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The Stages of a Nessus Relationship

I am both loved and hated for telling what I think about the nature of a Nessus relationship. First of all, my findings are based on doing charts. The charts and my clients teach me what I need to know. I try to teach you what I think you should know. Astrology must be practical for there to be any point. I do not like airhead astrology. If people cannot find practical help from what I write, I have failed. I hope you get something valuable from this article.

Most people will have at least one Nessus relationship. I will define a Nessus relationship. It is one in which there is a prominent Nessus—– Nessus in a close conjunction( an orb of 1-2 degrees) with a personal planet. Secondarily, Nessus may be in close aspect to an angle(The ASC, IC, DSC or MC). The angle/Nessus relationship does not seem as powerful as does the planet/Nessus relationship. The conjunction is the strongest aspect. However, another aspect, such as the trine, opposition or square, would count as a Nessus relationship, if the orb were very close(1-2).

The Stages of a Nessus Relationship

1. The Nessus/Personal Planet relationship is the hottest, simply speaking. If there is a aspect that will make a normally sane person crazy, it is this one. You know the stories of someone giving up everything for a person and then waking up one day in a nightmarish hell. Well, I bet it was a Nessus relationship. Why is this so? I think that Nessus calls up some deep childhood abuse/low self esteem and the Nessus relationship seems to be the CURE for it. The Nessus relationship feels like HOME. The Nessus relationship offers the PROMISE of unconditional love. However, what actually happens is quite the opposite. In some magical alchemy from hell, the Nessus relationship turns into exactly that from which one tried to escape *sigh*.
Can you tell that I learned from personal experience?

2.As I said, at first, the Nessus relationship is pure,unadulterated joy and passion that is “off the walls”. However, as all dreams, this does not last terribly long. If I had to put a time on it, I would say three months. However, it will, usually, start to go badly after a month.

3. I have seen people give up, practically, everything to ESCAPE a Nessus relationship. It can be very hard to escape because revenge could come into play when it ends. Somehow, these passions bring out the worst in people. My advice would be to try to leave without escalating already explosive passions. I mean, you want to get out with your body and your sanity. Right?

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25 thoughts on “The Stages of a Nessus Relationship

  1. amiannillian

    Amiann, I did a chart with this guy I just met because I wanted to learn wtf had happened… We don’t know each other but as soon, immediately- as we started talking it became very sexual-dirty. I don’t know how it just happened…hypnotic, gravitational pull, no sex—yet–but we feel it. It is insane, help!
    I born on Tu., 2 December 1980
    in Leeds, ENG (UK),
    A born on Sa., 17 July 1971
    in El Paso, TX (US),

  2. amiannMinnie Mouse

    Look at Prince Harry and Meghan Markles Charts, his Nessus conjunction her sun, her Nessus conjunction his Descendant. I am just using it as an example. I have found Nessus to be extremely and repetitively prominent in the charts of married couples, granted if there is enough relationship glue, Saturn, Venus, and moon aspects… But if Nessus is present there will always be an element of crazy – jealousy, deceit, fighting, abuse… not that it can’t be worked through, but it is fiery and explosive and is often too much to handle without the perfect circumstances to support transforming the dark into light. It can be done, but it is rare… Again, just curious, I’ve done hundreds of charts, and Nessus is a recurring theme in synastry’s I do, not in all, but many. It’s as if it is masked as true love, might be a deeply karmic love bond… but it comes with it all the burdens and obstacles to bare and face… if you can make it through that as a couple there’s a good chance it can go the distance, but Nessus might keep passion alive but it’s not what will keep you together that’s for sure.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      In a long term marriage with a strong Nessus, I don’t think it will be happy, Minnie. They can stay together but it can feel awful. This synastry is not very connected, in general, I think.

  3. amiannA

    I have a mutual attraction and his Nessus conjunct my Ascendant . I have mercury with mars and Lillith conjunct Pluto this is all my first house. Does this lessen the Nessus he brings to me. My Chiron aspects his mars.

  4. amiannStacie

    Dear Ami Ann
    There are a few nessus aspects in my synastry with s/o – example his nessus square my dejanira exact 0 degrees and my nessus quincunx his sun 0 degrees exact.
    Is it inevitable it will end? and end badly?
    Are there other aspects that are stronger? In synastry we have his moon square my Pluto but in composite we have moon conjunct Pluto. Wouldn’t that be more powerful since both are planets and not asteroids?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would be careful of marriage Stacie. Stay with him for a long time and you should see what happens but don’t commit so you can leave if you have to like don’t have children with him, buy a house etc

  5. amiannScorpioMoony

    Do asteroids play out everytime in synastry?

    I have my Moon conjunct his Nemesis & Chiron& Sisyphus
    His Nessus conjunct my Uranus & Saturn
    Bilk conjunct my Saturn
    My Nemesis on his IC
    My Lust & Prey on his Ascendant ( Lust on the ASC- who feels what? who has the upper hand in this placement? )
    etc and other placements that are a red flag

    This seems very karmic .I only talk on instagram with him. With this placements do you think i should avoid him completely like the risk is too big to even drink a coffee togheter?

    Thank you for posting super interesting subjects!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so welcome and thank you for being here. YES, every time they play out but they have to be very close. How close are these? 2-3 is the orb in conjunctions and 1-2 in other aspects.

  6. amiannkristl

    I was in a Nessus relationship for 32 years (his Nessus conjunct my Moon). It ended when he decided I wasn’t playing the willing victim anymore and he found another victim. However, her Nessus is within 2-3 degrees of his squaring his moon. LOL. Not sure how that is playing out since I don’t have contact with him, but I know he toes the line with her (through my son and things he lets drop.)

  7. amiannStacie

    Dear Ami Ann
    I was wondering could you please tell how someone’s nessus inconjunct (quincunx) partners personal planets would differ from the conjunction?
    Is it just as bad?
    Thanks in advance x

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, both would be hard. The inconjunct may be worse but really, both would be bad. Sorry to be so vague. I guess the inconjunct may take longer to seem bad.

  8. amiannE

    Yes, yes and YES!!! I had a relationship with nessus conjunct NN conjunct Asc composite. Wow was that like a dream come true and the rude awakening to a full scale nightmare. Never would I ever imagine that could have happened to me, but I would 100% agree run from this one like your life depends on it.

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