worlds in which we do not have the pain. For example, if someone has a mother who hates them, they make up an alternative world view in which it is their fault because they are not smart or pretty enough to deserve love. Hence, they try to achieve perfection in order to gain their mother’s love. This world view seems very real. Most of us have many distortions of this nature. With Mercury conjunct Neptune, one can be certain that Shanann did. She may have thought she was only worthwhile if she were rich. Hence, she put pressure on a weak man( Pluto in the 12th) and he could not say no to her demands.I think this was the case from what he said. She and he are not unique in this kind of thing. All marriages have this kind of thing. However, not all marriages explode and implode in this horrible way. However, she could have avoided him altogether if she had had a astrology reading.She, herself, does have danger signals for violence in her own chart, though, apart from him.

Shanann has Chiron retro(pain that goes round and round in her head) trine Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter in the 9th House. This is interesting because Chiron in trine still hurts but the pain is not as blocked as in a hard Chiron aspect such as a square. Hence, I think she had great pain with finances and this was a big part of her distorted attitude toward life i.e my value is based on money and things. This is my speculation from all my research. I could be wrong.

I have just drawn up another chart with more asteroids for the synastry. I am going to do a new article on the synastry so this does not get too long!

9 thoughts on “Shanann Watts–Murdered Wife–What Can We See?

  1. amiannBonnie

    I think her chart is off her nn could also be in the 4th house. That would put the ruler mercury in 11th which will make her show off to friends about her dreams. She knew (jupiter conjunct neptune) to fool the public life. That would put her moon in the second house, which also explains her fluctuating income, to make herself feel good. She has very abusive signs.
    It would put chris watts mars in gemini also in 4th house, anger in the homelife..

    Ive seen enough homicide charts that mars in 7th make others angery. Anger at marriage partner or work. I even live with a person who has that.
    In a good way, they activily look for partners or work (contacts).
    What about asteroids sado 118230, maniac 228029, medea 212 (

    Im sure they must have had some squares, constant tension (or in composite).

  2. amiannS

    To be fair, we don’t know much about her, except for what her family and friends have said. When people die, you tend to hear only positive things, often very exaggerated. Maybe she was a liar and manipulator. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have redeeming qualities, but we all have personal flaws and issues that we struggle with. I watched one of those 20/20 ID specials and one thing I never understood was why she kept getting pregnant and posting those videos when she knew what her husband was doing. Chris was a lousy liar and was sloppy about his affairs. Maybe she didn’t want to give up her lifestyle or she was so delusional that she thought she could save her marriage.

    Elizabeth Taylor also has Venus conjunct Uranus exact and she never had an issue walking down the isle. She couldn’t maintain them long term, but she sure liked getting married! I have this in a wide conjunction. I’m sure I could stay married if I met the right person. I feel my Saturn and Ceres keep me grounded in a way.

    I’ve been reading a great deal about my Venus aspects and it could also be interpreted as her taste. Maybe she liked unusual and extravagant things, like lots of jewelry, unique clothes, multiple cars… Sometimes Uranus can bring excessiveness. I don’t think it always has to be related to marriage.

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