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Stephen King—Dark Tower

I know this is an Astrology site but I have to write about this series. I hope someone will share what they think, so we can talk about it. There are spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happens.

At first , the ending was very disappointing. It does not end in a “happily ever after” manner. In “The Institute”, King gave us a “happily ever after” ending. It did feel good, but maybe it was the feeling of eating candy for dinner instead of broccoli.The ending of the Dark Tower series was broccoli, no doubt about it. However, well after dinner, broccoli sits well and candy may give you a stomach ache.

It took me seven weeks to read the Dark Tower series. At times, I was frustrated. It felt as if King wandered off the side of the road to pee and forgot to get back on. However, the impact of the Dark Tower series on one is so profound that any meanderings are forgiven.

The book ended in the same way it began.In other words, Roland was going to repeat the exact, same, arduous journey time after time, as if on a loop. He was going to go through the same travails, horrors, sorrows and joys(because there was many, many joys). He would meet the same people( and animal) we had grown to love. It was a never ending quest, but Roland, of course, did not know this at the beginning of each journey. Roland’s memory was wiped clear at the the beginning of each journey.This is how I see it. Some people may differ in some of the details but everyone will see Roland is on a loop. The loop repeats again and again, as loops do.

I want to talk about the characters. One comes to know them very intimately. King has a wonderful affinity with animals. One character, Oy, is a kind of dog. However, Oy talks and Oy feels. Oy is my favorite character, as I am sure he is for many people. He has all of the simple loyalties and love of a dog.

I think one reason the story is so profound is that each character is either very flawed or had a very hard life experiences prior to meeting. The former is true for all the humans. The latter is true for Oy.The main human characters are Roland, Eddie, Jake and Susannah. The animal character is Oy. Each character started the journey with glaring flaws( as we all have). They ended the journey with profound wisdom. It felt like watching pieces of coal turn into diamonds.

Roland was a gunslinger. This breed of men were sheriffs of the entire world( and there are many worlds in this book) The brought justice. They had to undergo intense rites of purification in order to become gunslingers. These rites were really rites of bravery and character. Roland was the last living gunslinger. His life quest was to find the Dark Tower, which held all the worlds together in a working design.Roland had to fix it because it was dying. On Roland’s journey, he came to realize the value of friendships, bonding and love.

Eddie was a heroin addict. He was driven by delusions. He was haunted by the voice of his dead brother, another heroin addict. One of his greatest delusions was that his brother loved him. In reality, his brother tried to destroy Eddie because Eddie was smarter and more talented. A major part of Eddie’s journey was reclaiming his OWN view of himself.

Susannah was a split personality.She was born as Odetta Holmes. Her father was a wealthy dentist. Odetta was a well mannered and refined black woman.Her alter ego was a tough, mean,dangerous and murderous woman, Detta. Detta tried to kill Roland and Eddie many times. However, in time, Detta merged with Odetta and was named Susannah by Roland. Susannah went through many trials. She learned to love and marry a white man. She learned that race did not matter. She learned to be BOTH refined and murderous, when murder was needed, and it was in the world in which they traveled.

Jake was a child when he was drawn into Roland’s world. He was going to a private school in NYC. His parents did not care for his inner self. His father wanted him to succeed to bring accolades on himself. His mother was having an affair. He had a house keeper who was kind to him. The house keeper kept Jake from despair, but Jake was very lonely—very soul lonely.Jake found his true father in Roland. Jake matured from a child to a wise young man.

Oy was a billy bumbler, a kind of dog/raccoon mix. He could talk. He could feel. He could cry. He was Jake’s best friend. Oy, also, became a gunslinger.

I think the book showed that life is, in many ways, fated. I think it showed that the journey is more important than the destination. It showed that character is all we have, when it is all said and done.

Please,comment on this book and any other King books. I love him so much!

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25 thoughts on “Stephen King—Dark Tower

  1. amiannanonymous poet...

    oh, mr. king is a genius. i read some of his work, long ago. for insightful writing ,even more astonishing ,for her ability to portray clearly and eerily the human psyche . and , its frailties i reccomend ruth rendell.

      1. amiannanonymous poet

        ruth rendell passsed away. she was British. she published her first work at age 40 or thereabouts. she was regarded as the best writer of mystery fiction in the english language by many. won many awards. she was brilliant. and there should be a brighter word than that for her. i think she died oh, 4 years ago, i spent some time quite ill and lost track of her . read anything she wrote but the inspector wexford series i think is her lesser work. she also wrote as barbara vine. as far as mr king goes i had no particular favorite . i collected his work for a passionate fan of his i was passionate for.. he really isnt .. my type. nor as it turned out, was my lover. i ruth wrote about things possible and unfortunately very likely…. i could write a tale, though not as exquisitely artful as ruth , about that particular lover. must have been sado. or his kin.. it certaintly wasnt cupid or, valentine..

  2. amiannSandy Martinez

    My favorite Stephen King, the only Author that could catch my attention in youth. I have no air element in my chart/ just my ascending sign. And my mercury in Sagittarius 3rd house intercepted focal of a t square Uranus conjunct Pluto on 12th h and Saturn in Pisces.
    I haven’t read the Tower series but during this pandemic I think of his book The Cell. But I think my favorites are the dreamy minds of his characters in
    Lisey’s Story and Duma Key. Perhaps because I can relate how my own mind works like these characters.
    Amy, do you have a character you can relate to in his books?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I loved all of those above. I adore King. I loved Rose Madder, the book HE liked least. I loved the Talisman and The Black House with Staub, The Stand, of course, 1963 was amazing. I loved Hearts in Atlantis and many of his short stories. I think I have read most everything from him. I did not like Misery. I don’t like the really gory ones like It. I liked Sleeping Beauties, which most people did not. I like fantasy and character, not so much plot. Who do I relate to—-maybe the kid in The Shining.

  3. amiannSandy Martinez

    It would be fun to figure out these characters astrology charts.
    I think I will look at Steven Kings chart, where do you think his mercury is? Maybe Scorpio?

  4. amiannMichele

    You have made this series sound so fascinating, I am going to somehow find time to read them. You totally piqued my interest – that’s pretty rare. Opinion on the “Left Behind” series?

      1. amiannMichele McWilliams

        I am an atheist that has intentionally surrounded herself with only Christians – every relationship has been with Christian men, and I find it part of the attraction. So, I am seeking truth, always, and hope that’s where I find it. I keep my mind open and wait for it to happen. I have faith that it will.

        1. amiannanonymous poet

          i was an atheist and found myself…. enchanted and my life wonderfully
          enhanced by a christian man. i think i will never be a christian, but i will never again doubt the existence of God.

  5. amiannanonymous poet

    yeah, leave it behind. there is way too much good literature in the world to waste time reading trash . fiction or truth . no time for trash. life is short.

  6. amiannAmy

    Hi Ami,
    I haven’t read this book but it sounds fascinating! I just wanted to say, unrelated to this subject, that I still read and re-read the very in-depth natal chart reading you gave me via emails – it is my kryptonite, so thank you for your powerful gift 💝. And apologies for jumping into this conversation and not being able to give feedback on this book… I’m quite intrigued by it now, the book, that is!! xx

  7. amiannanonymous poet

    no king is not trash. he is a mastermind. i was referring to the left behind series written by someone … i dont recall who.. who believes a certain number of souls are going to heaven.. oh those that believe exactly as he does and the rest of us are going to be … left behind. dreadful theology , that. a minor mind.

  8. amiannanonymous poet

    tim la haye and jim jenkins wrote the dispensationalist left behind series. and what comes to mind immediately is that they probably both believe astrology is the devils work and you and i are both going … to fry..

  9. amiannanonymous poet

    good !!! very good, neither am i . i think naughty poets are … baked. but i think God likes my writ, and i’m depending on the best of it to help get me In.

  10. amiannanonymous poet

    rapture . yeah. but i believe in God. it is He that choses what comes after for us .. not hacks who know so little of God’s love and profit by instilling ungodly fear in simple souls.

  11. amiannMichele McWilliams

    I am an atheist that has intentionally surrounded herself with only Christians – every relationship has been with Christian men, and I find it part of the attraction. So, I am seeking truth, always, and hope that’s where I find it. I keep my mind open and wait for it to happen. I have faith that it will.

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