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Ten Tidbits For A Sexy Person

1.Always Secy—–Lilith Conjunct the Ascendat
In my over ten years of doing charts, I have never found a person —male or female–who was not overtly sexy with this placement. Usually this person uses it and likes it.

2. Lilith conjunct the MC
This native is as sexy as the above person. However, she does not like it. She does not want to be defined by his sexiness. This is the chick that says “love me for my mind”. Go figure.

3. Venus Conjunct Mars
This native is naturally sexy. This native has oodles of charisma, too. Look up the people you know with this placement and you will see. Willy Robertson has this. I think he is super sexy. I know many famous people have it, so look this up and you can see.

4. Nessus conjunct the Ascendat
This native has a bad boy persona. This is sexy, whether people like to admit it or not. This goes for males and females.I would not like to have a relationship with this person because his default state is to be abusive. People get angry when I say things like this, but we all have struggles and this would be under that category.

5. Venus conjunct the Ascendant
These natives may be more beautiful than sexy, per se. Venus itself is grace and charm. As you work with astrology, you see there are different types of beauty. Not all beauty is sexy. Not all sexy people are beautiful. Venus conjunct the Ascendant has beauty, grace and charm.

6. Venus square Mars

This native is more of an “edgy” kind of sexy. If you have read the book ” The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I would define her as a Mars square Venus person. ( See I even use astrology when I read.) I am trying to think of some sexy famous people who have that edgy kind of sexiness and cannot, at this moment. Please, tell me people who you think fit this.

7. Ixxion Conjunct the Ascendant

Ixxion is lawlessness. I have seen men with this placement who are sexy in that bad boy kind of way, in the same manner as the Nessus conjunct the Ascendant. However, I steer clear of people with a strong Ixxion in their charts. The Bible says not to hang around with bad company—–wide paraphrase.

8. Mars in Scorpio

I have to add this one because it is true. I think of the sexy vampires as having this placement. One thing that is not noted enough that is a big part of their sexiness is that you feel they can see right through you. I am a little afraid of them for that reason. I have never had a real relationship with a Mars in Scorpio guy. I think I would be intimidated by someone who could see through me at that level. Just keeping it real. When one talks about sexy vibes, this dude can look like a frog and still be sexy a la Larry King.

9.Eros conjunct the Ascendant

This dude( or dudette) is sexy. He knows it. He uses it. Why not? Some people just have an erotic vibe. IF you meet one of these, it is very likely he has this placement. I have heard that it may not show up in pictures. You have to meet the dude in person(but be careful)

10. Many Hard Aspects to Jupiter
This aspect may blunt the conscience. I call it the sociopath aspect, to be honest. These guys can sweet talk you into anything. They have a kind of X ray vision into your soul. They know what you want and they play it. Watch out when someone sweeps you off you feet. When this does happen in a magical kind of way, please check the charts. It may be alright but you may be on the radar of a sociopath. If you are, the chart is your best friend.

12 thoughts on “Ten Tidbits For A Sexy Person

  1. amiannVenus

    I have Lilith exactly on my MC and this is so accurate. I can’t stand it when people tell me I am sexy. I feel I want to be appreciated for me, for the person I am, for my heart my soul my personality, but i always Only hear that I’m hot Or that I have Good boobs or a the best ass. I don’t identify much with how I look at all so It’s all super frustrating 🙈 Are there any remedies how to get rid off that?

    Interesting post, thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. amiannGen

    I would say a Scorpio ascendant would do this too. My first husband had this and was incredibly sexy even though he was rather plain and average looking. I can vouch for Mars in Scorpio person too. I dated two of them seriously and both were sexy like you said even if not conventionally attractive.

      1. amiannGina c

        Hey Ami 🤗 I tried to message you privately but it wouldn’t let me send it for whatever reason. I’d love to recap why I’m reaching out ! Looking forward to hearing for you . Thanks ! 😁

  3. amiannCV

    How many degrees must a planet be in order to be conjunct the ascendant? My Lilith is 13 degrees in the first house, trine pluto. Mars is also in my first house. Other people think I’m sexy, I’m not so sure about that. I think this Lilith 1 house makes me more of a badass, strong and tough lol.

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