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Synastry Aspects I Know Intimately

I like to try to write articles people will find interesting and fun. I hope this article reaches that goal. I was thinking about an aspect I had with a long term relationship. He was the Sun and I was the Uranus. I was the “wild rebel” and he was the conservative who held things together. That aspect got me thinking about how much more deeply we understand aspects that we have experienced. Of course, we cannot experience all aspects. To try to remedy this, I like to pick the brains of people when I look at their charts. However, as much as you can learn from others, you will still understand your own aspects better.

Sun Oppose Uranus

As I said, I was the Uranus. The Sun person was kind of the “dad”. I was kind of the wild child. This aspect can make for great ups and downs in the relationship, which was true. It can, also, make for an enduring attraction of an “opposites attract” kind of thing. If I had to do it again, I may not. The instability of the relationship was not pleasant. It was a long term relationship but it had the feeling that it could end at any time.

Sun Conjunct Nessus

I was the Sun. He was the Nessus. All I can say about this is that it IS as bad as you would think. The Nessus person feels an insatiable urge to abuse the Sun person. The problem with Nessus is that it promotes the greatest attraction in all of Astrology( and I mean all). Everyone should experience a Nessus relationship once. It really and truly is a once in a lifetime experience. You think you will die if you lose the person. However, in time, you are so glad you did. Most Nessus relationships don’t last. If they do, they are unhappy. I define a “Nessus relationship” as one that has the Nessus of one person in very close aspect to a personal planet of another person. The aspect should not be more than a three degree orb.

Mars Conjunct Mercury

I was the Mercury. A female was the Mars. This makes for an unstable relationship which ends badly. Mars can be aggressive when it touches the personal planet of another person. It feels like a “giant ick” like a fly who keeps landing on your nose. Better still, a fly who lands on your nose and bites you.

Mercury sextile Moon

I have this with someone who is very close to me. I am the Mercury. I have a very close bond with this person. I can see “into his soul”. I can “feel him” as the saying goes. My mind understands his heart.

Sun Conjunct Chiron

I am the Chiron. This is a horrible relationship. If I see a Chiron relationship, I keep a distance. I have a lovely girlfriend, who is a casual friend. We have a Mercury/Chiron conjunction. I am the Mercury.I would love to get closer to her, invite her to lunch and things like that. However, I know that if I do, we will get really close and then, someone will feel very vulnerable and “run”. I have seen this pattern with Chiron relationships. They get close very fast. They break apart over something insignificant and they can never be restored.

Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant

I call this the “weak in the knees” aspect. I have had it with several men. They are the Pluto. I did feel weak in the knees. Pluto is such a powerhouse that when it conjuncts a sensitive spot, such as the Ascendant. The Ascendant person feels “swept away”. The Pluto person feels a great attraction, as well. For him, he wants to “control” and possess her.

Moon Conjunct Pluto

I was the Pluto in the Moon/Pluto conjunction, but I was the Moon in a square aspect with the same person. Moon/Pluto sweeps away both people. Pluto wants to dominate and “own” the Moon person. The Moon person wants to have a sweet surrender to the Pluto person. Moon/Pluto is one of the most intense aspects in all of astrology. It combines tenderness and passion. Everyone should experience it once.

However, through my work with charts, I have seen that this aspect is NOT enough to keep people connected long term. You need Moon aspects with personal planets. The best aspect in synastry is Moon trine Moon. This gives exquisite simpatico. I think Moon/Mercury aspects do, as well. Pluto is not a personal planet. Pluto may sweep you away in the manner of the ocean tides. However, if you live with a person, you need to communicate well, as a number one priority. You can’t stay in a long term relationship if there is no soul. Moon is soul. I suppose you can stay in it, but it will not be happy.

Jupiter Conjunct Lilith

I was the Jupiter. There was a great attraction here–a primal, raw sexuality feeling. Jupiter enlarges what it touches. Lilith is raw sexuality.

Moon Square Saturn

I was the Moon. I felt as if I could never do things well enough i.e I was always failing. Saturn in hard aspect, of which the conjunction is one, has to be watched in synastry. Saturn can be a “glue” or it can be too much criticism.

30 thoughts on “Synastry Aspects I Know Intimately

  1. amiannJonas

    I have my nessus to my moms north node and to my brothers moon but i never thought of abusing them?
    Its in my 7th at one degree capticorn.

  2. amiannSoulogy

    I see your still using that same old photo of yourself :-). I’m the Pluto and she’s the Ascendent – something tells me she’s still feeling the buckle in those knees.

  3. amiannNadja

    Thanks for the insights! Do you have any experience with Mercury opposite Uranus? I have this aspect with my brother, I’m the Mercury and he is the Uranus.

      1. amiannNadja

        I’d say it’s rather the other way around actually… We are both pretty stable/rational but I’m definitely more nonconforming and rebellious in the usual sense of the word. It might have more to do with the way we think maybe? He is a more analytical deep thinker, while I’m more superficial, quick and witty. We get along fine but can never really find anything to talk about… Do you think that might be connected to this aspect?

          1. amiannNadja

            Our Moons only make nice aspects, and the opposition with Uranus is really the only harsh Mercury aspect between us.

  4. amiannpisces

    do you think with moon conjunct nessus in synastry, nessus also feels like they will ‘die’ without the moon person? is the feeling stronger with the sun or moon? whats the difference?

  5. amiannAmy


    With moon square Pluto in synastry does the Pluto still want to own the moon person and how would his play out….I’m imagine badly Seeing as It is a square!

    Thanks 😀

  6. amiannbeth

    hi – are you referring to lilith asteroid, OR one of the other liliths? are you referring to the same lilith whenever it’s mentioned on your site? thanks!

  7. amiannSonia

    Thank you! What do you think of EXACT CONJ of Juno/Black Moon Lilith and Asc ?

    And also their Pluto is 3 degree away from all that.

  8. amiannSonia

    Sorry I seem to make mistakes…

    Okay so this is the actual ones

    Girl has her Juno/Black Moon Lilith in top of the guy’s Asc by 0 degree

    Guy’s Pluto is also conj by 3 degree

    And girl’s Asc is also conj Guy’s Pluto.

    Girl’s Pluto also conj guy’s asc

  9. amiannTessa

    I had a Saturn square Moon Double Whammy. Sort of glance at each other, grin and mutually affirm the weirdness of not able to work together, because squabble soon after a mutually enthusiastic try is usually soon to follow. But we do genuinely appreciate, support the results and if need be soothe anxieties of each other’s efforts, as long as we switch or divide duties.

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