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Ten Reasons Why Johnny Depp is So Sexy—–More Of A Complex Look At Him

This is additional information not covered by my first article. My lovely website readers helped me to formulate some other ides, so I hope this article will deal with Johnny more complexly.The astrologer gets accused of being too cookie cutter, which we can be. We need to invest a lot of time and study to see the complexities of the native. Some people are more complex than others. The more complex person will have more warring factions. However, all people are complex. In order to try to rectify my too cookie cutter of an article, I am doing a Part Two. I know the title sounds “cookie cutter” but I will attempt to pull together Johnny as a whole person, not simply describe the parts of him as I did in the last article. I will use the same format because it is easy to read.

Ten Reasons Why Johnny Depp is So Sexy—–More Of A Complex Look At Him
One wants to understand a complex person more so than someone who seems more superficial. Let me say this simply. A pretty face gets old. By old, I mean boring. This is the same for both sexes. I am not a Brad Pitt fan. I have never seen one of his movies, but he looks like a pretty boy to me. A pretty boy would be like cotton candy. The first few bites are good and then you want to throw it away.

Johnny has several aspects which WAR with each other. This war makes him interesting. He must struggle to emerge as a whole person. This struggle is felt by others. If he does emerge rather whole, he can be a fascinating person. One warring faction that would make him very interesting is the Gemini Sun and Capricorn Moon. They are two very different animals. Gemini is light, airy, rather superficial, intellectual and fun loving. Gemini is the trickster of the Zodiac. They love to play jokes on people. They have a marvelous sense of humor.

Capricorn is the stern father of the Zodiac. He will tell you to eat your peas before you have your dessert. He is serious and responsible,also cold and calculating. He can work toward a goal slowly. Saturn makes a person RESPONSIBLE. One can see this in how he treats his children. A responsible man who is also fun and playful equals sexy!

2. Mercury Conjunct Venus and Algol
If this is not “leather and lace”, nothing is. He can talk very sweetly but underneath is DANGER. The feeling of danger is sexy. However, no woman really wants real danger. They want power that is under control!. To be very honest, women who have been abused do crave danger. People repeat their childhoods. It is not conscious. They do not SEEK it with their conscious mind. However, that little devil inside makes them eschew their conscious mind and go for the attraction. If one has had a lot of damage in childhood, one may be fated to have a dangerous relationship. I have seen this many, many times. The key would be to try to learn from it and not repeat it. Please note that I am not blaming anyone. These drives are born out of pain.

Algol is the most evil Fixed Star. When it is conjunct personal planets such as Mercury and Venus, it will play out. Hence, one will be struck with the “evil” ball if one is playing ball with this person i.e in an intimate relationship. I do think that with God aspects can be overcome. If I see this aspect in a man’s chart, I would never marry the man. I am not saying I would not have a relationship with him, but if I did it would be the pain part of me craving a repeat of my childhood. Honestly, at this point, I would see the chart and walk away. However, that is born of making a lifetime of mistakes! Mercury is communication and so we have the danger and the sweetness. The danger and the sweetness equals sexy.

3. Pluto Conjunct Mars Equals Great Personal Power and Presence
Women find power sexy. If you argue with me, you don’t know much about women or you are with a woman who lies(can we say “woke?). Who is the sexiest guy on the plane, all things considered,—the pilot. Doctors are sexy. Great musicians are sexy. WHY? One reason is that they have great personal power. Steven Tyler was the force behind the rise of Arrowsmith. In his autobiography, he talks about his struggle to discipline the group. To be a world class musician, one must have EXTREME discipline.

Kobe Bryan was known for his self discipline. Women are attracted to a man who seems to have this high level of self discipline. It must be innate because we need the man to stick around to parent the children and/or stick around when times get tough. I am not saying that these men have discipline in relationships but they do have discipline, in general, and we are attracted to that.Mick Jagger has this aspect. He exercises for three hours every day. He does yoga and ballet. He moves and dances like a young person. Few people would have this level of self control. Depp created a wonderful career without family money or family assistance. He earned all he has through self discipline.

4 Leo Ascendant and Capricorn Moon–Another Conflict

This falls under our premise that conflict is sexy( if one has resolved it somewhat). Leo Ascendant loves the limelight.Leo Ascendant loves to dress up, as Johnny seems to. I love his unique style. Wearing the kinds of earrings he does would not work on most men. The man needs a high level of confidence to do this. Confidence is sexy.The Capricorn Moon is responsible, serious and discipline, so we have this lovely dichotomy which, again, makes us intrigued.He is like your high school principal wearing heels. It has a little bit of a gross feeling but it calls us. Also, I love his hair. Every man should have a pony tail but few could pull it off.

5 Gemini is a Freak

I am a Gemini Sun, Venus, Mercury and South Node. I am not a freak, per se. I am a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew, so there is just so much freakiness in the above. However, inside me, I don’t really care if someone is covered in tattoos or has a weird sexuality( please, don’t start). Geminis have an inner freak is what I am trying to say. With Johnny, he has the liberty to show his inner freak because he is artistic, but he as the CONFIDENCE to do so.

6 Inner Freak Combined With Stern Father

This kind of defines sexy. You have the security of your dad and the sexiness of the bad boy.

7 Deep Repressed Pain–Chiron in the 8th

Deep repressed pain is not always sexy. Sometimes it is creepy. Sometimes it is annoying. Chiron in the 8th has a deep repression of pain. This native was likely abused and/or had a great deal of pain in his childhood. However, in a chart with a lot of light(Gemini),confidence(Leo) and discipline(Capricorn), a deep well of pain makes a woman want to mother him. If you don’t agree, you are, probably,clueless about women and live with your dog. No diss on dogs. I love them.

8. Saturn and Sexiness–“Repression made me do it”

I have noticed something in the charts. That which conjuncts Saturn CALLS one to do it. It is like the call of cheesecake when you are on a diet. I swear it calls your name. If one is called by lust, eros, the abuse asteroids and other sexual struggle aspects, one can have that sexy vibe to them. In this chart, we have a very strong Saturn in square. Square equals struggle.

I will try to break them down and then put it back together. That is what I do when I do a natal chart. I take all your details, spread them out for you and then put you back together whole. Many of the details seem to conflict but a good astrologer( not to brag like a Leo Ascendant would) can accomplish this.

One major square is Venus/Algol/Mercury square Saturn. This is even painful to say. Venus/Algol/Mercury is a dangerous dude. His words are dangerous and loving him is dangerous. This by itself would make him a force to be reckoned with. However, when we have the square with the cool, repressed Saturn we have every damaged girl’s dream.(don’t hate me because I have dark humor). Saturn in such a powerful square gives the native a smoldering sexuality( if he has a sexy chart, in genera, which Johnny does) This smoldering sexulaity is what makes Depp charismatic on screen. One has charisma or one does not. To be a Hollywood star( in his roles) one would need charisma out the whazoo. This aspect in the context of the rest of the chart would give it.

9. Deep Pain With His Father That Cannot be Resolved—Chiron square the Sun

I am not saying that this aspect would make him sexy. However, the struggle would add to his depth. When I see Chiron in square with the Sun or Moon, I feel very sad. We all want to be close to our parents. Chiron in square with the Sun is an unresolved relationship with the father. In the case of the Moon, it is with the mother.

10 More Nuclear Level Conflict–Mercury/Vneus/Algol square Mars

If a person had just one of these Saturn squares, it could keep him conflicted/addicted for a lifetime and Johnny has two. In this set of squares, we have the powerhouse Mars square all three of these biggies—-Mercury, Venus and Saturn. When I see his chart, I never want to complain again.It is that hard. It would be like a person with too many shoes to choose from complaining to someone who had no shoes. Each person tends to think he had it the worst. He thinks it in his private moments, anyway. (If you disagree, please don’t tell me. Find some bubbly person to read.) However, objectively speaking, there is a great difference in difficulty of charts.

This complex square would add to the smoldering sexiness which is classic to Johnny. The reason is that he struggles with acting out on evil(Algol) He struggles with his combining hie male and his female sides. In other words, I would not be surprised if he was attracted to both sexes(Venus square Mars) Venus squares Mars does not have to be bi-sexual. However, they will be sexy in an “edgy” way.Also, this aspect could be bi-sexual. Mars square Mercury may make the person hold back on his words because he does not trust himself to speak fluidly. This is not sexy, per se. It is just part of the picture and makes him a person who thinks hard before he speaks.We can see this in the trial!

41 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Johnny Depp is So Sexy—–More Of A Complex Look At Him

  1. amiannAbigail

    Well, Johnny Depp has always seemed overrated and creepy to me. Sexy he is not, actually he is repulsive. But I don’t like celebrities in general. I resent what they have done to our culture and really to be walking promoters of moral decay while virtue signaling (which they are paid to do as the original social influencers and manipulators of culture).

    Truly only the most stupid and empty vessels would sell themselves (and their countrymen) for such low prices. Of course they can act! This isn’t a talent. It is called being a practiced fake

  2. amiannTheresa

    His natal Jupiter conjuncts the Lie asteroid and atahualpa. His dejanira con his N Node. His life theme will be a victim. I think he lies about his abuse towards others verbally then claims he is a victim.

    1. amiannAbigail

      You know, I don’t know anything about him (I see headlines but I don’t follow gossip). I have seen him in interviews. He is not ugly but something very dark about him and his Viper Room in LA where I have been personally, as well as his band which I have seen personally. I guess the energy from that place I would describe as dark and the way he speaks, no matter how much charm he has I believe he has been involved in black magic and evil

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Theresa. You are good! My next article will be his asteroids. If you want to help out, please do!
      The NN/Deja is 4 degrees but I would count it in this case.

  3. amiannTina

    Hello darling, Ami 🙂
    Great chart interpretation honey! I’d like to add what I picked up from this chart.

    I’m not a fan of Mercury Conjunct Venus in a chart of someone that doesn’t practice some form of spiritually or, seeks to connect with God often. I find these people have a silver tongue. I’ve noticed people use the trickster energy of Mercury, with sickly sweet (Venus rules sugar) words with this aspect. And if I see Pluto in a square and/or opposition mainly, sometimes conjunction too, to any personal planets in that chart, and if the person isn’t practicing spirituality, I know this person uses that Mercury-Venus conjunction to manipulate (Pluto) others through their ‘words’!

    I’m not verbally bashing alcohol here, as alcohol isn’t a problem, if you don’t make it a problem, but this man admits he drinks a bottle of wine to himself every night. And that is very problematic, as big time alcohol drinkers operate in a highly narcissistic fashion. I’ve done extensive research on a spiritual level about alcohol. People that consume high levels daily, create many tears and holes in their aura, and many nasty little suckers can enter into the auric field holes, and infiltrate those people’s minds. That’s why problem drinkers do ‘demonic’ acts on others!!

    He uses this energy on females. Venus in a straight mans chart is how he will treat females. In a women’s chart, would be how she, herself operates.

    He has that Sun-Pluto square, which confirms what I previously mentioned, and the Sun is one indicator of ‘the husband’. I’m not a gambling person, but I would bet money on him being very controlling towards her.

    Further confirmation of this is his Mars in his 1st. Mars in the 1st looks to the opposite house (7th) and seeks to control the other (7th). And with that Uranus conj his Mars, he does this via shock (Uranus) and traumatising (Uranus) the other (7th).

    Mars in a square, opposition and even Conjunction, to Uranus, can operate as an explosive temper. Raging out on the other. I’ve even seen this energy play out with the trine (easy flow of energy).

    His Mars is conj Pluto, which can play out in violent ways.

    Venus square Mars, plays out as abuse. And because Mars is in his 1st, he embodies this energy, and goes to war (square) with females. And Venus is in his 10th, so the ‘general public’ are finding out about this, and it’s effecting his ‘reputation’.

    Uranus and Pluto are sandwiching his Mars. This is one controlling, manipulative (Pluto) and traumatising (Uranus) person when his Mars is activated. All taking place in Virgo too. Virgo is a controlling sign and very critical.

    He received violence (Mars) to his physical body (1st) which traumatised (Uranus) him via a strict/authoritarian (Saturn) other (7th). And this is all bubbling away for him in his subconscious (Mars and Uranus are under the horizon), that he projects (the opposition aspect. An aspect of projection) onto the other (7th) that resembles that strict/authority figure (Saturn) from his past in his unconscious.

    Also, Mars square or opposite Saturn, in a man’s chart, is known as the wife beater aspect. And, he has Mars (a weapon) in his first house (the self), at the Gemini degre (3) and Gemini rules the hands, opposite (projection on to others) Saturn, in his 7th house, the house of partners.

    Again, I would bet money on him hitting her.

    She probably reminds him of that strict authority figure from young.

    If she has any planets, or victim asteroids, Conjunct either his Mars or Saturn, case closed!!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets involved in a car (3rd degree/Gemini. Gemini rules cars) accident (Mars) which injures his head (Mercury is at 25 degrees/Aries degree, conj Algol, Medusa’s head/where we lose our head. Or, the jaw/neck area/Taurus).

    Jupiter is another indication of ‘the husband’, and as Theresa mentioned, he has lie conj it. He not only lied to her big time (Jupiter) but lies about her (smear champion).

    Back to Mercury, as it’s conjunct Algol 🙁 the fixed star that makes you lose your head!!! The person would use their Mercury-Venus Conjunction to get what they want, and make them appear to be lovely, via their ‘sweet’ (Venus) ‘words’ (Mercury), and if that fails, they would then tap into the energy of Algol (also know as Medusa’s head) and lose their head at the other. Using intense anger to the point of losing their head, to intimidate the other to do as they wish, or get what they want. This is clearly being seen via another form of Mercury. Text messages/the phone. Mercury rules phones. How he spoke to her behind closed doors is being exposed by how he was speaking about her via text messages. All Mercury related. I’m wondering if his words come across as poisonous/venomous (the snakes on Medusa’s head?!

    My honest opinion, they were both abusive towards each other in that messed up, abusive, co-dependent relationship. And I bet they would switch roles of abuser-victim. But after looking at his chart today, I have no doubt now that he would have physically assaulted her.

    I learnt a long time ago, there are many turds, walking around out there, that are wrapped up in pretty wrapping paper!!

    There’s so so so much more I want to say, especially regarding that Mercury-Venus, Algol conjunction, and seeing his Uranus-Mars-Pluto conjunction, and Uranus and Mars are in his 1st house, but I have no desire to be sued!!! I’ve studied the main fixed stars, via information from Hermes, that has recently been found and translated. I really don’t like the look of that Mercury-Venus-Algol conjunction!!! If what I’m seeing is true, this is one of the biggest creeps on this planet!! And those horrible rumours (not about his ex) about how much of a creep he is, could very well be true! Sorry Ami, as I know you find him sexy, but that’s how these spiders lure their victims!! By charm, seduction and sex appeal.

    1. amiannTina

      FYI, all the above is my opinion and interpretation. I have no idea who this man is! I’ve never met him and have no idea about his personal life. I don’t mean to offend you, as I know you find him hot. I’ve actually been a bit shaken up for a while now, after seeing his chart. I could be completely interpreting his chart wrong, but I haven’t enjoyed the vibe I’ve experienced since commenting earlier. 🙁

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        All in all, I think he is a super bad dude but when you see him at the trial, he is very sexy. In truth, I think he is acting and the whole thing is a made up thing to distract people from bad things going on in the world but when I watch him, the dark side of me finds him super, super sexy.

      2. amiannTheresa

        Amber heard has an Apophis venus Algol conjunction which conjuncts his Venus Algol Mercury. So they are both nuts.
        I think they have a Nessus Dejanira relationship.
        Her nessus opp his saturn
        Her dejanira conjuncts his saturn and her medea con his vertex at 0 degrees.😳

        1. amiannAbigail

          Interesting! My lover has Pluto, Algoa, Dejanira and Eros all in Scorpio in his 6th house.

          His Pluto squares his Leo Moon

          Two T squares with the vertex on his Venus and Mercury in Libra, respectively

          His Pluto combusts my Mars at 12 degrees Scorpio
          My Saturn 9 Scorpio
          His Eros 6 Scorpio

          I find 6,9,12 to be interesting

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT post, Tina. You are BRILLIANT. I find him sexy but I know he is bad and would never, ever let him into my life. However, he is sexy and the whole trial thing is a made up soap opera, I think. However, I got hooked and know many people did too so I thought it would make for some interesting articles xoxoxo

      1. amiannTina

        Thank you so much, Ami. xox
        What you see in me, lives in you too darling…and I think you are also BRILLIANT!! 💋

        I use to find him incredible hot and sexy, 10-15 years ago. I can still see he is a sexy man, but I’m not a fan anymore. I actually find he has a repulsive spirit, under that human suit (flesh)!!

        I know he’s bad too and I wouldn’t let him into my life either. I went deep down the rabbit hole in 2020. The stuff I heard about him, I could see it in his chart the other day. It actually shock me to my core!!

        I haven’t been watching the trial.
        Never considered the trial to be a distraction!! Makes total sense!! Their typical distraction tactic! The illusionist always makes you focus on one hand, while the other hand is doing something else!! I’ve noticed you and I are on a similar wavelength with the goings on at present. xox

          1. amiannTina

            I have to be very careful in the way I word this. Currently, transiting Pandora is sitting right on my Mercury.

            I won’t tell you what I’ve read and heard, but I will tell you what I saw in the chart, that shocked me, as I could see the energy at play, to the things I read and heard.

            So, Venus in a males chart is the types of women a straight man is interested in. Mercury governs youngsters. Algol is known as Medusa’s head. Think of the myth. What happened to Medusa, for her to be victim blamed and cursed.

            Venus and Mercury (conj Algol) are in Taurus. Taurus is the physical body.

            Mars’ gliph has a weapon on it. It is also seen as a phallic symbol. Mars wants to penetrate. In the 1st, there’s an embodiment of this energy on the physical body of the individual. Mars in the 1st is looking at the 7th. Mars in the 1st wants to control others. Mars in it’s lower manifestation is violent, angry and warlike. Now, there’s a square between these planets. The energy will play out with that square energy, but, they’re in signs that trine, so the expression will be a trine. Trines are like cheerleaders. Encouraging the planets, regardless if it’s right or wrong, they cheer on the planets. Mars and Venus are enemy planets. You will always notice abuse, either way, with a challenging aspect between those two planets.

            Uranus is Conjunct Mars. There’s a trauma (Uranus) signature to Mars. I’m presuming first experiencing it (it’s in the 1st) then, due to trauma (Uranus), inflicting it on to others (Uranus and Mars are in the 1st, looking at the 7th). This is further confirmed for me via that Mars (in the 1st) opposition (projection) to Saturn (in the 7th)

            Pluto (I so wanted to say something, but I’ll round about say it…) is Conjunct Mars. And what did Pluto do to Persephone when he abdicated her, and took her into the underworld?!

            Uranus, Mars and Pluto are in Virgo. Virgo is a controlling sign.

            Saturn is also square Mercury and Venus. And they’re all connected via that t-square.

            Inner psychological tension, projected (opposition) onto others, and the apex of that inner tension from both ends, is that Mercury-Venus-Algol Conjunction.

            Mars and Saturn are in opposition. Mars and Saturn are enemy planets. In the relationship axis of the 1st and 7th.

            Oh boy…I could go on and on here, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

            As a disclaimer, I’m just saying what I’m seeing in the chart, for entertainment purposes only. I have no idea if these rumours are true or not. I’m not going to say them, as they could be a complete fabrication to this person’s reputation.

            That last paragraph was to legally project myself, Ami, but, I will say this…after looking at this chart, there is no way I would let this person into my life…EVER!!!

            I know he has Nessus at 2 degrees Gemini. I’ve read you have your sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini. If any of your planets conj his Nessus, I’m presuming that’s why you find him so sexy. Now, he is a sexy man. However, I also find him creepy. But maybe, if any of your planets touch his Nessus, that’s probably the energy at play for you.

          2. amiannTina

            How interesting…I just noticed transiting Apophis is currently at 14 degrees Pisces, conj his Chiron, in his 8th!

            OMG…he has Chiron in his 8th!!

            I could write up another essay on just that!!

          3. amiannTina

            You’re welcome, Ami!
            I think you’re brilliant too 🙂
            I still have a lot to learn regarding the asteroids. And I’m so happy we’ve connected. Not just because you’re a gun with astrology and the asteroids, but I really like our connection. I’m not sure if you believe in past lives or not, but I feel we have known each other from a past life.

      2. amiannMichele

        Hi, Amiann. Curious how you feel about the verdict. I’ve been in a DV situation (I just can’t bring myself to say “victim”) and initially had no reason to doubt Amber’s story. What turned it on a dime for me, was the recording of her mocking and ridiculing Johnny. Simply put, an abused woman does not speak like that to her abuser. She had not one drop of fear towards Johnny.

        The sheer number of lies she told on the stand suggests that everything coming out of her mouth is trash, not truth. Amber, and her motley crew of leeches, lived in Johnny’s homes, snorted his cocaine, smoked his weed, ate his food, spent his money and then stuck a knife in his back. She cheated on him over 30 times – is that the behavior of a scared, abused woman or a vindictive golddigger? Anyone watching the trial from begging to end, had to reach the same conclusion as the jury or they would be incapable of objectivity. I was never a Johnny Depp fan – I’ve only seen one movie with him in it. But after this trial, I am ‘Team Johnny’ all the way. Amber Heard lied under oath for money, and the opportunity to destroy the man who had the audacity to leave her before she was done with him. Amber is the classic, textbook narcissist.

        That is all I have. Thank you. 🙂

    3. amiannAbigail

      This is SUCH an interesting read and I don’t even follow any of this.

      I agree 100% with Ami below, they are distractions! You won’t hear hear in the media that all over the US food distribution facilities are being burned down. These are war games and food is going to be a problem in this decade. Please. Find a resilient community that is producing their own food, medicine and essentials.

      Ever since I was a teenager i felt a need to produce a sustainable regional food system and i did this for ecological reasons. Now I see this was truly a prompt of the Holy Spirit and necessary for our survival in the next decade

  4. amiannBonnie

    As i comment in another post of abusers, i wonder if his mars trine his MC makes him agressive in acting out. At least thats what the public will see.
    From studying human design his mars is in what they call gate 59 of sexuality (you can search it up) in his first house.

    With neptune in 4th house i have seen this with drug abusers. As if they dont feel “at home” or no roots, no safety. As scorpio 4th house his youth was dark so that probably shaped him. With chiron in 8th.. i think hes sexually frustrated too, with soo much drug and alcohol abuse you cant have a good sex life. If you cant bond in that way frustrations come.
    With his south node beeing 20° capricorn with wide orb with his moon, is often seen in psychopaths, killers etc. Its emotionally unstable, addiction etc certainly in 6th house of health. After seeing the trial i saw “copied” behaviour of his mother in him.

    As an asteroïde research i would definitly check out 26955 (lie), 83982 crantor, pholus etc. Soo many if you want to go in depp (lol).
    I honestly think, what we see (his aura/ radiance/ mask) is not Who he is. Underneath he is a broken man, drug and alcohol abuser Who like to put himself in a good Light because he has no income. And addictive People cant let go of the past, linger in unjustice done to them.

    1. amiannTina

      An out of sign square, is still a square, regardless if it’s found in a natal, synastry or composite chart. The thing with out of sign aspects is, the aspect is 2/3 the strength of the aspect in question. The other third that makes up the rest of the energy at play, is how the signs interact with each other. In this case ⬆️, the other third of the energy at play, is a trine. Trines have a default switch. Especially if enemy planets are involved in the aspect. Mars and Venus are enemy planets. So, the square is mainly felt, but there’s a boost and flow (Trine) of the energy at play.

      When looking at synastry charts, a 5 degree orb and under is what’s mainly felt. Anything over 5 degrees, it’s so minimal in energy, it’s not really felt.

        1. amiannTina

          You’re welcome Ami. My pleasure.

          I’m glad there’s been an energy exchange, as I’ve learnt from you xox

          I need to correct something I wrote. An aspect of 5 degrees and more, will still be felt, but not as strongly if the aspect was 5 degrees and less.

          With composites, the orb can be wider for the energy to still be felt as strong, but, the tighter the orb, the stronger the energy will play out.

          1. amiannAbigail

            Even though I don’t like Johnny Depp I just looked this up. I don’t believe he is a “wife beater” and i think he deserves to be compensated for damages… he no doubt has mental issues but he and his wife were alcoholics and he was used financially which no doubt pissed him off. He doesnt deserve to have his career ruined over it

  5. amiannİlk

    Thanks for informations. I guess this happens more on natal.I had a Venus Moon conjunction with someone and it was out of sign. I really dont feeling. And when i observed other people there was nothing.Because of synastry is the interaction of two people, I think it has more to do with signs.

    1. amiannTina

      You’re welcome Ilk.

      That out of sign conjunction would have the energy of the conjunction, yet the expression of a semi-sextile.

      Think of a semi-sextile as similar to a quincunx. There’s nothing in common with the elements and modalities of those two signs. A bit of a mismatch.

      Also, look at the planets in question. Let’s say the Venus was in Aries (debilitated) and the moon was in Taurus (exalted). That would add to the energy at play.

      Then, look at the houses this is taking place in. That’s where the issues/dynamics will be playing out in, as they govern the areas of life this energy will be playing out in.

      Also, look at asteroids. They could be alternating the energy also. Ami is a gun with asteroid info, if you haven’t gone down the asteroid path as yet.

      With synastry charts, always look at the natal first. Look at the psychology of the individual firstl. Let’s say this person’s moon was Conjunct your Venus. You would think this would play out beautifully, but, they have Saturn squares their moon. Or, their Venus was conj your moon, but they have a natal Venus Conjunct Saturn. There’s going to be a restriction and coldness to the planet that’s in a challenging aspect Saturn. You can’t isolate an aspect. Look to see how other planets are in conversation with that planet, and then you will understand the entire make up of that planet that’s conjuncting your planet.

      1. amiannİlk

        It’s clearer in my head now. Thanks again for your feedback and information. There really is a lot to learn in astrology.

        1. amiannTina

          You’re welcome Ilk.
          There really is a lot to learn in astrology. Learn as much as you can, but when it comes to interpreting a chart, try to simplify it. I know that sounds like a paradox, but there’s no point confusing yourself, as it will just frustrate you. Try tapping in with your intuition when looking at charts, unless you have Virgo in your chart, then you’ll probably want to approach astrology detail oriented.

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