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Ten of the BEST Aspects To Have Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

I got this question from one of my favorite clients Actually, all of my clients are my favorite clients because if we do not have a simpatico, I will not do your chart. So, every chart I do is a heavenly experience. Onto the subject. The North Node is very, very important in a relationship. In fact, if I saw a very bad conjunction to the North Node, I would not enter into the relationship at all. An example of a bad conjunction would be Nessus conjunct the North Node. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. I cannot cover all of the wonderful aspects to the North Node in one article, but I will make a start. I think my client wanted me to put them in order, but I really cannot. It would be like putting your favorite books in order. Each one is different. I love “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath and I love “The Stand” by Stephen King. I could not pick a favorite because they are so very different in their substance and essence.

The BEST Aspects To Have Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

1. Moon Conjunct the NN

The Moon is one’s heart. To have a relationship in which one’s heart is at the center is about the best thing there is. The Moon person brings his heart to the relationship, but, of course, this is excellent for both people.

2.Venus Conjunct the NN

Venus brings pure love to the relationship. The Venus person brings an unconditional love for the NN person.

3. Valentine Conjunct the NN

Valentine is, perhaps, the most unselfish of loves. It is the kind of love in which one would die for the beloved.

4.Vesta Conjunct the NN

Vesta is unselfish service to another person with little though for oneself.

5.Ceres Conjunct the NN

Ceres is the love of a mother for her child. Ceres would go to the ends of the earth to help her child.

6. Juno Conjunct the NN

Juno embodies the traits of a loyal wife—devotion, loyalty, fidelity and enduring love.

7.Lust Conjunct the NN

This is an excellent aspect for a relationship because it helps to keep the attraction lasting.

8.Psyche Conjunct the NN

Psyche is a deep soul understanding.

9.Eros Conjunct the NN

Eros is erotic love. Eros would help to keep the attraction in the relationship.

10. Aphrodite Conjunct the NN

Aphrodite would confer pure love as a theme of the relationship.

41 thoughts on “Ten of the BEST Aspects To Have Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

  1. amiannJesse Gwinn

    Ermergerd thank you for this Ami!… You are such a Yuge help to my Virgoine ocd about re-overanalyzing euerything. I cannot thank you enough for facilitating and enabling me w my obsession and being a warrior sister in Christ…! i honored my mother by taking the name she wanted to name me… Jesse Gwinn formerly Gannon Gwinn Bender

  2. amiannJulia_Y

    Amazing how you figure all of these out, by studying the charts and observing. Love the article, as always.

    And may this new year be better than the previous one, in all the spheres of your life that are truly important to you.

  3. amiannTony

    I have a Moon conjunct North Node in synastry, going both ways with my girlfriend! It also appears at an exact degree in our composite chart. πŸ˜€

    I read somewhere the Moon/NN aspect, especially if it goes both ways, helps feelings between people actually grow much stronger over time.

    Don’t know if that’s true or not.

  4. amiannQueenbee

    Hello, My dear amiann πŸ™‚ I really wonder the NN in our synastry.
    His Amor conjunct my NN, MC (within 1 degrees). If I remember correctly, I’ve read the column about Amor conjunct NN before. But I can’t look for it. 😭 Its content is about not being able to live without each other in case of A’s Amor conjunction B’s NN. Please, let me know the truth. The suspense is killing me…. It’s really about the tyrannousness of Mercury’s Retrograde. 😒 I’ll be waiting for your great reply. Thanks in advance my dear hero β™‘β™‘β™‘

  5. amiannJane J

    Hello Amiann, could I ask my bf’s Juno rx is conjunct my NN opposite my Juno which conjunct my SN what this means? Thank you in advance!

  6. amiannDoug

    I just met an incredible woman.She actually did a synestry on me 1st.
    My Juno conjuncts her North node.Her Ceres conjunct my North node.
    I added to that. ; that we have our part of fortunes at the same degree in Pisces , conjunct transiting Neptune.Now how lovely is that !!

  7. amiannVivian

    @Ami I am grateful for this post

    in terms of Juno conjunct north node ::…

    would you say that it is a marriage aspect?

    like is the north node person destined to be with/married to the Juno or vice versa??

    any help appreciated

  8. amiannBecky

    Hi Ami,

    Good post, Ami. I was shocked to read this statement about Ceres:-
    Ceres Conjunct the NN
    ” Ceres is the love of a mother for her child. Ceres would go to the ends of the earth to help her child ”

    My Ceres Aquarius 27 deg conjunct his NN 28 deg.
    Does this show only one sided affection and love from the Ceres side?
    You have mentioned it will be one of unconditional love (on other website).
    Could you clarify further on that?

    Combine the aspect above with his Moon/Mars Cancer conjunct my IC.
    And my Jupiter/Uranus Sag on his MC. Venus Leo on his DS.

    Do you think all the love, effort and love comes only comes from my side, Ami? πŸ™
    And he doesn’t feel much love as I do?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You give out the love but you both feel it. You have some lovely things there. If you wanted a more in depth opinion, I would have to do a one question chart for you but it looks super good from what you say. Ceres is one of the biggest blessings in all of astrology and to have it conjunct the NN is one of the best ways to have it Becky!

  9. amiannBecky

    Thank you Ami for your kind response.
    Feel worried that this relationship is only one sided.
    I’ll look up for more posts about synastry on your site.
    You’re awesome, Ami!


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Becky. You prolly need a professional reading to get peace about it. I am not pushing myself but just suggesting. If not, please keep studying cuz it will pay off in time!

  10. amiannChristine

    There’s a guy I’ve been talking to via text since May … we felt early on we’re fated in some way. I do charts for a living … and hesitated to check our charts. He kind of begged me πŸ˜‰

    Not only does his Alma conjoin my NN exactly, but so do his Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all within 2 degrees.

    My BML is on his NN, and his NN opposes my Venus exactly. We are meeting in December … this is going to be a wild ride!

    (Curious to hear more? Because as an astrologer, I would be. His Pholus and my Ceres are exact conjunctions, his BML/Eros and my Pluto are exact conjunctions, and this doesn’t even cover our personal/outer planet connections, of which there are many).

      1. amiannChristine

        For sure none of that is huge in and of itself. But I’ve had plenty of experiences where what one might consider “bad moons” did not make for a poor relationship at all. As long as I’ve been reading charts (25 years) I’ve had really good relationships (and read good synastry) with moon square moon and/or opposing mars. In fact I’ve found some of my best friends/relationships have a lot of oppositions in them too (in particular the Pisces-Virgo opposition, and I find oppositions in mutable signs to be a little easier to navigate). So to say “bad moons ruin everything” seems a little black and white to me, considering there are myriad factors that can mitigate that right away. But then again, we’re speaking from reading hundreds of charts, and our experiences are never going to match up exactly.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          My experience with charts and my personal bent, I guess you could say, is that Moons are first. I, as a Cancer Moon, come from a feeling and intuitive place. In my own life, the Moon always makes or breaks relationships. I can feel the Moon in people. So, that is my bent, my Friend.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          I think you can have excellent friendships with Moon oppose Moon. Most of my friends seem to have an opposite Moon BUT for a serious intimate relationship like marriage, I don’t like it. The moon is your deepest, most vulnerable heart. To me, the Moon is everything when it comes to a lover.

  11. amiannChristine

    That makes total sense, and I think that’s why there are so many great perspectives to be shared in astrology; we’re all interpreting both from information given to us in books but also our own unique perspective/experiences πŸ™‚ Love your site and hope you have a great day!

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