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Ten Aspects For Being A Victim

Yikes, this is a big topic. This will get a lot of tomatoes thrown in my face. Oh well, I am here to serve and it is not always pretty. On to the topic. Some of these aspects I can say with a good deal of certainty that the person will become a victim. I will tell you which ones. Others when in conjunction with many “weak” personality aspects COULD result in the person becoming a victim. I hope to make it clear for you.

Ten Aspects for Being a Victim

1. Dejanira conjunct the Ascendant

This aspect is classic for being bullied. Many people seem to be bullied as children by other children. This was the case of Kate Middleton, who has a wide conjunction. Others are bullied by someone else, such as a parent However, in most cases of people with this aspect, they are bullied as children by other children.

2. Dejanira conjunct the MC

This aspect would be a bullying that would be more public.The MC is the public angle. Anything that conjuncts the MC others will see. I think Nicole Simpson had it. Bullying could be in the workplace.I think Jon Benet Ramsey had this aspect. Both of the above were “well known” victims.

3.Venus conjunct Chiron

In this case, love brings pain. It is more of a case of pain being brought to the native than bullying, per se.For the natives with this aspect, I have seen several keep trying to find a new relationship in which they do not suffer. However, I have yet to see it happen. The charts play out regardless of how many “woke” people think otherwise.

4 Nessus conjunct the Descendant

In this instance, we should stop and talk about the nature of the Descendant. It is the angle in which we DENY aspects of ourselves and find them in others. Hence, if one denies one’s own dark nature, one will, likely, find it in the partner. Nessus on one of the darkest asteroids. It is a marker of abuse.Please, watch all aspects to the Descendant so you can be aware of this.

5. Pisces Moon

Let me say clearly that not all Pisces Moon natives are victims. However, all are too gentle for this harsh world. If a Pisces Moon also had a Dejanira conjunct the Ascendant or MC, I would bet a lot that he/she (please don’t make me say “it”) would be abused.

6. Sedna conjunct the Sun

The story of Sedna is one of the saddest I have heard. Her father tried to kill her by drowning. She tried to claw her hands up to the boat. He pried off her fingers. The myth can have different endings. In one, she marries and her husband becomes a monster.Hence, in the case of the Sedna conjunct the Sun, the native(male or female) will have extreme betrayal by the father and other men.

7.Moon conjunct Medea

The myth of Medea tells us about a woman who killed her children in revenge for her husband’s infidelity. The native with Medea conjunct the Moon has a a strong tendency for revenge. Her mother likely rejected her and other women may do the same. Don’t underestimate this power of this asteroid. It was pivotal in the cases of Chris Watts and Casey Anthony. I want to add that people who have aspects such as these do not usually recognize them. Astrology allows us to see into our souls.

8.Pluto conjunct the Descendant

This aspect does not tell us the native will be a victim. However, she may deny her own personal power and look for a very strong partner. If this native has Dejanira conjunct the Ascendant or MC, the person may be a victim of abuse.

9.Stellium of personal planets in the 7th House

A stellium is three planets in one house. Personal planets are felt very deeply by the native and dictate many actions and reactions. The 7th house is the house of the “other”. I am not saying this native will be abused. However, she will likely struggle with co-dependency. Any time we need another person for our happiness, we run into trouble. All of us struggle with this but the 7th house stellium native suffers much worse.

10 Dejanira conjunct the IC

The IC is the early home. I would venture to say that all natives with this aspect have been abused(badly) as children.

20 thoughts on “Ten Aspects For Being A Victim

  1. amiannPisces Rising

    What about Dejanira by transit? It’s 4° away from my ascendant so do I need to be on the lookout to avoid being abused?

  2. amiannGen

    Your articles are fascinating. What about the native’s moon conjunct Chiron conjunct the IC in the 4th house? The moon is conflicted in other ways as well being opposite Pluto and square the native’s Venus/Mars conjunction in the 7th house. Nessus also conjuncts the descendent on the 6th house side. Pluto also squares the Venus/Mars conjunction. Juno is on the MC but finding and maintaining any kind of healthy relationship has seemed impossible. Oh, and Echo conjuncts the sun in the 5th house. At almost 50 yrs old, finding a healthy, satisfying relationship has begun to feel like a hopeless dream.

    1. amiannGen

      Crap! Dejanira also conjuncts the MC by 3degrees in the 10th house and squares Jupiter in the 1st house by only 10 seconds. Dejanira is opposite the moon in the 4th by less than 2 degrees which is also squaring Jupiter by less than 2 degrees. The moon/Chiron conjuction is 9 degrees separation. The echo/sun conjunction by half a degree. I’m sorry. This is probably all too much information.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Moon conj Chiron is super hard. The mother was very painful to them as are other women and their own emotions. The childhood was very hard too. The may find abusive men tooThey have no voice. SAD! Thanks so much for your sweet word to me, too, Gen.

      1. amiannGen

        Thank you Ami. Is the above why sometimes it feels like I was never meant to have a healthy close relationship in my life no matter how much I go to therapy or try to communicate effectively with those that mean the most to me? I need to see if I can have you do my chart some time in the future. Maybe you can give me some hope that there is something positive there. The only thing that has kept me going much of the time is my trust in GOD and Jesus and their love for me.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          To me, Jesus is the only answer to everything. Some people have struggles and those struggles remain but finding Jesus is the reason for life and so, for me, I try to be OK with my struggles because I am saved and Jesus is coming soon!!!

  3. amiannGen

    Crap! Dejanira also conjuncts the MC by 3degrees in the 10th house and squares Jupiter in the 1st house by only 10 seconds. Dejanira is opposite the moon in the 4th by less than 2 degrees which is also squaring Jupiter by less than 2 degrees. The moon/Chiron conjuction is 9 degrees separation. The echo/sun conjunction by half a degree. I’m sorry. This is probably all too much information.

  4. amiannE

    I have a Leo stellium in the 12th house with Moon/Saturn/Venus. I read somewhere that this particular combo speaks of dealing with a “group” of bullies until you are able to stand on your own. Not sure why this would indicate this, but yes yes and YES from me. I hate to be a victim but its a pretty unavoidable fact that I was a victim of my mom and her side of the family until I learned to stop trying to please her/them. The harder you try to appease and fit in, the worse it gets. That’s a tough one, but when you do find the strength to build a life according to your own character and desires you realize you weren’t weak at all, but a very capable person who threatened a group of co-dependent people just by being yourself.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t see the bully thing with this house. I would think the 11th more–in terms of groups or a Chiron conj the ASC or MC. The 12th shuts you down so you would more go into a hole and hide.

      1. amiannE

        Not sure but I think it’s tied into the 12th house representing secret enemies…so sometimes harder to realize the bullying is happening because it is somewhat hidden


    I have a funny segue inspired from this article. Dejanira is 157, right? I fat fingered in 156 (Xanthippe) instead. Must have been serendipitous since I then learned she tightly T-squares my nodes with an orb of 0° 18″! Found 3 different ppl with this name. Fun to think about aspects about their stories reflect in me, and challenge my soul progress (square nodes).

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