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Ten Chart Cheats–How To Master Some Key Aspects in an Easy Way

This article is on how to master a few aspects and know important things about your prey. Oops, did I say “prey”? I meant person of interest. I guess it is my Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus that likes tidbits. I like little tastes in restaurants, too. These are like going out for Chinese food, ordering ten dishes and tasting them all. We all want to know certain things about people, such as do they have a bad temper, do they have charisma, are they loyal, are they mental *sigh*. It is good my mother isn’t here when I use that word. She slayed me the last time I did. You know what I mean and with that, we will get on with the article.

1. Charisma

If a guy or gal has this aspect, he has to beat off the opposite sex with a fly swatter. The aspect is Mars conjunct Venus. The more exact the aspect, the stronger the phenomenon( and this holds true for all astrology aspects). I have a friend who cannot go to Wal Mart without being propositioned, even by married women standing next to their husbands. His is EXACT.

2. Mars Square Pluto

This bad boy or girl has a temper. It is, likely, hidden, to some degree i.e you may have to get to know him to see it. However, in time, you will. This kind of temper is very hard to control, too, due to the nature of the square.

3.Excellent Common Sense

Moon in Taurus handles life situations well. He does not jump into things. He ponders( chews his cud) until he feels comfortable with action. This is a very nice Moon to have. Taurus is the Moon in Exaltation, so the Moon, which is emotions, tends to make for a stable person.

4. Rises to the Top in His Career

Mars in Capricorn has the best goal oriented attitude I have ever seen. This Mars may start in the mail room, but he will rise to the CEO position. It is just who he is and how he sees the world.

5. Effortlessly Sexy and Likes it

Not all people like to be seen as sexy. However, Lilith conjunct the Ascendant loves it. She “works it”, one could say. I have never seen a Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant native who was not very attractive in an overtly sexy way. There are many ways to be attractive. A Libra Ascendant is attractive in a “girl next door” kind of way. The Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant has a more primal, animal kind of attractiveness, if you know what I mean.

6. Very intelligent

This prize goes to Mercury Conjunct the Sun at a 6 -10 degree orb. This is the conjunction, not the combust which has a 0–5 degree orb.

7. Very Honest–No Fluff, No Fakery

This goes to one of my favorite aspects–Mars Conjunct Mercury. This native has a refreshly open way about him. It is very attractive in men, especially in this politically correct society in which men have become like women.

8. Very Intelligent in a Creative Genius Kind of Way

Uranus trine the Sun makes for an independent thinker. Daryl Hall has it. If you listen to him speak, you can hear the level of creative genius, without any of the pretense. He is fortunate enough to have this aspect in close orb.

9. A Natural Writer——Mercury trine Neptune

This is the classic aspect for a person who is gifted as a writer. The more I do Astrology, the more I see that people were made to do certain careers. The musician is, likely, not the football player. The chef is, likely, not the doctor. The mechanic is, likely, not the writer. You get the point. Each person was made for a certain purpose. When one finds one’s purpose, life becomes much happier because one’s work is, also, one’s play. I have this with Astrology. I never really had it with anything else in the same way. I have the Astrowizard Asteroid conjunct the Ascendant. I say this to give you an example of the chart showing us what we will love and that to which we will have talent.

10. Beauty

I think Melania Trump has this. Aphrodite Conjunct the Ascendant confers beauty. It is a pure kind of beauty, kind of a breathtaking kind of beauty. Beauty is a gift in the same way that intelligence is. No one earned their gifts. They are from God.

16 thoughts on “Ten Chart Cheats–How To Master Some Key Aspects in an Easy Way

  1. amiannSheila

    So true, particularly Mars square Pluto. Ex husband who also had Sun exact conjunction Venus and aforementioned Mars exact conjunction Mercury all in Scorpio!

  2. amiannKim

    Spot on..these are great for a cheat sheet. They are the first things I notice when I look at a chart. Not so much asteroids but I only look at a few and am a novice with them.

  3. amiannLou

    Great article! What about Lilith opposite ascendant? hehe, well I have Libra Ascendant but I don´t think I´m that much irresistible haha.
    I´d add Plutonic people. They are intense magnets to me. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The opposition would have to be very close to count(1-2 degrees) Lou. Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad you are here and thank you for your contributions!

  4. amiannStanford

    Hi Ami, I’m a theologian first, an astrologer second. I have the classic indications of this with sun and Mercury in the 9th, Mercury conjunct MC and dignified in Scorpio by MR with Mars in Virgo. While I do not consider the asteroids to be part of the essential symbolic language of astrology, they can add some nuance. I have Pallas in partile conjunction to my Asc at 29 Capricorn. Since I do not use the asteroids in delineation, I’m curious how you would interpret that. Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Circe is a magical kind of charisma and Venus conj Mars is charisma too. Circe is kind of bewitching, I guess one could say. So, they are different, yes, but both have lots of charisma.

  5. amiannNichole

    Loving this post. Thank you. I didn’t see what aspect you were referencing for #9. I’m guessing Mars conjunct Mercury… not sure though.

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