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Ten More Aspects Which Show Struggles and Why

1. Gemini Moon
This fellow or gal finds it very hard to sit still. This is through no fault of his/her own.Gemini is a very high stung energy, making it hard to stop running, literally. The Moon is one of the harder places to have Gemini. I have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini. I am very high strung but find concentrating on something intellectual to be calming. I love to read. Escaping in to a book calms me down. Trying to learn a new language does the same. The Moon is the heart and deepest emotions. It is not comfortable in cerebral Gemini. Hence, these natives appear as if they never stop moving, either physically or mentally.

2.Venus in Scorpio

This Venus is very intense when in love. He takes things very seriously, which can be very hard. He is a real romantic but is very sensitive to being betrayed. This can put him on the defensive, through no fault of his own.

3. Moon in Virgo

These natives seem to pick at everything and themselves, first and foremost. They may be very sensitive to tastes and smells. My aunt, who is a Moon in Virgo, always, wanted to be what is called a “nose”, the people who help formulate perfume. That would be a perfect job for a Moon in Virgo.

4. Pluto Conjunct Venus

These natives are soooo intense when they are in love. They cannot help it, but it really could be called a curse because it is so very intense, especially when in close orb(1-3 degrees)

5. Sun Combust Mercury

I have this on all of my lists that deal with hard aspects, but if this is the first article you have read of mine, I will add it to this. This aspect makes the person too sensitive to criticism. They find it very hard to detach and be objective when others hurt them. A combust is a one to five degree orb.

6.Mercury Conjunct Saturn

This native seems restricted/shut down when it comes to self expression. He does not want to say the wrong thing and be criticized.

7.Venus Conjunct Saturn

This native may demand perfection of herself, particularly with regard to her personal appearance. She may feel she is not good enough to be truly loved, either, unless she works for it and she never feels she can work hard enough.

8. Moon in the 12th House

This native is very sensitive. He is similar to a Pisces Moon. The harshness of the world and the meanness of people hurts him very deeply.

9. Retrograde Venus

This is the hardest retrograde planet. Somehow, love never seems to work out. If you have this, please, let us know how you experience it. I have not seen very many people with it, as it is quite rare, I think. In the people I have seen, love seems elusive.

10. Pluto in the 12th House

This could be called “Shirley Temple with a shiv”. They are not mean or sneaky, per se. However, they do seem to deeply bury primal emotions and give a vibe of “nice”, through no fault of their own.

17 thoughts on “Ten More Aspects Which Show Struggles and Why

  1. amiannJamie

    I have a Virgo moon in the 1st, Leo Ascendant. Also a Scorpio Venus Rx in the 3rd along with Pluto. Combine that with a Sag Mercury conjunct Mars… I’m an extremely kind, loyal and protective person, but I’m not always nice. I’ve been known to “verbally slit the throat” of people who earn my ire, mostly without even trying. I’m a devout lover of Jesus, and my parents are malignant narcs. As is my soon to be ex husband. I think you’d enjoy my chart and my friendship.

  2. amiannJo

    I have Venus retrograde and this is my experience with love….

    No dating or relationship til 30 years old.
    Failed marriage
    Death of a partner
    Met twin flame but the love was unrequited
    Other relationships relatively short and not good often with long distance

  3. amiannMaurie

    2 of my close friends have venus rx (both in gem). We re 23years old. The first one never have a date. She have sun venus mars mercury in gem. Leo moon. Quite pretty but never care about her own look. Doesn’t interest in have relationship too.
    The other rx venus have plenty of boyfriends (so many guys like her) but no one was over 3 months last. Charming, innocent beauty. Sun conjunct hades. Seem unlucky with man as she always choose unsuitable guy.

  4. amiannHeaven

    I have Venus Retrograde. I’m almost 30 never been married. 2 kids with different men one of which my (5+yrs) high school sweet heart. He constantly cheated and did drugs while I was gone. In adult hood at age 20 I met and fell hard for another drug addict who constantly stole from our own home, in and out of jail, etc. Did that for almost 6 years. Love hasn’t been kind to me.

  5. amiannKaren H.

    I have Venus rx, and I’ve been happily married for 17 years. I have a Scorpio stellium of Sun 12, Jupiter 15, Mercury 17, Venus 20 rx in the 4th, (and Neptune 29, but in the 5th) opposite Saturn 19 Taurus rx in the 10th. And Pluto 28 Virgo and Moon 24 Capricorn trine sandwiching all the Scorpio. I met my husband the first day I moved to NYC, we were friends for a year and together ever since. Do you think one of these other elements makes the difference? Thank you–

  6. amiannKaren H.

    He is 🙂 I know I got lucky. I definitely do have difficulty with socializing, networking. I have a few close friends, but casual, light socializing, especially with people I don’t have a lot in common with makes me feel like an alien. I’m more used to it now, but it used to make me so self-conscious. But my NN is in Aquarius, so I need to learn?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What house is your NN, K? Aquarius is not really getting along with people. It is more giving to people in an impersonal way like service. It is not a touchy feely sign like Cancer, for example.

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