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Ten Secrets From an Astrologer

What do *I* see when I look at a chart. I am like a doctor. Doctors do not tell the patient the candid truth, often. People in my family are doctors. When they come home from work, they tell a story about a patient, but you can be sure the patient did not hear that same story. The patient, likely, heard platitudes i.e politically correct mush. Why do I bring this up? Many astrologers do the same thing. I am not one of them.

If you come to me as a client or if you read my articles, you will get the direct, even brutal, truth. Truth is love. I appreciate when people tell me the truth, so I do that to others. I thought about this article as I was thinking about Libra Moon. Someone close to me has a Libra Moon and it is, indeed, cold. I get the most hate mail from my Loyal Moon series, but that does not stop me. Hence, we are onto our subject i.e. what do I REALLY think when I look at a chart.

1. Libra Moon

A Libra Moon really makes me not want to have this person for my friend. Let me describe what I mean when I say “friend”. I would have a casual relationship with a Libra Moon but not a BFF. Why? I really and truly think this Moon is cold. I have a warm Moon–Cancer. I don’t like to be close to people of whom I do not feel they are deep feeling and warm. I would never seriously date a Libra Moon.

2.Mars conjunct Venus

This is total sexiness. Hence, from a simple 2D chart, I can see a “smoking” person. I use Willie Robertson as an example. Boy, he is “eye and ear and everything else” candy.

3. Sagittarius Venus

I would not trust the fidelity of this Venus. Now, I cannot say I would never trust the fidelity of this Venus, but it would give me pause. I am talking about a male here. I really can’t speak for the female. I like to speak from personal experience *cough*

4. Mars in Scorpio in a man

He will be sexy even if he looks like a toad. I know I have this on every list, but it is the truth, Gorgeous.

5. Moon in Cancer

This is a deep feeling person. This person is, usually, gentle, at the core, as well.

6. Virgo Moon

This person was BORN to pick you to death. I could have a female friend with this Moon, but never a serious male relationship.

7. Moon Conjunct Pluto

This person, usually, has serious mother issues. They are very deep feeling people, but may have a hard time being open with their feelings. In other words, they may be “stuffers”.

8.Gemini Moon

I have known some lovely Gemini Moon people but I would not want to be in a serious relationship with one. They have a very nervous energy i.e can’t sit still. Also, I am not sure HOW much I trust them. They don’t have the kind of loyalty that appeals to me i.e they have to “hem and haw” before they will stand up for you. By the time they try to figure out all sides, you could be dead, lying in the street.

9. Venus in any close aspect to the Ascendant( Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Square or Opposition)

BEAUTY. God gifted this native with beauty. All out gifts are from God. That is the same with our struggles. That is how I view the chart.

10. Pisces Moon

This person is very, very sensitive. I would be fine with a female friend who had this Moon, but, probably, would not marry a man with this Moon. I, as a female, want a strong man. I know it is not politically correct to use the word”strong” but, I don’t trust this Moon to be strong enough when one needs strong shoulders.

25 thoughts on “Ten Secrets From an Astrologer

  1. amiannAlyosha

    9, Venus any close aspect to ASC.
    Venus conj. ASC 0.3 deg.
    Venus conj Juno 0.3 deg.
    Venus conj Ceres 3.3 deg
    and many trines and sextiles to Moon, Vesta, NN
    but from childhood till now, lived always with the complex that I am much worse and ugly than everyone around :-/ , very strange
    and now even if that were true … it’s useless because sooner or later this beauty goes by

  2. amiannAdriana

    I think it’s dangerous to call a planet in a certain sign untrustworthy without taking the house placement and other planets and aspects in consideration. A so called faithful venus, mars or moon sign can be unfaithful if placed in a certain house or making aspects to other planets. About venus in sagittarius men being unfaithful, I am not so sure about that. I do think they need the freedom to explore, but this doesn’t always mean exploring their sexuality with other women while being in a relationship. For some it will simply mean that they want to explore their interests/ hobby’s. Like I said before, it’s dangerous to call a certain venus sign unfaithful, but if I have to choose the most unfaithful venus sign in men it would be gemini for sure. A lot of cheaters and players I know have their venus sign in gemini. I am not saying that all men with venus in gemini are players and cheaters, but compared to other venus signs the percentage is much higher.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Thank you for your perspective..
    I feel a bit judged here im a libra moon..
    “Walk in their shoes before you judge”
    Yes libra moon can turn cold, but also very giving, fun, harmonieus, peacemaker.
    Most of my life i only thought of other people even so far i forgot myself.
    Sooo i share my perspective 💖

    1. amiannAdriana

      I have two female friends with a libra moon sign and they are very attentive and friendly. They do have the tendency to rationalize feelings, but that doesn’t make them cold. In my opinion the whole chart should be taken in consideration and not just one planet or element. Also they way you were brought up makes a difference.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I hear you, Bonnie, and truly I don’t mean to hurt you or anyone but the Libra Moon is not right for my Moon, for example. It has a certain nature that does not fit for me and how I see things, but YOU are not a bad person and one’s chart is not one’s fault at all. However, each placement does have it’s own traits and we have to face them imo xoxo

    3. amiannBonnie

      I do have a trine moon libra and mercury in gemini. How i think/ feel is instant, direct. How things come to me, i deal with it (or not). I try to be fair but not everything is my business. Sometimes (what i had to learn the hard way) people need to solve their own problems.

      I can give my opinions about a few cancer moons too.
      They can use emotional manipulation, sweet talk you. Most ive met are addicted to substance, alcohol, drugs, food, sweets etc. When they feel hurt they can gossip. But hey… asteroid “mania” is hovering in cancer sign.. so i guess some can overreact emotionally.
      Some love to provoke emotional reactions, for fun or make themselves feel better.
      Ive met a few cancer moons who also turned cold.. abusive even.
      I rather rely on my life experiences and stay in truth.

        1. amiannBonnie

          True but the be, the most accurate is to mention 2 sides of a coint. Everybody has shadows parts to.

          That what usually makes me turn cold.. i reflect and relate again.. how far does emapthy go.. untill you work yourself in the ground? Selfsacrifice?

          Offcourse i know cancer moon can be warm hearted.. empathic, caring etc..
          We are all part of the sum 💖

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            YES< Libra Moon goes back and forth so much and they tend to "think" their feelings BUT people should know that this does make for a colder moon and it is important to know, not to diss anyone, but to be honest. EVERYONE has struggles. Not being totally honest about them is not love. Facing them is xoxo

  4. amiannAnna

    Hiya Ami! Love your website- very insightful as always. The aspect with the most exact orb in my natal chart is moon square ceres, but I’m confused about what this means? Could you give me more info please?

  5. amiannAnonymous

    I am a Virgo moon and bring self deprication to a fine art form, and yet I am notoriously referred to as the “one person who will accept you no matter what”. This is not hate mail in the least, but please do not judge the rest of us so harshly please. 😢

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t mean to be so strong about my opinions that you feel shame. I try to call things as I see them, knowing that everyone has challenges and struggles! xoxo

  6. amiannGigi

    Sorry if I’m double posting but my last did not show….I am a Virgo moon and have brought self deprication to a whole new level. However, I am most frequently referred to as the person who “accepts you no matter what.” Please do not be so harsh on all of us without the full picture, please 😢

  7. amiannLaura

    Hi Ami!
    I’m a Pisces Moon – soo sensitive – yet very few people see this side of me because of the Capricorn stellium

    And Venus trine Ascendant 4 degrees isn’t exactly a close aspect, right?

  8. amiannMcMonster9

    Im gemini in moon at 29° 56′ 52″. Im about as loyal as they come. Im also cancer sun. Cancer venus. Taurus mars. But im asc scorpio, pluto in scorpio, plutorx in my first house. Sun venus moon and eros in my 8th. Venus trine pluto and asc. Mars in 7th house square asc. Pluto conjunct asc. Lilith square mars and asc.

  9. amiannNatasha

    Making personal remarks is quite dangerous when you try to teach people. I, personally, don’t like Cancer energy, I don’t have any contact with them except 2 squares. Does that mean I go around trashing them? Absolutely not. Just because a certain energy doesn’t match your chart, it doesn’t mean they are like you see them. Venus in Sag, Libra Moon, Gemini Moon would behave completely different with someone else, compatible with them. And I’m always for aspects and houses first, because oh so many of us have those placements…

  10. amiannR

    I have a friend who has Venus in Sagittarius. She seems very loyal to her boyfriend, although I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. She is a female, but typically I would have thought this would’ve played out the same as it would with males. Why is this?

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