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Ten Aspects That Would MAKE Me Say Good Bye

One thing that I find about Astrology is that one gets better with practice. In that way, it is like medicine. I wrote an earlier article on aspects that would make me “run”. Now, I know more. Hence, I will write an updated articles. Some aspects are new. Some are “oldies but goodies”. In all cases, I would not want a long term relationship if a chart had any of these aspects. However, some aspects are SO seductive that I may touch my little toe to the water. I know that is dangerous, but we have all been warned, so if we get burned, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Onto the aspects!

1. Chiron conjunct the NN
The Chiron person WILL bring great pain to the North Node person. I would not want to be either person.

2. Nessus conjunct the Sun

The Nessus person will abuse the Sun person. The Nessus person does not have to be a “bad person”, so to speak. The Nessus energy propels someone to abuse.

3. Mars square Pluto
This aspect makes for sexy violence. Before all you feminists go insane, I mean those kind of sexy vibes that lead to wild sex. (Why do I have to explain myself so much?) This aspect would not doom a relationship for me, but I would give pause.

4. Venus Conjunct Uranus
This aspect would not doom a relationship, per se. If a relationship had good Moon aspects, one could live with the Venus/Uranus conjunction. The Venus/Uranus conjunction makes for a wild, wild first attraction. However, one can be deceived that there is more than simple, albeit powerful, attraction. One must look to other aspects, such as the Moons, to see heart and soul.

5. Nessus Conjunct the North Node

This aspect is so bad that I would not stick around to say “Hello”. I would say I had to leave for a hair appointment. Remember that the North Node shows the PURPOSE of the relationship. Nessus is abuse. For all you people who no not want to hear me say that—- NESSUS IS ABUSE!

6. Nessus Conjunct the IC

The IC is a very sensitive point in any chart. It reminds me of underwear. Underwear is very intimate and very personal. Only the closest of people see one’s underwear *sigh*. The IC is one of the most sensitive points in the entire chart. Make sure that your partner does not give you a zinger in your most sensitive of places.

7. Uranus Conjunct the IC

If there is any planet of which I am afraid, it is Uranus. Uranus loves to shock. It reminds me of the person who hides behind the door and jumps out at you or who knows your deepest secret and uses it to wound you *sigh*. I have one of those in my family. Do you want someone to shock you in your underwear?

8.Moon Square Moon

I X N E all the way. I would end the relationship before it started if it had squared Moons. The Moon is the heart. If someone can’t understand your heart and/or fights you at every juncture, who needs it?

9. Moon Conjunct Mars

I don’t like this aspect at all. The Mars person picks the Moon person to death.

10. Mars Square Mars

This makes for initial wild passion but ends with people putting sugar in the car engine of the other. Stop before you start, if you can.

30 thoughts on “Ten Aspects That Would MAKE Me Say Good Bye

  1. amiannElla

    Disagree about the moon and mars, but only if we are referring to lovers.. It is tricky, but it is also a very yin yang connection where you have to realize that the tension mounting is more sexual frustration that should be played out between lovers. Not easy but can make work for you. HOWEVER, with family and friends, totally agree, terrible connection. I don’t know the solution in these other scenarios.

      1. amiannKim

        My second husband and I had this aspect (filed for divorce twice) and also with the guy that probably wishes I’d only put sugar in his gas tank..(my mars, their moon) and I’m not mean (cancer sun conj Jupiter; Taurus moon)..I’m gonna say Ami nailed it. I think it was the charts 😄 or what the charts told about our characteristics together.

  2. amiannBonnie

    Thank you clarified something up for me.
    I was with my hands in my hair so to speak.. with my daughter. She’s 8 turning 9 soon.
    My daughter has her lilith conjunct moon capricorn 24° 4th house (N.N 29°), pffff uncontrolable sometimes.. (sorry for my hars words she can be a witch, acting up and snarl just to provoke a reaction, Opp. vesta cancer 19° 10th house) i want to help her channel it better but have no clue. Her nessus is conjunct her own 4th house in aquarius 16° (end of cusp) but conjunct my 3th house, conjunct my vesta 15° and persephone!
    My IC is aquarius 21° is conjunct her chiron- jupiter- neptune- damocles ( in her 5th house) opposite her saturn in virgo 19° in 12th house. She has the power to really hurt me, say hatefull things so i feel like walking off..
    My son has his moon conjunct my IC 21° aquarius in his 2nd house. He does try and stick up for me (which shouldn’t be his task) but his nessus capricorn 24° in his first house is conjunct her moon-lilith.
    His chiron is conjunct persephone 18° capricorn 1st house.

    I can gives some examples how she can act out but i would really love to know how the help her channel it.
    She’s obviously not always self aware how she triggers us and sometimes she doesn’t give a toss..
    She’s strong willed and opinionated- about others and herself.
    For fun my son calls her the anti- christ, unfortunatly she can behave like that but she also can be very empathic if she lets it.. venus 3° cancer (9th house). Her sun is leo 12° in 10th house- asc 9° in libra conjunct asteroïde karma at 12° libra.
    I am afraid someone might physically hurt her. Pluto r in capricorn 1° in her 3rd house. Her circe is 16° libra (1st house) conjunct my saturn r 17° in 11th house..
    Tough cookie i’ve baked … ◴_◶
    My N.N is close conjunct her vesta as long as i satisfy her needs im the best mom, if i don’t.. well you can guess the rest..
    Dear lord help me..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YEA, this sounds very hard, Bonnie. If you did a reading and I looked closely at everything, I could tell you the struggles, but you prolly know them. The only real answer to this dilemma( and any dilemma) is a relationship with God, through Jesus. God will show you answers. I would tell this to you at the end of your chart reading, as I do to everyone. There is only ONE answer to all of man’s dilemmas. Astrology can POINT OUT the problem, but only God can heal it xoxoxo

      1. amiannBonnie

        Thank you. Well i did do some reading that saturn in 12th can be hard..
        We are trying something out now, when shes having a fit we leave her be.. “on her own”.
        It kinda seems to work.
        It seems shes talking to her self.. after that, we talk to her. Sometimes she is aware and want to talk and sometimes not. I did advise her to pray at night a while ago. She said back then it works. Sometimes she cries so hard and ask herself why is she so mean/ or ugly/ or stupid..
        I saw her pluto and venus are opposite.. its what she attracts.. i can only help her to become more selfaware and let her feel her feelings. Even if its dark. She had a lot of fear and night terrors, exactly what saturn in 12th said. Or she is afraid i might die..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Mars conj Mars can be good–good understanding of the passions and drives of each other. Mars sq Moon can make the Mars person very critical of the sensitive feelings of the Moon person. Do you feel that, Mira?

      1. amiannMira

        Tnx for answer. I think I know all your articles by heart, and the way you emphasize Moon bonds makes me think a lot. This sinastry that I mentioned is from the couple I know. They have Sun conj Venus (in both directions), Mercury conj Mercury etc., but his stelium Mars, Jupiter, Neptune squares her Moon. And I am wondering all the time if they are really close to each other. Is this love superficial or they really love and understand each other. What would you say?
        On the other hand, I have with my husband Moon trine Moon, and Moon conj Mercury and I completely agree with you that it is true blessing.

  3. amiannBonnie

    I have a moon trine moon bound too with my partner. Know him 17,5 years now (since i was 18). Its easy flowing.
    Sometimes “airy” sometimes stark in old ways of thinking.. but after cracking some jokes it “lights up”.
    My moon 11th libra 6 trine his aquarius moon 4 in 9th. My moon trine my mercury in gemini 4 (7th house) makes it a grand trine wich indeed can feel like inertia/ too comfortable. Untill My uranus in first house (sagittarius) opp my mercury breaks free… i just need space “free spirit”.
    My partner has a stellium in the Via Combusta in scorpio 6th house.
    We joke often that he was (his adoptive parents agree) he was a lunatic before he met me. His mercury (scorpio 0) and uranus 7 square his moon in aquarius.

    * i was trying to figure out with horary what happend to his biological mom at the time he was conceived. She is so secretive about his father, told different stories. She was 15 at the time. I am interested in the truth not her lies.
    I dont know her time of birth so used 12 pm.
    Now how beatiful is astrology?
    My partner has aquarius moon 4° (9th house) he moved away from england in his teens. His nemesis is conjunct his moon. His adoptive mum is aquarius sun (very religious couldnt bare children and prayed to god for a son).
    His biological mom is aquarius sun 5° (10th house).
    We had our suspiciousness if she was abused or incest..?? We dont know. The mind can go crazy without the truth. I have found out her nessus is conjunct her moon in the 12th house taurus 26° conjunct algol/ caput. Conjunct my partners jupiter r 12th house. It nearly trines her asteroïde karma is conjunct her saturn 22° and jupiter 19° in capricorn 9th house.
    Her nessus/ moon squares uranus in leo 24° in the 4th house.
    Is it me filling something in? Or was there abuse going on in that house? Her father was an army strict guy and she looked up to him. He wanted the baby (my partner aborted). He was ashamed of his daughter (her words).
    In the hospital he put his weddingring around her finger to make it look like she was married towards the caretakers. So around her 15 year old..
    Her chart showed saturn 3rd/ 4th house square uranus in scorpio 7 in the 6th house square her sun 10th/ mercury 9th house.
    Sorry for to much details..
    Her date of birth is 25 january 1961 born in london. My partner 29 october 1976.
    We just want the truth.. was she abused/ incest/ or met “a guy” in School?
    Is anyone familiar with horary?

    Thank you xxx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t do horary, Bonnie.I can see how much astrology has helped you and that really is wonderful. If you learn about horary, let me know. I think the natal charts, especially, if we have the time of birth, but even without it, can give us most of the info we need without the horary though.

  4. amiannRami

    I have my Moon conjunct his Mars at 9 degrees. It is not very close but at some point I could feel it in our interaction. Somehow I feel relieved it wasn’t a very close relationship.

    1. amiannRami

      I have my Moon conjunct his Mars at 9 degrees. It is not very close but at some point I could feel it in our interaction. Somehow I feel relieved it wasn’t a very close relationship.
      Forgot to mention, we have the wonderful aspect: Moon trine Moon, though, but…

  5. amiannAlice

    Hi Amiann,
    what kind of abuse are we talking with sun conj. nessus? physical? covert and manipulative? How long does it take to show? Someone I am very fond of has a nessus conj my sun in scorpio. what a horrible thought! we share other nice aspects like moon-sun tri, venus-asc conj, ven-pluto (tri+sex). On the other hand, I was in an abusive situation with someone and their Nessus and pluto sandwiched my vertex in scorpio. would that have a play? We had nice aspects too, but with lots of 8th house stuff and when I think about it, it was mostly miserable. I was originally drawn to the karma behind it all (ven op. sat, ven conj. chiron). So i am not sure if nessus had anything to do with it, but I certainly don’t want to relive any of that ugly past. I feel like the ven-op-sat is really what made me say goodbye in the end. The general feeling of being unappreciated, unloved, and unseen.

    I love astrology as the tool it is, but after being burnt so bad it also difficult to use it in an objective way sometimes, without being paranoid or biased and getting swept away to soulmate land. Appreciate your thoughts. xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Nessus/SUn( and it has to be CLOSE) should show pretty early, Alice. Yes, a person who touches your vertex with a planet or asteroid BRINGS that planet or asteroid to you. So the Pluto would make him bring his personal power to you, but the Nessus would be abuse, but this has to be close(1-3 degrees)

      1. amiannAlice

        Thanks Ami!! Okay for the sun aspect it is about 3° so maybe that is pushing it. The nessus to vertex though is a little over 1° . He tried to ruin me Ami. I thought there was so much love between us. I still cant believe the nothingness in his eyes while seeing my soul suffer, like looking into a black hole. The person i loved never existed. Okay. Maybe people arent what we think originally, but the way he tried to crush my soul on purpose was a whole different level of cruel. i dont know if you have ever experienced this, but unfortunately you probably have in one way or another. I have heard it is the codependent-narcississt dynamic. I have nessus conjunct venus/IC natally. So that means I attract these relationships? No thanks. I prefer solitude. Could venus-chiron ever play out in such a cruel way? We also shared this conjunction at 1°.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          YES, Alice, the crushing your soul on purpose
          is Nessus–classic!Yes, you attract these relationships with the Nessus/Venus—URRGGH. I am so sorry!

          1. amiannAlice

            Wow, so sad to be so void that’s how you get your thrill. I am blessed to have realized it before too late. Thanks for the lessons ami. Much appreciated Xx

  6. amiannAlice

    You wouldnt be the first person unable to follow my train of thought Ami. I understand your confusion. Words are not my forte. I’ll try to clarify and translate: It is sad that people get pleasure out of hurting others because they are so empty inside. For others this darker part of human nature might be obvious, but it still shocks me. I am fortunate to have realized I was in an abusive realtionship before he killed me or drove me insane. I appreciate the thought you put into your articles and the advice you offer through them. Hope that makes things clearer.

  7. amianngina

    Urgh, I just found out with the guy I’m into, his chiron squares my south node and north node. Does that mean he will bring me pain or heal me? :-s

    And my Nessus is conjunct (not exact, but within 5 degrees) his NN. So we could abuse one another?

    Does Nessus not have any positive interpretation?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The only positive of Nessus is that if you mess with them, they will get you back worse lol

      CHiron sq the Nodes may be that he will bring pain that will thwart you to finding your life purpose

  8. amiannJanay Matthews

    Me and my peer specialist teacher have this aspect. I’m the north node and he is the Chiron. We get along just fine but he told me one time that I can be defensive or that I can make people feel like they are walking on eggshells around me. He asked me do people tell me this. We were both victims of childhood abuse by our mothers. I have Moon conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury inconjunct Mars, Mars Square Venus, Mars square Neptune, and Mars inconjunct Pluto. He has Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury square Uranus, Venus square Uranus, and Mercury Square Pluto.

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