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Ten MORE Secrets From an Astrologer

People seem to like this article, so here we go, we have a series.

1. Mars in Scorpio is always sexy in a cool way with one exception. The exception is when the man has Venus in Scorpio, as well. In this case, he has such deep feelings that he does not have the “swag” of the usual Mars in Scorpio.

2.Venus Conjunct Saturn is very hard on herself. She is very hard on her appearance. I call this the “Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery” aspect. I loved Joan Rivers, but she, certainly, was not content with her appearance.

3. The truth telling aspect is Mars conjunct Mercury.Mars conjunct Mercury has the courage to tell the truth, a rare trait indeed. Daryl Hall has this. He is a very authentic person for a rock star. *Swoon*. The true embodiment of this aspect is Simon Cowell, who has the Mars conjunct Mercury aspect, as well.

4. The person is ” too nice” i.e not assertive when she should be. A classic aspect for this is a 12th House Pluto. There are other aspects that manifest in being “too nice”, such as Venus conjunct the Sun. However, the bigger “stuffer of passions” of the two is Pluto in the 12th House.

5. Saturn in the 12th House seems to manifest in a person who feels he does not “fit in”. He is the proverbial kid at the nerd lunch table, jealously eyeing the popular kids.

6. Nessus conjunct the North Node may be a person who would get horrible revenge on you if you did anything he deemed “wrong”. I have learned to do a spot check for Nessus in any chart. If I see it, I pay attention to close aspects. I never violate a Nessus in synastry in my own life—NO WAY, BABY.

7. The biggest revenge taker may be Medea Conjunct the Ascendant or North Node. These Greek goddesses( I think she was one) do not fool around. They are not like the politically correct people of today. When they take revenge, they are like the Russian mob. They kill your grandmother and send her home in a suitcase.

8. Moon conjunct Ceres is a very loving person. I have one in my life and he is!

9. Unaspected Saturn has a great deal of character. I have one in my life and he does.

10. Mercury combust the Sun( exact orb to 5 degrees) is, usually, super, super sensitive to criticism. DON’T tell them they look fat in that bathing suit.

7 thoughts on “Ten MORE Secrets From an Astrologer

  1. amiannTina

    I know a girl with saturn in 12th… she always feels left out and putting barriers on her own mind. I remember when I had this aspect in my solar return it was one of the most worst year to me because I was so depressive… I isolated myself totally. If she weren’t a Sagittarius I bet she would do the same. (Plus she have a lot of planets in 10th house, she must “appear” lol
    For the Pluto in 12th, I know a guy with this placement, he do seems “too nice” but idk, I can’t understand properly the energy of this placement yet.
    I love when you do these kind of list with your observations!
    Thank you Ami

  2. amiannVivian

    I have the Venus conjunct Saturn and I’ve always felt not pretty enough but I don’t try any drastic makeovers etc. Its in my 6th house at that so maybe I feel I haven’t worked hard enough either.

    My mom has Saturn in 12 the and she has told me there were times she felt afraid and alone …but she has mars in twelfth too so maybe the conjunction gave her strength to over come fear etc? I don’t I know.

    My brother has the mercury conjunct mars in close aspect and all I can say is he is BLUNT BLUNT BLUNT . you will get the truth in the most bluntest form ever…even with swear words. I don’t know if this is associated with this aspect alone or with others. I have mercury inconjunct mars so I don’t know if that’s why I can’t curse as him. Plus whenever I am being blunt sometimes it feels weird like I shouldn’t be… Probably those pesky retrogrades at work.

  3. amiannjinder

    What about Nessus conjunct Mercury? Would this mean the Nessus person would abuse the Mercury person? Or the Merc person would be obsessed with the Nessus person? Is it possible to get around this and have a healthy connection?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Probably both as you said. This conjunction has to be close—1-3 orb. There is not really a way to get around it, per se, but if the Mercury person beat down the Nessus person with a strong Pluto, for example, there could be a balance of power.

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