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Some Things That Feel “Icky” in Synastry

I watch my daily life for nuances in my relationships and I go back to the chart and see the REASONS. There are always reasons and the chart will elucidate them. What a gift we have!

Moon Conjunct Mars

The moon person feels the “ick” factor in this one. The nature of the interaction is that the Mars person feels a need to irritate the moon person. The moon person may try to reconcile,but it will not work long term.

Saturn square the North Node

I wrote an article about this and I will link it. I noticed this with a person who works for me. I cannot stand her presence near me. She is a nice person. It makes no logical sense. However, the chart showed me the reason. She wants to get the upper hand. She wants to give me unwanted advice. Saturn is the stern father. Saturn knows better. Saturn tells you to take your vitamins and eat your veggies. In the case of the square, it would feel worse than some other aspects due to the uncomfortable nature of the square. This person has a Saturn/Chiron conjunction that makes an almost exact square to my North Node.

Chiron Square the North Node

The above individual has Chiron square my NN as I said. Chiron makes for a huge ick factor in relationships. However, it is a strange one. Chiron can draw people together. It can make people feel like soul mates even. However, the pain of Chiron seems to make the relationship implode. In Chiron relationships, as I call them, the conjunction is usually the main factor. The conjunction DRAWS people together and within a short time seems to repel them. With the square, I am not really sure of the dynamics but I would guess that it just feels icky and repulsive in general. That is how I feel with this person.

Saturn Conjunct Mars

Saturn is a double edged sword. One needs Saturn because one needs discipline. I am on a juice fast. I am on day 19. I may go 30 days. I am a very disciplined person in general. The reason is that I have a lovely Saturn trine. This is not something I did myself. It is a gift from God, as are all our trines. In synastry, we need some Saturn just as we need some curry in Indian food. However, if there is a heavy handed cook who smothers the food with curry, one cannot stand to ingest it.

In the case of Saturn conjunct Mars, the Saturn person will, likely, “ride the azz” of the Mars person. The Saturn person may criticize the actions of the Mars person, such as ” you need to eat more vegetables” or you need to stop drinking so much. When I heard of Meghan Markels reformation of Harry, this could exemplify Mars/Saturn. Was it bad? I don’t know but, in time, Harry may buckle under the weight of it and Meghan may resent this. This is just an example for all those who love to criticize every word I utter *cough*

Saturn conjunct the Moon

In this case, the Saturn person may criticize the Moon person. The Saturn person may ridicule the moon person for the idiosyncrasies of the Moon person. This feels icky IF there are not compensating factors for love. At first, the moon person may like the fatherly protective feeling given by the Saturn person. Also, this relationship COULD work if the Moon person wants a father figure. In the case of the square, I think it would just feel icky with no redeeming characteristics.

Chiron Conjunct the North Node

I write about this quite a bit because I lived it. YIKES, the Chiron person will bring a theme of pain to the North Node person. I was the North Node person and it was exact. I do run from Chiron relationships with either sex. I have many articles on what constitutes a Chiron relationship on my website. These relationships start as soul mates, but somehow the pain gets so bad that it seems to tear people apart. Just a quick note, the trine in synastry can be positive but the hard aspects simply hurt. Will hard Chiron aspects DESTROY a relationship? I cannot say that because I have seen relationships thrive with a strong Chiron and something very bonding like Moon trine Moon. However, Chiron simply brings pain, but pain is part of life. What is the upshot? I am not that wise of a person to really add more than what I have observed in charts. I humbly offer that to you.

Why Does This Relationship Feel So Icky?

Why Does This Relationship Feel So Icky?

7 thoughts on “Some Things That Feel “Icky” in Synastry

  1. amiannMaggie Yonts

    With me, I have natal Moon conjunct Mars by an 0°08″ orb. And in Aries too lmao.. but, my guy has HIS Moon conjunct my Moon, so, we’re quite literally always on the same track of mins when we’re together. Obviously since I have such a tight Moon/Mars conj., it would mean his Moon conjuncts my Mars as well. He loves me. *shrugs*

    So, I guess these “ick” factors truly only matter when you look at the chart in its entirety.

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