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Tasty Tidbits For the Natal Chart

I love tidbits. I am a Gemini. We like little tastes of everything. I hope you like these and I hope they make learning fun!

!. Uranus Conjunct the IC may have been a childhood that was unstable. It is very sad!

2. Sado conjunct the IC( Mine, sadly) was a childhood with sadism targeted toward the native.

3. Moon conjunct the Ascendant,often< has a beautiful, round, baby like face( in the best possible way).

4. Saturn conjunct the Ascendant may appear severe looking. He may have beautiful bone structure, as well. We may see tooth and bone issues with this Ascendant. For a beautiful Capricorn Ascendant, check out the pictures of Tom Petty.

5. Moon conjunct the MC(me) shows her heart to the world in her career, but may not show it in her daily life. We can’t say this from the MC placement alone but the MC placement shows us how the native reacts in her career.

6. Moon square the Ascendant may have a difficult time showing her heart to the world.

7. Uranus conjunct the DSC may have a partner of a different culture or age or in some way have a partner who defies cultural norms.

8. Mars in Scorpio in a man is always a sexy man.

9. Mars conjunct the asteroid Lust is a person with a lot of sexual drive.

10. Venus in Scorpio is very intense when in love.

11.Venus in Gemini sees lovers as buses. One comes by every hour.

12. Mars in Aries may adopt causes and put a great deal of passion into them.

13. Mercury Conjunct Mars tells the truth in a direct way—an authentic person.

14. Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant may have a great urge to abuse others.

15. Moon in Cancer women may have large breasts.

16. Moon in Cancer women enjoy being pregnant and breastfeeding.

17. Moon in Libra people may betray you i.e not particularly loyal.

18. Venus in Libra men may not like to chase women. They prefer being chased.

19. Venus in Virgo men may set too high of a standard for any partner to meet. He may be angry as a result of expectations not met.

20. Moon in Leo is a warn person.

6 thoughts on “Tasty Tidbits For the Natal Chart

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Someone who exudes a warmth. I think Trump is a very warm person for one example. People feel as if a sun is shining from the person—that is warmth. People feel accepted and loved.

  1. amiannAndrew

    I know a Venus in gemini/9th person. She doesn’t strike me as promiscuous. She also has Saturn square sun/lust conjunct in gemini/10th, and opposite mar/ASC in virgo. Maybe all that Saturnian energy is making them more disciplined.

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